Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Midway Point of 2007

It's been a crazy week at work and I have to admit that I haven't thought much about sewing let alone blogging. Sometimes life just interferes but since it pays the bills, I have to let it! *smile*

As I sat down to write a post, wondering just what I had to hit me that today is the last day of June...and that one half of 2007 is over. Doesn't it seem like it went extraordinarily fast? I mean especially the last few months? Or is it just me? Then I realized that it is time to tally up...and I groaned. Because even though I am much better this year than last with my fabric buying habits, I realize that I still have ALOT, ALOT, ALOT of fabric. So I am just not going there. I don't care how many yards are still in my collection. I am just going to celebrate the fact that I own it. I have plans for it and hopefully it will be used before I pass on. Enough said!

Next up - garment totals...I have made 25 garments since the beginning of the year. Only a quarter of what I originally wanted my garment total to be, but since I decided to revise that total earlier this year, I am doing okay. And from what I can forecast, this probably means that I will end up with approximately 50 new pieces for 2007. Pretty much the same amount of pieces that I created last year. So I guess with all of the things that I must do in life, I should be grateful that I can make that many pieces. Moving on...

Even though I haven't purchased any new fabric, I did get some wonderful mail this week! "My people" ~ sent me this:

and these two Butterick patterns purchased at the last 99 cent pattern sale at Hancocks:

and Butterick 4685

Thanks Marji! I really appreciate it!

I am going to need to look very corporate in the days following the 4th of July, big presentations at the office, so I need to come up with another "corporate" outfit. Since brown is my color of choice for these meetings, I am working through some ideas with the brown linen I purchased from Fabric Mart earlier this year. But today, I am going to work on some easy stuff! Skirts!

I love summer skirts. They are fun to wear and women are usually willing to experiment more with color in them. The streets of New York City are a sea of beautifully colored, printed and textured skirts! My TNT 4-gore skirt is coming back out and will be made using this fabric:

I got this from the clearance section of EOS earlier this year. It just screamed, "Lovely Summer Day" to me and I knew right away that I wanted a skirt from it. So that's what it shall be!

This second piece is from Fabric Mart (of course!) and it will be a simple elastic waist skirt with the border side at the hemline. Worn with a twinset it will be perfect outfit to wear during the first two days of next week when there will be limited staff in the office.

I know that I need to finish working on the dress from Simplicity 4093. However, since it is not something that I can wear to work in the next two weeks, I will set it aside. I will return to it closer to vacation time because it will make a great dress to hang out in. So that is what I am going to work on as soon as I get off the computer! *LOL*

Have a great day and enjoy the sewing journey!


  1. Both of those skirt fabrics are fantastic! You know, I realized it was June 30 but when I read your reminder that the year is half over I swear I had a little panic! Time is going waayyy to fast!

  2. I just got the same issue of threads as you did plus 3 others in the most unlikely place on earth - Barrow, Alaska - as far north as you can go in North America! I got them for free. I love your fabric and I can't wait to see them sewn up.

  3. nice fabric choice and pattern, can't wait to see what how it turns out

  4. 25 garments so far… impressive… Yes, it’s a little jolting to realize that half the year is gone… they say when time flies you’re having fun….lol. Love your fabric choices… can't wait to see FOs. I’m currently working on a skirt… but seem to be having a problem with the hemming… which is weird… I didn’t have a problem with the 1st one. I’m pressing the hem before sewing and ending up with puckering…urgggh. I agree with you that skirts are fun to wear during the summer. I purchased some more material to make more skirts and hope to get them off the cutting board.

  5. 50 pieces! Good golly, Miss Molly, that's impressive!

    And those fabrics! Those are my colors...I love red, yellow, orange, and pink mixed together in various combinations.

    Yesterday, I went on a pattern-buying binge and finally narrowed it down from 15 to 10 patterns. And now I'm washing my old fabric stash that goes back about 15 years.

    Just remember, as long as you have all that fabric that needs to be made up, you can't pass on. ;-)

    Could you write something about your fitting methods? I think you and I are about the same age and size -- I'll be 48 on 7/7 and wear a RTW 24, but I think I'm a bit taller (5'10").

    I love your blog! You're so inspiring!

  6. Great fabrics! I can't wait to see your skirts.

    Yes, I do realize that half the year is gone! I have quite a few things that I need to get done in the second half of the year!

  7. Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see.


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