Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Here we go again...

Okay, I should have taken all of the advice and written to the pattern company the last time I complained on my blog because here we go again!

This time when I got the message that the new McCall's patterns were up on their website, it was with trepidation that I flipped into their site. Now I want to say two things up front...what is up with making little girls look trampy? Am I showing my age? Because the first two patterns in the "What's New" section aimed at tween girls makes them look a little streetwalkerish to me! Talk about age-appropriate!!!! And the next thing I noticed was that they had some really kewl and funky designs....*sigh* Finally!!!!

But what the???? The sizes only go up to an 18?!!!! Ummmm, have they missed the reports that most Americans are fatter now! And since pattern sizing is definitely smaller than RTW sizing who is this fitting???? I know they are trying to get the younger crowd to sew. Okay, I can flow with that but what happened to the older sewer who has a little more disposable income and who will say ummmm purchase a pattern at regular prices?

Anyway, let me show you what I liked:

First choice McCalls 5466 ~ hands down! Loves this dress! Love the tucks at the neckline. Love the black/white/grey plaid it's shown in! Carries the dress trend into fall in a lovely way...hate the fact that it stops at a size 18!

Second choice McCalls 5464 - a good all around jumper! Nice detailing and variations...interesting ways to wear it and a great wardrobe builder! And again only up to a size 18...What fat girls can't wear a jumper??! Give me a break! Thank God I have a pattern stash...I will rummage through the boxes until I find something similar but c'mon really. Can you believe this pattern only goes up to a size 18!!!!!

And this dress - McCalls 5467! Ohmygosh! I could really rock this with a jacket! Talk about not dialing up the same old dress/jacket combo that everyone else at work is wearing...I would be in whole 'nother league...but wait, repeat after me, it only goes up to a size 18! I know, they are worried that I would sue them because the pleats wouldn't fit over my not quite flat abdomen (okay I know its protruding but Spanx does help it look better!) However, they are neglecting the fact that I have skills. I CAN SEW!!!! I know that if I simply sew those pleats down a little that I could rock that dress! But fat girls obviously don't look good in that style...I guess, well at least according to McCalls. *sigh*

So what does McCalls think I, as a fat girl, should wear - McCalls 5484 a twist tie front dress that Burda WOF magazine has done several times and soooooo much better! McCalls 5485 let's just wrap me up in fabric and hope that I don't look like a badly wrapped Christmas present! Yeah, like someone is going to want to take the time to unwrap all that fabric to get to the present! And these gauchos that have been so overdone in McCalls 5452. Ummm there are links here because I just refuse to show this "stuff" on my blog! So once again McCall's has called me out! Telling me that I am unworthy of truly fashionable garb! See this post. Guess I shoulda listened and wrote them. Guess I will break down and do it this time!

Because I am beginning to think that McCalls thinks it takes up too much paper to grade some simple dress sizes up to a size 22, 24, 26! I mean that can be the only explanation for blatantly ignoring an entire size group! Guess I am heading over to Simplicity and buying patterns from them! At least they don't keep the fashion to just the skinny girls!

I'm out and soooooo disgusted!


  1. 18 is a teeny size to go up to ... you'd think they'd want to make money!!

  2. Definitely call them on it... all your points are valid.

  3. I guess I'm confused. It would seem to me more plus size women would sew rather than try and find something that fits. So, why not appeal to them to? I was talking with a very petite sewing friend last night and she also complained that the petite patterns were being phased out. So confused.

  4. I think they are crazy.

  5. I definitely think you should send them something! Maybe if enough people write, they'll make some changes and start expanding their sizes.

    I like the patterns you selected as your favorites - those are some of the same ones I liked too. I also their wide legged pants - but without the suspenders! Ack, we're reverting back to the '80's!

  6. You should send them a "strongly worded" letter! I agree with you about the tween clothing. I can't have my almost 10 year old walking around looking like a "prosti-tween"!

