Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nine more weekends

Okay I need your help! There are nine more weekends until September ~ and that's including the weekend of September 1st. I have nine more outfits to sew for summer from my list. Yes, that's right! I have waded through all of my fabrics and patterns and come up with a list of nine outfits that I want to make to finish off my summer sewing. So this is where I need your help!?

I am going to list my nine projects on my blog. Now when I go off on one of my flights of fancy ~ dreaming up new things to make ~ I want you to gently remind me to stick to my plan. Usually, I make a sewing list and generally I stick to it. Sometimes I will substitute a project but I never veer as far from it as I have this summer.

I started free-styling during my summer vaca so that I wouldn't stifle my creativity...and I have just kept on free-styling. Granted, I have come up with a couple of amazing pieces but now I just want to settle down and sew my list!

So here is the list:

1. "Chloe" knock-off dress from TNT dress pattern
Fabric: red linen; red linen with black polka dots; black linen

2. Brown & Pink Pinstriped Pantsuit
Pattern: Vogue 8209 for the jacket; TNT pants pattern

3. Shirtwaist Dress from Vogue 2939
Fabric: black/white tropical wool

4. St. John knock-off dress in black from TNT dress pattern
Fabric: Black medium weight linen

5. Faux wrap dress from Simplicity 4074
Fabric: beige/brown print rayon knit

6. T-shirt and 6 gore skirt outfit from Simplicity 4076 (View C) for the top & 6 gore skirt from Simplicity 4074
Fabric: red & white floral knit

7. Eyelet "Duro Style" Dress from Butterick 5031
Fabric: Printed floral eyelet with brown eyelet for accents

8. Threads Dress - Simplicity 3744
Fabric: TBD

9. Sleeveless Shirt Dress with collar - Tamotsu TNT Dress - Vogue 2090 with a matching jacket from OOP Vogue 2285
Fabric: Brown linen

The fabrics...

I have also added this list to my blog sidebar and hopefully I will spend the next nine weekends completing it. I go on vacation again Labor Day weekend and on that sewing vaca I am turning my attention to fall sewing. These last few outfits will carry me through the rest of the summer and into early fall.

So are you with me? Will you help me stay on track? I hope so 'cause I really would like to finish off my list and have some great garments in the process. BTW, did you notice there is not a single McCalls pattern on the list! *Oh well!*

Thanks in's appreciated!


  1. I for one am here for you. Sew woman, sew! That Chole dress is beauuuutiful.

  2. OMG,, that is a lot but you can do it,, tee hee,

  3. If anyone can do it, YOU can!

  4. That is a great list of projects and I am sure you can do it.

  5. You can do it!! I can't wait to see all these garments come together. Now get on that machine and get sewing!

  6. Wow a lot of projects!But I know you will get it done.I am liking that jacket on the vogue pattern 2939.

  7. You can do it! Can't wait to see all your progress!

  8. Wow... you are one busy lady! I can't wait to watch your progress!

  9. Nothing like putting out there for the whole world to see! I'm pretty sure you'll make the goal, and have fabulous and stylish new clothes (suspcious absence of McCall's duly noted!).

  10. I'm extremely impressed, as always, with your output. Fabulous, just fabulous!!! Help you stay on track? Consider it done!

  11. You are making my head spin, Carolyn! I know you can do it and I will encourage you. I'm in awe of your discipline to see this through and once again, you are sewing with a PLAN. I would be jealous if I just didn't think the world of you.

  12. I pledge to help you stay on track with your sew for summer Great projects.

  13. Definitely committed to helping you stay on track. Are they listed in priority order?
    You've stacked the deck with some of the most complex at the top - are you going to cut yourself some slack if one or two of those projects takes more than a weekend?
    I'm only asking because we both tend to do that - set the bar really high, then feel the pressure trying to maintain or reach it.
    can you set the goal for 8, giving yourself an overflow weekend, then if you have time for the ninth it's a bonus?? Just a thought.
    It's a great list by the way.
    And are you going to swat me when I tell you that most of those patterns are McCallsPatternCompany patterns, they're just branded Vogue?

  14. Firstly, I think you should put more colours into your fabric choices. There are too many brown pieces! Almost as bad as my stash of black.

    Secondly, look at more fitted pieces/garments/patterns. Why so many shifts? You can pull it off, so go for it.

    Thirdly, this is just my opinion and you are free to ignore it completely, but if you do, you'll miss the opportunity of a new sewing adventure.

    Have fun creating.

  15. Plans and schedules are the antithesis of how I sew. Perhaps that's one reason that I produce so much less than you do. But that's no reason I can't offer moral support. Best of luck to you!

  16. Go for it. I know that you can do it. I have a stack of brown fabrics calling my name. I have the same brown linen. It softened up so much when I prewashed and pressed it. The fabric wants to be a dress. I should have enough left for a skirt. You are doing better than me becaue you have a list. I just drift from project to project.


  17. you are a Sewing Rock Star!!!!!! You can do it. I will definately be keeping up with your progress!

  18. I'll cheer quietly. I've made 3 re-decisions in the last 2-3/4 hours about what my next project would be, so I am not a good role model for you - or anyone. Good luck and go for it!

  19. I like the way what you've picked will work with most of your working wardrobe. What about a couple of 'transition pieces' to fall? (Note--just a thought, not a challenge to change your sewing plan--just thinking of my own sewing plan, and wondering if I need to include that concept...). I have been really inspired by how you change that tried and true dress pattern!

  20. You're commitment and focus astound me. Planning nine weekends ahead!!!! I am so impressed! I've had two full weeks of vacation and I haven't accomplished much. I sew for a couple of hours and then I have to take a break -- and the breaks can stretch to a couple of hours. I think I'll call you the "Sewing Woman of Steel"

    And, yes, I, too, will help you stay on track. Now stop reading and sew!!! :-)

  21. Good luck! Lots to look forward to over the next 3 months!


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