Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Letdown...

Okay, I am just going to admit this up front...I am not in love with "The Dress." Yes, I am referring to the pink Chanel knock-off dress. I keep seeing everything that is wrong with it. And I keep thinking that I could have made it better. And then I wonder why y'all can't see it too?! *LOL*

I think I am going to let it hang in the closet and become friends with all of the other things hanging there and maybe one morning when I am desperate for something new to wear I will pull it out and think, "oh wow, maybe I should wear this!" And maybe upon wearing it I will be happy with it because right now I just DON'T LIKE IT!

I am truly hoping that I am experiencing sewer's know how you get all burnt out after completing a major project. And this was the mother of all major projects and accomplished in a rapid fire turnaround time because I just wanted it done! Maybe that was a mistake! *LOL* Maybe I should have taken my time and let the anticipation build ~ or not! Who knows...'cause I just don't like the blankety-blank dress. Can you imagine? All that work and no thrill!

Linda asked:
"Do you have a sense for the amount of time this dress took from concept to completion?"

My answer:
I saw the picture on a Thursday evening and started to twist it around in my mind. So about 2 hours Thursday night working through the construction process. Friday, I pulled the fabric out of my fabric closet and more thought time - another 2 hours. Saturday - pattern work and worked out the pleats - 4 hours. Sunday - sewed on and off during the day - 6 hours. Monday - sewed on and off during the day - 6 hours. Approximately 24 hours in all.

Okay so onto other things...

My silver metallic linen arrived yesterday. I have to say thank you to Els, one of the Sewing Divas, for writing and giving me some pressing tips. Thanks again! Els said that this fabric has been really hot in the Netherlands and I am pretty excited about it. I love how it shimmers in the light.

However, I will not be sewing this just yet. I have a work thingy to go to next Thursday - one of those casual, outdoors things (didn't anyone tell these people that I am NOT an outdoors type of girl!) so I need either a denimy dress, skirt or pants outfit. So you know what I will be making this weekend! I really need to learn how to go to the mall! *LOL*

The St. John knock-off dress has been pushed back...though I will look for some awesome ribbon or embroidered trim this Friday when I am fabric shopping in the garment district with some friends...can we say bye-bye fabric moratorium! *LOL* Well hey I gave it a good try!

Gonna go back to that book I started reading...its pretty good! *smile* 'Cause Marji, I just don't knit! *LOL*


  1. Hi! New commenter, here. Love your blog. I feel the exact same way about a dress I just finished and posted about on my blog. I spent forever on it but all I see are the issues with it and I don't love it. You're exactly right, it is a letdown.

    Better luck next time to both of us!

  2. Carolyn, Beautiful dress! I love to see your design details that make your garments so special. I'm going to apply the pleated bodice to my Vogue basic TNT pattern that's very much like yours. I think what may be bothering you about your Chanel knock-off is that the pale pink color washes you out. In re-arranging my closet last week, I pulled out an unfinished pale pink wool crepe "Jackie O dress" I made some years ago (same pattern) and wondered why I never finished it.

  3. That is a shame, but if you can work out what exactly you do not like you may be able to fix it or at least not repeat the same mistake. Is it the colour? Or is it too girly? Personally I can't see anything else that could be an issue. Maybe some black trim to give it a more grown up look?

  4. Personally, I love the dress. If you agree with Terri K about the color, why don't you try a pretty necklace or scarf that would bring a little more color up around your face. That could be all the dress needs.

  5. I'm sorry. How disappointing to have spent all that time and not love it. (By the way, thanks for saying The Princess is beautiful - I happen to think so too!!!) g

  6. I *know* how you feel. But, from this end of the computer screen, it's really really nice and interesting. And again just very impressive.

  7. I love the dress, too. Maybe the pale pink is a little outside your color scheme right at the moment?

    You did an excellent job on it and you look good in it too. Maybe it needs a pink/black tweed or boucle jacket to get it into the rotation?

  8. I couldn't tell you how many times I have finished a project and then when I put it on I totally hated it! I have found that when that happens to let it sit out of sight for about 2-3 days and try it on again. Then I seem to like it better. The only explanation I have is that I have spent too much time with the fabric and it doesn't feel fresh anymore. I think putting in the closet for a while is an excellent idea.

    And with all due respect to others opinions, I just don't see how it washes you out. Yes, it is definitely out of realm of colors you have used in the past. But I can't see on my computer screen how it washes you out. But you know as they say - colors will vary on each monitor! It is kind of like that thing on outside rearview mirrors - objects are closer than they they appear!

    One sure way to find out if it was construction or color is to make another dress in one of your TNT colors. I can see that dress in a beautiful dark brown for fall.

  9. Carolyn, I think that the dress is really nice,and that it looks really nice ON YOU. What I'm most impressed with is how you just get in there and SEW. Girl, you're my sewin' hero! Also, I wish I had some of that scrumptious fabric. I stared at the picture and drooled! Have fun at the fabric stores with your friends!

  10. I *love* Beth's idea of a pink/black tweed jacket for over it - maybe for late summer, or even next Spring. The dress is a classic, the style isn't going to go away, so you have time to let it sit.
    my thoughts are that you simply have project immersion fatigue. Hide it away, then take it out after you've forgotten about it for awhile, and you'll see what a fabulous little gem you have there.

    Meanwhile, you got a belly laugh out of me. *toast* to she who does not knit. *nod*

  11. Sorry to hear your not feeling the dress... but like you said... put it away for now and at some point... soon I hope:), you will feel differently.

  12. Hi Carolyn - another new commenter here. I have to say you have really great taste in clothes! Your dress is technically superb but I do agree with other commenters that it is the colour - you look fantastic in the your cream/black linen dress. Could you crop the dress below the waist band detail to turn it into a shell type top, and then wear it with a darker colour skirt and jacket?

  13. i'm here by way of.....dang, now i forgot. sad but, true. but, i'm glad to say hello to you. you're very talented. have a great week.

  14. I just want you to know, you inspired me to start sewing more. I even went out and bought a new sewing machine today--my first new machine in 27 years! Wow, what a difference!

    My next project will be a plain sleeveless tunic in a black and brown floral linen print with sequins in the middle of the flowers -- found this on clearance for $3.00/yd!


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