  7. You make such valid points! I'm glad I'm not sewing for young girls as I find the clothing very trashy also. I have the same thoughts on the pattern sizing...I know three young women who want to learn to sew but they need larger than an 18 and so many patterns styles in the larger sizes are not especially cute nor are they trendy!

  8. How disappointing! I need a bigger size and really like those patterns. That's terrible of them! Maybe we can sign a petition!


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  10. Go get 'em, Carolyn! I do like your picks and a few others, but the rest doesn't interest me at all. Can you say "Hurry up, Aug. BWOF!"?

    I totally agree about the girl's/tween patterns. The pieces aren't too bad on their own, if you look at the line drawings. The styling on the pattern envelopes is another! I definitely won't let my daughter out of the house like that! It only teaches them at a young age that they can dress like a ho. I manage to dress my daughter modestly and in fairly current fashion because I can sew (and alter patterns)! I'm so glad I don't *have* to buy RTW.

    *Sorry! I had to delete the first comment because I was typing to fast and put "Caroline" instead of "Carolyn"!*

  11. You impress me as a thoughtful, articulate person; I think it would be more powerful if you presented your thoughts in person!
    John W. Kobiskie
    CFO, McCall Pattern Company
    11 Penn Plaza, Floor 19 NY 10001-2006 212 465-6800; or write to the VP Marketing of the parent company, Betsy Henderson, at Conso International Corporation (which I think is also Simplicity) at 8701 Red Oak Blvd. Suite 250 Charlotte, NC 28217 704 519-4149
    Could not help myself....after I read your post, I wanted to help! :-) Linda

  12. I agree, that twist front dress is practicaly a big arrow pointing to the stomach! Just cross out "BABY" and write "CHEESECAKE." I wouldn't be caught dead in it, and I am RTW 7 or 9. The cowel neck comes straight out of the seveneties. I am not a fahionista, but a garment that drapes should so so gracefully, at least on the package. Nobody wants to look like Curtain Number 3. Toga! Toga! Toga!

    Everyone wants to look their best. Decorate themselves, identify themselves. If we just wanted ot not be neaked, we could all wear tyvek bunny suits. Save on laundry, put Maytag and Tide out of business.

    You have to remember that servicing the customer is important. In this case, the 'customer' is the person to please for the employees who make the decisions. The ones in charge of raises and promotions, not the ones who will buy the patterns.

    Individual buyers mean nothing, it's the ebb and flow of the whole buying populace as a group. The value of brand equity for having a good pattern line where buyers look first has been lost to the micromanaging margin calculators.

    They don't sew. They design their market reasearch to screen out any data points that would not support their opinion. (easy to do, really. I've had supers tell me to do it.)

    I was in Jo-anne new mondo-store yesterday buying fabric. The cutter explained that they must use the standard issue fiskar scissors, one fabric at a time.

    Quilt stores often cut fabic from 4 or five bolts at once with rotary cutters. Jo-anne does not allow that. Headquarters had calculated how much it would cost nationwide each year if each cutter added and extra 1/4 inch to each cut.

    Somebody should calcualte the cost of the additional 2 seconds for each cut with cheap scissors.

  13. Carolyn, send them an email with a link to your blog. If they're half the company that Simplicity is, they'll respond. Strike fear in Mr. Whats-his-Name's heart: let him know how close you are to his office. (Hello, Security? Be on the lookout for a Plus-size woman armed with a handful of ugly patterns...) Look at what great plus-size patterns have done for Simplicity. Now those of us who usually use their Misses range are whining that the Plus girls get all the good stuff...If they'd come up with Plus Petite (with narrow shoulders), I'd never buy another brand as long as I live, I promise....

  14. Oh, I agree and I hear you. I just don't get the way they do business.

  15. Terrible stuff. You should definitely send them an email. This reminds me of the week on Project Runway when they couldn't figure out how to make anything more than a sack for the mothers who weren't svelt.
    Obviously they don't watch what not to wear either. Exactly what the before women look like!


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