Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

As the title says, I have a whole lotta nothing going on sewing wise! All of my daughters are home and I haven't had much computer time besides the fact that there is just a lot of noise in my house right now. Put three young adults together with a TV and the internet and baby do you have noise! I am trying to enjoy this time because my oldest daughter is staying with me since her job is transferring her to Charlotte and her lease is up on her apartment. She will leave me soon and I know that I won't see her as much anymore...not that I was seeing her alot anyway! *LOL*

This is a rare time in my life, because even though I am not sewing, I am also not buying fabric or anything sewing related... And it's not because I haven't visited the internet fabric sites...nothing is catching my fancy or I already have something like it or a lot like it in the collection. I am just experiencing a total sewing black-out! *ohmygosh*

I do have this weekend planned to sew at my friend Lisa's but I have been dragging my feet about packing. I can't decide what to take to work on even though I still have 8 items of summer sewing to complete. I also just found out that I need to change my vacation, one more time, because of meetings at work!!! So since my vacation is falling further back into September, I think I am going to take 7 days (not including weekends) because the vacation policy is if you don't use your vacation days by the end of the year, you lose them. I will probably end up with 11 days for a personal sewing vacation and to start sewing fall/winter. That will be a good thing, as Martha says!

Sooooo, I am just checking in and letting you know that I am still around. My sewing machines are taking a well deserved rest and my fabric collection is not getting any larger! It's just a sewing black-out! *LOL*


  1. Isn't it blissful taking time out for family...

  2. Family time is a wonderful thing! Enjoy your time away from sewing. I have lost my sewing mojo as well! LOL

  3. I have an adult DD who will be in and out of the house for next few weeks, while she moves out of her college town and back to Central Florida. She's going to live with a long-time friend who can't afford her mortgage unless she rents a room out - but that leaves DD's emotionally challenged Black Lab living here with us. Ever try to sew with 80-pound dog in your lap? Empty nest, my foot.

  4. I thinks it's the season. Lots of people, including me, are going through a "sewing dry spell" I'm going to roll with it until the mood comes back - and I know it will.

  5. I went through the Bermuda Triangle of Creativity about a year ago. I spent a lot of time watching tv, something I do not usually do. It was a nice break and I caught all these really funny episodes of Spongebob with my kids.

    Next time it happens, I plan to get all the old Dr Who series and watch them.


  6. Wow, Carolyn, can I relate! Three daughters at home! Try to get anything done. At least they are back and forth to work and school so there are moments. But it's hard getting focused when there are lots of interruptions. You know how it is, you miss them when they are not there, so enjoy them while you have them! I know you will have your sewing mojo back soon and I look forward to seeing what you will be creating.


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