Sunday, July 01, 2007

The First of Two Summer Skirts

When I was in my 20's, I primarily sewed skirts. I could make 2 or 3 on a Saturday afternoon. Add a great blouse, which I could tuck in at the time, and I had 3 new outfits for the work week! Of course, I was a perfect size 12 straight out of the pattern envelope then, and I don't remember lining anything either!

I love sewing skirts! I love that you can get a great punch of color or an interesting print in such a fashionable piece. I also love the fact that a skirt can be any length and how it makes me feel feminine and flirty. But the best thing about a skirt is how cool it is on a hot summer's day! I would rather wear a skirt than wear a pair of jeans any day ~ does that date me?! *LOL*

Here is skirt one:

Right side out and inside out
100% rayon print from Emmaonesock

2 yards of lime green lining
burgundy lingerie elastic
3 yards of white 1.5" lace for the lining hem

OOP McCalls pattern 2795 copyright 2000.
Pattern Description: Misses'/Miss Petite Shirt-Jacket, Top, Pull-on Pants and Bias Skirt, Easy fitting skirt-jacket or top has loop and button closure and side slits; sleeveless top has bust darts, pull-on pants and bias skirt have elastic waist; pants have side seam pockets.

This is the original description of the pattern. I have primarily used the skirt pattern. And I have altered the pattern into several different versions - shorter bias skirt, 4 gore bias skirt, and a longer 4-gore straight grain skirt. I used the last version for this skirt.

None ~ since this is a TNT pattern. I basically lay it down, cut it out and sew it.

However, this is the first time that I made this skirt using lingerie elastic at the waistline. So it was a different experience. I measured the length for the elastic by putting it up to a pair of my underwear, marked it and left enough for a seam allowance before cutting it. To apply it to the skirt, I pinned the sewn elastic circle to the four seams. Then stretched the elastic as I sewed it down. I saw a friend of mine wearing a skirt like this a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to duplicate the look. Especially since this has been a popular skirt treatment at JJill.

The only other addition was that I added a small lace trim to the hem of the lining. Why? Probably because I could and lately I have been trying to use up some of the trims that are overflowing my trim drawer! It's a nice touch.

And a tip when hemming a wide bottom skirt - I sew the amount that I want to turn under on my sewing machine using a basting stitch. Then I press this up. The steam gives me the ability to shape the hem. On this skirt I used a double folded hem because I didn't want to use rayon hem tape to clean finish the hem.

Finally here is a shot of me and how I will wear the skirt to work tomorrow...I think though that I will do my hair and make-up! *smile*


  1. Oh I love sewing skirts too and I'll freely admit that I'd wear a skirt over jeans any day. I don't think that dates us at all :D I also miss those days of sewing straight out of the pattern envelope and knowing that I could tuck my blouse into my new skirt.

    This skirt turned out lovely! The colors are so wonderful for this time of the year.

  2. The skirt turned out great. I LOVE that fabric - it's perfect for a summer skirt.

  3. Carolyn, if loving skirts dates you, it dates me too (actually we are the same age, I think.) Big deal! I love this look, and it is the kind of thing I like in summer. It is hotter than Hades here, but my office tends to be freezing and I have an A/C vent right over my desk! I once again intend to copy you shamelessly. Thanks for the ideas! karent

  4. I love this skirt. And I really like the lace touch on the lining.

    In my circles, we all wear pants on the girls past babyhood.

    I think your blog is great and don't miss a single entry (yes, I subscribed to the feed). Somehow I think that by osmosis, if I keep reading it, I will somehow be able to sew.

    I am crazy as that sounds. I would love to be able to sew a skirt for my 20+ daughter. She is hard to fit (very high hip and large difference between waist and hip) and it is hard for me to see her get depressed over it when she has to shop. But I do not know if I would be able to sew up a pattern to fit her either.

    So, (sigh), I guess I'll keep living vicariously through reading your blog. I do enjoy seeing your creations.


  5. Very nice! I love skirts too!!!

  6. How pretty! I'll take a girlie skirt over jeans any day, especially on a summer day.

  7. I am in my 20s (and no where near a pattern size 12 lol!) and I would far rather wear a skirt over jeans :)

  8. Skirts cannot be beat in the summer - especially when you want to stay cool - when a good breeze comes through, it's like nature's air conditioner :)
    I have a whole load of simple skirts in my sewing queue - I hope mine turn out as cute as yours.

  9. Lovely skirt. I like the lining and the trim, nice feminine touch.

    I am glad you wrote about lingerie elastic. I purchased some very nice FOE lingerie elastic and want to try it on a skirt also.

  10. Very pretty... Thanks for the tip on hemming a wide bottom skirt.

  11. I love your skirt. The fabric is so pretty, and it looks great on you! I love skirts in the summer; they're so cool and comfortable to wear.

    And isn't it nice to have some TNT patterns you can just whip up?

  12. I do love jeans. But, only have one pair that fits! So, I too am going to copy you and move from dresses to skirts to finish out the summer. I also love the look of the trim and how you lined in a bright fun color.

  13. What a great idea - lingerie elastic for the top of the skirt! It turned out so pretty and summery - I love it.

  14. Carolyn - that skirk looks great. I love it! I too wear skirts over pants and jeans most days of the week. I have yet to make a pair of pants that fits great and looks fab. So, I tend to stick to skirts - quick, easy, fashionable, comfortable, well you know :} g

  15. I love the skirts you made.I also like the lace you put on the skirt.I am ging to have to try that.

  16. Beautiful - just perfect for a summer day!

  17. Very pretty and very summery. Great job!

    Masouma Rose

  18. Darling! I love the print, and all your details too.

  19. You look beautiful in the new skirt. Skirts can be so easy to sew and easy to wear. I can relate to the comments on your youthful sewing. Open a size 12 pattern envelope and have a new outfit for work or a date in a weekend.

    Nice job and a break form sewing your lovelu, but more time consuming dresses.

  20. Very pretty fabric and you look so fresh in the heat of summer!

  21. LOL!
    Date you? I think not!
    I love skirts, I love to shop for them and try them on and twirl....but I never wear them. After 4-H, getting a BS in Agriculture, jobs that required coveralls or scrubs with tyvec bunny suits and respirators, or closed toes rubber soled shoes with nothing hanging or draping that could get cought in machinery of chemical spills, and owning horses for 20 years.... I don't feel dressed without jeans.
    Hot in jeans? Expose my nekkid legs to foxtails, stinging nettles, ticks, flies and wasps? I'll take hot! It doesn't date you, 'cause I am old. I am knarley, I am rugged. I am covered in liver spots.
    You are soft, and feminine and sophisticated. Girl Power!

  22. i"m behind on my commenting - do love the skirts. Love how fast and easy they go together, love how easy they are to wear. Enjoy!
    and you get to wear a PRINT! ;)


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