Sunday, July 08, 2007

More on pattern companies…

I feel a need to address a few of the comments generated by my "Big Girls and Pattern Companies" rant...

1. First, thank you everyone for your comments. Now if we could get someone at the pattern companies to read them, it would be great!

2. I have noticed that approximately 10% of my weekly readers comment on a "hot" topic. So quite a few people from all over the world read my blog every week ~ telling numbers to any pattern company since my blog is only about sewing.

3. It is a wonderful suggestion about starting my own pattern line but to be absolutely truthful, it is something I am just not interested in doing. If I won the lottery right now, however, I would open a bricks 'n mortar fabric store. I would spend a lot of my time trying to interest the younger generation in sewing. By mixing a little of the sewing lounge practices with some great fabrics at all price points, adding a great sewing library (as a reference site and for purchase) and instruction on all levels with guest lectures by some of the great sewing instructors both on the internet as well as nationally known. Now that's my sewing dream!

4. I did edit my post so that you could reach Meg Carter, who handles all consumer complaints and inquires for the McCalls Company. I personally believe that if she receives an influx of complaints and inquiries about their line that it will get noticed. That is one of her job responsibilities after all. Whereas complaints sent to the President of the company will be picked and chosen by a gatekeeper. I think Meg has to give a greater accounting of correspondence that comes in. If I am wrong, please correct me and provide the proper information in the comments section or to me at my personal email and I will post it to my blog proper!

5. I am including a picture of my bookcase. The one that houses all of my sewing reference library ~ not including magazines, that's another bookcase. I once worked for a person who posed this question to me. "If you like to sew so much, how can you not own books that will increase your knowledge about something that gives you so much pleasure?" I have never forgotten that and I have since collected sewing books both old and new. I am missing a few, just haven't wrapped my head around plunking down $90 or more for the Helen Armstrong patternmaking book. And there are a few others that I am still searching for but I have a pretty extensive library. And now I am posing the question back to you...

Finally, I have a favor to ask. If you have read this series of posts and believe as I do that this grouping of patterns don't meet your needs or even if you are just in agreement with me, can you write to McCalls at or call 800-782-0323 in the US. I truly believe that if we all raise our voices and complain to one central location, we may see change. Also, any bloggers out there who are as "annoyed" as I am, would you write a post about this or at least a note pointing them in my direction. As Joanna said, the internet has power and maybe we can influence McCalls pattern company to take another look. Otherwise, I am going to spend the rest of my time promoting Simplicity patterns into the ground! *LOL* At least their patterns meet my needs!

One last comment...I am a grandmother and almost 50 years old and I would walk the streets naked before I would make and wear one of the Connie Crawford patterns...they just aren't me! And McCalls has a long way to go before they are!

Next up, I promise, my interpretation of the Chloe dress! I have been working on it!


  1. Carolyn,

    Have you ever tried BWOF patterns -- the magazine, not the envelope patterns? I don't remember seeing them mentioned in your blog or posts. BWOF has some pretty interesting over size 18 styles. Some styles are classic and some are trendy.

  2. Gotta tell you that I would never have pegged you for being close to 50! (Admittedly, I'm a horrible judge of age....) And you definitely don't dress anything like my grandmothers!

  3. Bonjour!

    Je visite régulièrement votre blog et je trouve votre travail très sympa!
    Votre bibliothèque est impressionnante mais elle aide à comprendre pourquoi vous travaillez aussi bien ;o))
    Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et bonne couture!



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