Friday, June 22, 2007


Many things inspire me to sew. A magazine article, something I saw someone wearing on the street in NYC, a piece of clothing in a store window, and sometimes even nature itself inspires me. I also have a collection of photos from magazines, catalogs and the internet that have triggered something creative in me and cause me to want to create something.

Now not all inspiration is a direct copy like the Chanel dress...sometimes I will see something and it will trigger a response that is nothing like the original and make me run to my sewing machine.

This picture:

Made me look for fabric and I created this jacket.

This ad:

Inspired me to look in my collection for fabric for this dress:

The picture of the St. John's dress will become something from these pieces:

So I was wondering. What triggers your imagination and inspires you? What makes you run to your sewing room ready to come up with an amazing garment? Is it fabric? Is it a pattern? Is it a picture? Share...I would love to know!


  1. Hmmm...catalogs, patterns, fabrics, all inspire me. But what inspires me the most is seeing what others are creating! That's what gets me going.

  2. Most times for me it's a garment in a magazine, or brand new fabric!!! thats enough for me somethings!! But as Julie said, seeing others create is inspiring too!

  3. Your blogging about your creations and inspirations gets me inspired! Guess I'm lazy as I never seem to find the time to browse through magazines or the Internet and when I do, I certainly don't have the eye for design that you do! I sure am glad that you share what *your* inspirations with us!

  4. All the things you said inspire me! Also some times I just make it up....pick out some fabric from the stash, see what goes with it type of thing.

  5. Well, all the things that you mentioned. Also, looking at BWOF magazine, Marfy catalog, and Lucky magazine. I also look at the video podcast, but most of those things are impractical for my lifestyle. I'm a teacher in a mostly farming community with lots of migrant workers and EL students. Dressing up around here usually entails one wearing their "good jeans" We don't even have a Macy's, let alone any designer anything. It's about 4 hours to either LA or SF, so we keep it casual around here. Looking at Pattern and blogs like yours keep me inspired!!

  6. I'm a lot like you! I take inspiration from almost everything around me!

  7. The ideas seem to come from random sources -- someone will describe what they need/want, I will see a fabric -- and then I think about it for days, imagining what the garment should look like and what it should be made from. Then I go find the pattern that will work, and then I obsess some more. By the time I've invested a lot of thought, I HAVE to make whatever-it-is. Best,

  8. What inspires me is what someone else is wearing, various craft blogs, catalogs, just to name a few. Actually you inspired me to purchase some embroidery edging.. in one of your previous post you used crochet trimming.


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