Sunday, December 02, 2007

Back to Basics

I didn't do much sewing this weekend...not because there isn't inspiration or desire but mostly because I just had a need to veg. Maybe it was the four days of sewing last weekend or maybe I just really wanted to finish reading my book...Exile by Richard North Patterson...Excellent book, BTW!

I had been mentally sewing an idea all week and even discussed with Marji but I will sew it at another time because it was more involved than what I wanted to deal with this weekend. So I took it back to basics....I made a simple lined straight skirt from an awesome piece of fabric.

Now the interesting thing about this fabric is that it just made it into the house. I purchased it from Metro Textiles on Monday evening with Cindy from the blog, "Wall Street by Day: Hard Core Crafter by Night." It was Cindy's first trip to Metro Textiles but I'm sure that it won't be her last! *smile* While I was waiting for Cindy to arrive, Kashi of course tortured me with some amazing pieces and even though I showed some restraint ~ 13 yards did come home with me.

I dare anyone to visit Kashi and not walk out with something! The only times I have ever made it out of that man's shop without a lot of fabric is when there were so many women there that he couldn't pay attention to me! It also doesn't hurt that he knows exactly what I want and will bring it to me without me asking...fabric temptation in human form! *LOL*

In this instance, basic is a relative term because nothing I make these days seems to be constructed without some involved technique! When I look back on how I use to sew a straight skirt, I realize that I put much more time, effort and use more complicated techniques than I did before. I don't know if this is the result of the internet and the freeflow of information available - along with pictures - or if its a maturing of my craft.

The interesting detail in this skirt is the twill tape that I added to the waist's seamline before attaching the waistband. I have noticed that during the day the waistline tends to spread on my wool skirts that have a waistband and zipper closure, not alot but a noticeable amount to me.

And on one of the sewing boards, I think it was the old Sewing World board, someone mentioned adding twill tape to their waistline to stabilize it. I have wanted to try this method for awhile but haven't made a straight skirt in a minute. This was my opportunity to try this, so I did. I will have to let you know how it fared at a later date because I'm not wearing the skirt in the next couple of days due to the freezing temps here on the East Coast.

Here is a picture of the finished skirt. I know it's hanging on the hanger but as soon as I wear it I will take an "action" shot! *LOL*

TNT straight skirt pattern

100% embroidered chocolate wool from Metro Textiles

9" zipper, leftover medium weight satin lining material, twill tape, 2 - 3/8" buttons from the collection

It was a lovely way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon. Sooooo, how did you spend your Sunday afternoon?


  1. That is a beautiful skirt! You find some of the best fabrics. If I ever get seriously back into garment sewing I'm coming to NYC to shop with you.

  2. I heart that fabric! I have GOT to get to NY just so I can go to Metro Textiles! Thanks for mentioning the twill tape at the waistline.I vaguely remember reading a tip like this years ago but now I'm going to try it on my next skirt...after I find some gorgeous embroidered wool that is :-)

  3. Beautiful fabric, beautiful skirt!

  4. I spend Sunday afternoon having a late lunch and going to the movies. We saw Death at a Funeral - highly recommend it - never laughed so much!

    But I did wear my new skirt and a new top I finished in the morning.

    Love your skirt - beautiful fabric, lining looks lovely too.

  5. Lovely skirt. The fabulous material makes your simple skirt special.

  6. Gorgeous! An afternoon well spent.

  7. I love your skirt, Carolyn! Your sewing always inspires me to get back into my sewing room. Thanks for all the great pictures and explanations.
    Linda S

  8. how about, it's a combination of all the info and ideas freeflowing on the net AND a maturing of your own sewing style??
    Skirt is gorgeous! love the fabric, nice construction.

    So, yesterday I finally got the muslin to work, and laid out 1/2 the jacket last night, checked my plaid match this AM and cut, then laid out the other half and cut it - thread traced all pieces, then *found* the batiste to underline and began marking and cutting it. Have exactly 2 pieces mounted. Still have 8 pieces of underlining to cut.
    Not your "make it in an afternoon" kind of pattern, don't think this one will be seeing the light of day in Chicago next week. Oh well.

  9. That fabric looks delicious!
    Can't wait to see the skirt on!
    I was car shopping on weekend. Boring! Would have preferred to sew a gorgeous skirt.

  10. Goregeous fabric and makes a beautiful skirt. Can't wait to see pics of you in it!

  11. Would you believe still trying to sew my knit top. Trying to redraft a pattern and sew it up with a toothache is not as easy as I thought it would be. Oh, it didn't help that I had to run over to my dad just to rescue my sewing machine cord that I put in with my other sewing machine. Sorry, I didn't mean to vent. I'm still having a great time working on my first project in 2yrs. If I get out of the dentist office with all I came in with I'll stop at Metro Textiles. I really like your blog.

