Saturday, December 15, 2007

Signe Chanel

There is a discussion on Stitchers Guild about a PBS Program called Haute Couture. This discussion has been going on since the summer and I've patiently waited for my local PBS Station to air the program. It is a very interesting program about the women who can afford to purchase these exquisite couture outfits, their views on couture and their collections.

However, during the course of the conversation on Stitchers Guild, TerriK discussed a set of videos that are presently being shown on You Tube called "Signe Chanel". Now I don't have much free time and I waited until this morning to watch them. Terri said they are an amazing look at the inside of Karl Legerfeld's House of Chanel and she was sooooo right!

Karl allowed the cameras to go behind the scenes into the workrooms, with the publicity people, the braidmaker and the shoemaker. It is an awesome series of videos about how one of his couture collections come together. So first, thank you Terri for pointing out these videos! I only seem to visit You Tube when someone either sends me a link or points me there in a specific direction. But these videos and the last couple of hours that I've spent watching them was well worth the trip!

And for all of you who haven't yet seen the collection of videos here is a link:

YouTube Signe Chanel Videos

Also, if you want to see the Couture and RTW Chanel collections, please check out the photos at:

Chanel at

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did! Even if fashion isn't your thing, check out the videos just because they let you go inside the atelier of a major Parisian fashion house and see what happens!

Just from watching them, my mind is bursting with creativity and inspiration! And, I have to remember to slow down and enjoy the process because when you take your time amazing things happen!


  1. This is my treat for today! I love all things couture and CHANEL is my favorite Haute Couture house! Thanks for the link!

  2. I have these on DVD!! I loved them, of course!!!

  3. Thanks Carolyn for the link! I had not caught up with these before. I might have to save them until after my Christmas sewing is finished!

    My DD downloaded (from somewhere - best not to the Haute Couture video) and I really enjoyed that.

  4. i saw it a while back on pbs, its totally awesome and inspirational, my mom loved how Lagerfeld changed his glove color to signal the time of his "defile".. lol
    I hope you are enjoying the collection!

  5. I saw the PBS program, but I'll have to look into these. Most likely I'll save them for Christmas break when I'll have time to enjoy them and need the inspiration to finish MG. One more week of school to go!

  6. Thanks for the links. I don't usually roam on U tube either and only see things people send me. These are fabulous. Did you notice not one sewing machine to be seen?

  7. I remember hearing some Parsons students raving about this special. Thanks for the links!

  8. My friend was telling me about this. I'm so glad I can watch it now; thanks for the link!

  9. This documentary was aired in France a couple of years ago. It was fantastic. I think it was 5 45-minute episodes. My parents taped it for me. I love watching bits of it again whenever I spend a weekend with them. Lots to learn and be inspired from!

  10. It a great documentary, that was aired in the Netherlands too.
    The greatest surprise for me was the way the special bindings were made by an old lady in the French countryside. Chanel must wait, first the hay must be in the sheds! And then she works days and nights to make those bindings on those old weaving tools. No one to assist or to do this after she stops.


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