Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tory Burch and the Color Blue

Tory Birch is one of my favorite designers, her fall line inspired me to make this dress. I love her use of color, her clean and simple shapes and the silhouettes of her garments. So when I saw her on the January issue of Town and Country Magazine, I had to snatch it up!

After reading the article, I like her even more. Here is one of her quotes,

"...But for me, luxury is not something you can buy. It's about having personal style and living your life based on your individual aesthetic. It is not about spending money but about having taste and being creative. Luxury is knowing your taste, developing it over time and understaning how to apply it to every aspect of your life."

She has a "Book of Inspiration" that contains tear sheets from magazines, pictures of paintings, catalogue pages and old doesn't that just sound like you and me! She makes wearable clothes - tunics, dresses in bright colors and created a product that women wanted but were unable to find!

If you can get your hands on a copy of the magazine, please's a wonderful article! And if you want to see what she actually designs - visit her website!

The Color Blue

So what's up with the Color Blue part of the title...this morning I was getting my daily dose of intelligent news from The New York Times online and I saw this article, "Pantone's Color of the Year Is..."

Yeap, there is an entire article in the NY Times devoted to the fact that Pantone is promoting blue as the "Color of the Year for 2008" So I guess that means that we should be hitting up our fabric collections and all the bricks 'n mortar as well as internet fabric sources for fabrics in shades of blue...but wait...not just any shade of has to be blue iris, or No. 18-3943!

So there you have are now in the know...Blue is the color for 2008! Wanna know what it was for 2007? Chili Pepper Red!

Sooooo, I know I promised more about fabric but let's just say that there are two medium size boxes of fabric laying in my living room floor right now purchased from the whirlwind of 20% off discounts and coupons in my hand over the last couple of days! You know I have got to do my part to keep the fabric industry thriving! *LOL*

Update on my Winter Sewing Break

I have worked out the three pieces I want to work on - possibly four - and I need to pick up some ambience lining for one of the two jackets that I want to make. The projects are pretty involved but I am looking forward to working on them and adding some new suit pieces to my work wardrobe. Otherwise there is no sewing going on here...maybe after Christmas!


  1. No. 18-3943, huh? Very evocative, that. Blue iris? I'm going to have to go to the Pantone site and see if I can fathom out that color. Looking at my stash, I don't think I have any blue in it. I went crazy this year with browns. Nope, not a chili pepper red in the bunch, either.

  2. ugh! i hate blue! (to wear. on me.)

    i lurve red though. and purple.

  3. I loooove the blue they chose. It's going to be wonderful with brown and RED. Yes, I said it. Red. I will make a red, white and blue SWAP work this summer. I don't know how yet, but I'm going to do it!!

  4. I've been over the Tory Burch site and I LOVE her work! Thanks for pointing out this very inspiring website! Her use of color is divine! And I like how she combines a simply shaped garment with those fabulous prints!

  5. Blue! Lucky me... I purchased 5 pieces of Zegna from Michael's fabrics and 4 of them are in the blue family. They are lightweight wool menswear pieces that will become skirts, pants and maybe a dress for me.

    And thanks for introducing me to Tory Burch. Wonderful aesthetic - right up my alley, too.

  6. I love Tory Burch too. Her clothes look so easy to wear. I'm hoping some of these fabric stores start carrying her leftover bolts soon.

  7. Iris blue! I am going to be one happy lady in 2008 :)

  8. Carolyn, I had never heard of Tory B until I saw and read about your dress. So glad you posted about this magazine and the article. I really like her style, it is simple and elegant. As to blue and blue iris, I shutter as I don't particularly wear blue well. But I do love Chilli Pepper Red. Oh well, I will find a way to add a touch of blue somewhere, just not near my face.

  9. and yet again, more eyecandy than time. But I have to say Thank You for the pantone color info - yippee, I HAVE lots of that color blue in stash. Seems to be the only color blue that I'm drawn to - lots of red/purple in it - and I've purchased it over the years. cool, thanks.
    Now, all the publicity about this "color of the year" announcement begs the question: are they driving the color bus, or are they just reporting on what they're seeing? Me, I'd guess they're driving it.

  10. Come on Carolyn! Give us some pictures of those two boxes!

  11. Oh good. This is the same color as the BWOF knit top I made this fall. It is also one of the few blue fabrics I've purchased in a very long time. I also know where there's some more to be bought . . .

  12. BLUE

    Even though he says
    he loves me best in blue
    to match my eyes,

    I must admit
    I have a prejudice
    against the cliche blue--
    the skies,
    the music
    and the mood.

    through and through,
    penned by poets
    touted by weathermen
    couched by psychiatrists
    tuned in by musicians
    mouthed by mothers who
    teach the color to
    their children who

    dress in jeans for school,
    pastels for soothing rest in bed,
    in their best for church,

    My closet's missing only one,
    has red, green, gray
    and every other color hue
    but blue.


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