  12. Um, yeah, that fabric wouldn't have stayed yardage in my house, either. It is too beautiful to let sit around.

    The twill tape is something I often see in the nicer RTW skirts that I alter for people. I see it in a lot of the styles that have no waistband, but a facing. Since I have to take things almost completely apart sometimes, I use the opportunity to investigate the techniques used in RTW. This works out nicely since I don't have to buy something or sacrifice something of my own to do so. Which come to think of it, I don't own that many RTW skirts.

  13. Oops. Forgot to answer the question. Duh.

    Let's see, Sunday afternoon, I finished putting the hem in the Midnight Garden skirt, and attached the waistband. I also made more flower petals, leaves and a lily for appliqueing on to the project. Not terribly exciting, but progress.

  14. Beautiful fabric-great skirt. My Sunday afternoon-going through my somewhat modest fabric collection and matching it to patterns-dreams & plans

  15. Great skirt, gorgeous fabric and such a luxurious-looking lining...

  16. beautiful Carolyn!
    you know, this morning it wasn't as cold in Philly like the last couple of days and I could have definiately "do" with a brand new emboirdery skirt like yours ;-)

  17. OMG, that fabric just took my breath away! GORGEOUS! I used the twill tape to stabilize the waist on my last skirt (it has been a long time since I've sewn a skirt, BTW). It was the first time I made use of this technique and I was very pleased. My skirt didn't have a facing or a waistband; the lining was sewn directly to the skirt's waistline and then turned inside and topstitched on the skirt's right side.
    Now, answering to your question I spent the whole afternoon working on my leopard coat: I finished the collar, sewn the hems by hand, attached the shoulder pads and constructed the lining. All there is to do now is to sew the lining to the coat - I intend to make the finishing inside just like Paco Peralta did on his hooded brown jacket (if you don't know his blog, you must pay him a visit! He put up a video where he's sewing this jacket here:

  18. I love that fabric too! And I was all set to put in my first call to Kashi but then I got to the end of this entry and saw that it's wool. I don't do wool, here in FL. Whew! The debit card just narrowly escaped.

    BTW, thank you for your very nice recent comment on my blog.

  19. Hi Carolyn,

    Sunday afternoon--appliqued snowflakes and penguins on a small wallhanging that I tried to free motion quilt. I hit a problem with my machine, that apparently does not like the whole feed dogs dropped, free motion thing, so we sat and looked at one another for a while. Went to the metallic thread website recommended by Vicki W and ordered some glittery metallic thread in case I hand quilt it (nyah, nyah, stupid machine!). Felt calmer after my purchase.

    I also had to yell at my kids a lot about leaving the doors hanging open like it was 80 degrees outside

    I wonder whether Mr Kashi has that fabric in black or grey...would you mind if I make a similar skirt in black or grey if he has it?

  20. Sunday afternoon? Well, I was shopping for household stuff.. groceries, gen'l provisions... then I cooked an incredibly involved dinner!!!! It was really good, but I had MAJOR cleanup afterward.

    Gorgeous fabric. Love it!

    I need to sew now!

  21. What a great "simple" skirt! The fabric is gorgeous. Thanks for the twill tape tip - I need to get some of that.

  22. Nothing "simple" about that skirt! That is beautiful!

  23. What a great looking skirt and agree you find the most gorgeous fabrics. Oh my Sunday was eventful - started out looking for the Xmas tree in the attic and ended up pulling out old coats to donate - Ended up with 4 bags of coats and never found the xmas tree. Also decided to start on another pattern, New Look 6617, which is a blazer - I actually ironed and cut out 13 pcs for the pattern - after that it was a

  24. I'm trying to see if I can afford a trip to NYC in april to surprise the hubby for his b-day. If I make it, you Have to show me the fabric scene!! :)

    I finished a wrap dress this weekend pics are on my blog, and went to a party.

  25. Embroidered chocolate wool sounds like something I want to roll around on!!
    I spent Sunday (and Saturday) at work, trying to help people find books that they didn't know the title or author of!

  26. Carolyn, I love that fabric.. Your skirt looks beautiful. I wish I could shop at this Metro Textiles store. It sounds like a great place,lucky you. All I have to do is talk my husband into going to NYC, Right?????

  27. Hi Carolyn: This is your sewing sister in New Jersey. Your skirt is awesome. I am putting a SWAP together. I am doing my own thing on this one. Phase 1 of my swap consist of 4 skirts. I sewed two of the four skirts and I added a waist stay. A waist stay keeps the waist of a skirt from stretching. You can use twill tape or the selvage of any type of fabric that will work with you fabric. Another great technique you can use on your skirt is adding interfacing to the hem. Keep those great projects coming.

  28. You are so right about Kashi. I think he figured me out too quickly!! ! But I do like the special attention :-)

    You were spot on with that fabric. If you were going to be naughty, I glad you were with that. Can't wait to see the action shot! Oh BTW, I can't find that twin set with sleeveless turtle neck for the ribbed knit I bought :-(

  29. Lovely skirt. The fabric is luscious. I do like waist stays to keep fabric from stretching.

    On Sunday afternoon I went shopping for my niece's Christmas present. Ended up getting her a Disney micro-pix digital camera. Just perfect for a 9 year old.


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