Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have no new pieces to share. No fabric to squeal excitedly about since I am on a fabric moratorium. No new patterns to share since "my people" went on vacation during the last Hancocks sale and wasn't available to feed that habit! Absolutely nothing ~ especially since work has been kinda hectic this week and I haven't even had much time to think about sewing....

So, I have been journeying through blogland looking wistfully at what others are making or showing on their blogs:

First - Erica has an article about Stepha Henry who is missing. Check out the details on her blog. Since she is a local girl this has been playing a lot in my area newscasts and has been detailed in all the NY newspapers.

Second - my friend Kathryn (fxzdoc on Stitcher's Guild) has just made the kewlest carwash skirt. You can see it here! I love Kathryn's sewing and get so inspired by what she makes! Enjoy!

Third - I found this at Christina's blog. It isn't the studs that set my mind twirling even though they are a very kewl element ~ it was all the tucking down the front of the blouse that sent my mind whirling and wondering if I had a nice piece of fabric that I could tuck the front of and make into a lightweight summery dress using my TNT dress pattern.

Fourth - check out Shannon's latest creations on her blog! I love her color combination and have found myself looking sideways at this pattern that I had previously dismissed. God, I love it when someone else's ideas make my mind spin!

And lastly - eyelet, eyelet how much I love thee! Check out Cidell's newest dress - Talbots, I think not!

It is day 13 of my fabric moratorium... I may or may not make it to the end of the month. I have friends coming in from out of town and we are headed to Metro Textiles next Friday. Now it is my duty as a good sewing friend to take them there but I have no will power once Kashi starts pulling out fabric, so say a prayer for me that I don't come home with an additional 20 or 30 yards! *LOL*

Well I'm out so enjoy your sewing journeys and stitch something for me!


  1. Thanks for the links - I hadn't seen some of those! You're doing great resisting fabrics!

  2. Love your posts and links. Shannon's recent posts have made me reconsider that pattern too, although I have looked at it before, I just always end up saying "no" at the last minute.

    Andy your eyelet edge tank is still keeping me up at night thinking about sewing, even though I have decided that that particular piece of eyelet is not high on my "MUST SEW NOW" list, or at least that several other pieces are ahead of it, but I think it does have shelf life. Or at least I hope so. Someday I still want to grow up to be as fashionable as you.'

  3. How does Kashi just *know* what to show you? I found I couldn't say no to him. But, I'm going to sew it down before I go back. I swear! Then it will be me who tempts you with more fabric shopping! And thanks on the eyelet dress!

  4. gee, i dunno carolyn -- going to see kashi, and then not buying anything? is that legal? you ARE obligated to show your friend a good time, what's an additional 20 or 30 yards? :)

    have FUN!

  5. I got lost in the links!!! LOL

  6. Thanks for the links... I love the carwash skirt. Thanks for posting.. I'm definitely feeling sew inspirational. I love the pants I made.. but learned something very valuable.. no your

  7. thanks for the new bookmark! Kathryn's creations are very beautiful & inspirational.

  8. oh Carolyn, just don't let Kashi show you that geometric knit number that Cidell has pictured on her website...
    how wide is it? how much is it? what is the fiber content? ooohhh Crack indeed.


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