Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fabric Euphoria

Ah come on don't smile, or turn your nose up, or even think here she goes again...'cause y'all know I'm a fabric girl! I have shared my obsession with the creative and intoxicating powers of fabric with you for almost two years now. I have shared my wonderful fabric closet with you and even SOME, yes only some, of the fabrics I have purchased.

However, today I wanted to talk about that moment of anticipation that you get when you order a new fabric from the internet, or the split second feeling of anticipation you feel when you step over the threshold of a fabric store, or even the deep breathe that you take when you receive a package from a friend and you know that it contains fabric.

Now you know what I'm talking about...its that split second when your heart beats just a little bit faster and your breathe comes a little quicker, and all your senses are standing on alert...its Fabric Euphoria! Its hopes and dreams, anticipation and possibilities...its when all your creative senses are on high alert and you KNOW something wonderful is about to happen.

Fabric Euphoria definitely occurs when you are alone but man on man does it seem to descend as a magical cloud filled with fairy dust when you are with someone else, be it friend or mentor, or with a group of like minded individuals! Everyone in one room, on one accord, looking for the perfect piece or pieces of fabric...yeah, Fabric Euphoria is definitely around!

So Fabric Euphoria is what I felt when I walked into my living room the other night and saw the two boxes of fabric waiting...several thoughts quickly flitted through my mind...relief that it was here...anticipation ~ because who knew what they actually looked ~ fabric was here...

So for Julie ~ here is what came:

3 yards of blue/white argyle print flannel
3 yards of blue/white bandana print flannel
2 yards of sports equipment print flannel
4 yards red Italian wool/angora knit
2 yards blue Italian wool/angora knit

From Fabric Mart
3 yards black wool crepe blend

6 yards black mediumweight wool crepe
(please refer to The Quest post!)
5 yards Anna Sui print silk charmeuse for lining
4 yards Anna Sui print silk charmeuse for lining
(boy have I dipped into that well enough times!)

After a very early morning in the mall with my mom and sister (ummmm we left home at 6:30 am), I really have an urge to sew and the unfinished Simplicity 3631 black wool crepe dress is calling my name...maybe I will give in and get reacquainted with my sewing machine especially since my Christmas shopping is finally DONE! Hope yours is too!

And sometime during this festive season, I hope a little cloud of magical fairy dust descends upon you and you experience Fabric Euphoria, too!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! My daughter will pull a bag out of the mailbox and say the most bored tone, "Must be more fabric again, Mom." Of course, you know this extends to anything sewing related - beads, patterns, etc.! I just love those boxes/mailers that I get. Unfortunately, my daughter doesn't get it - yet.

  2. You forgot to mention the addicting qualities of Fabric Euphoria. I've been in a stash diet but I just had to go to my LQS today just to touch.......and maybe buy just a couple of teeny weeny supplies....and....things.....

  3. Thank you for explaining why my stash keeps growing.

  4. Anticipating the fairy dust! I just ordered some beautiful dress lengths this morning and was delighted to find a 20 yard bolt on the clearance "table" that was just right for my girl's Easter dresses with plenty left over. Oooooo - can't wait!

  5. Its funny that you mention Fabric Euphoria. Today I went to the fabric store with dh and as soon as my feet crossed the threshold, I'd instantaneously entered a ephoric state - swooning among the fabrics and flitting and babbling and only realized that he was no where to be found when I needed him to help me carry my arm load of To make up for leaving him stranded I'm working on pjs for him.

  6. Carolyn, I don't know what your "corporate world" job is, but I hope it involves writing. Your writing is so evocative!

  7. The dead-give away to me that it's just a fabric for fabric's sake addiction is I don't have ANY idea what I'll make from many of my fabrics, I just love having them.

    Thanks to you, Mr Kashi is 2.5 yards lighter on the black version of the embroidered wool.

  8. Yes I know that lovely feeling when walking into a fabric store, but I have never ordered any fabric online before. Maybe I should make that my New Year's resolution . . .

  9. Ahhh...that was nice! And I didn't even have to buy anything. Thank you! ;-)

  10. I'm convinced that it's like the Cinnabon experience - that they fabrics have some sort of chemical sprayed on them that has an effect. Even when they pack them to ship to you, they still have the same effect when you open them up. It's a conspiracy, I tell you...a conspiracy.

  11. Merry Christmas, and Merry Fabric Euphoria!

  12. Hi Carolyn, I think the fabric euphoria feeling you describe is exactly why having a stash and not feeling guilty about it is so good. Back in the old days when I used to pick a project and then set out to buy the exact perfect fabric I had in my head, it was inevitably a frustrating experience. Now if I fall in love with a fabric I get it knowing that it will be perfect for something one day.

  13. Think we can bottle it and sell it? Must be a fragrance in there at least - new fabric euphoria smell.
    Cracks me up too - I had 2 of those flannels in my shopping cart before deciding that I could make do with what I had. Wish now I'd gotten the brown ball one, I ran out of boy flannel last night - ended up going to a cotton - not flannel. So, is the quality good on those flannels? should I run back over to

  14. You guys all have something I don't. The sizing that new fabric comes with gives me nasty headaches. I am in and out of the fabric store so fast...... Then I ponder what I saw and maybe go back another day to run in and buy it and run back out. At home, it makes a direct path from car truck to washer to dryer. Then...euphoria and ironing!

    And if it can't go in the washer and dryer, I don't buy it because it would make something that could not go in the washer/dryer. Dry Clean Only or Hand Wash garments at the stable? I don't think so!

  15. Love the new fabric smell. It's more intoxicating for me than alcohol. Maybe it's time that I started ordering fabric online.
    Whatever will DH think ...

  16. Carolyn, you've just articulated perfectly why I love my stash so much. And that sense of possibility when walking into a fabric store? Nothing like it. Happy holidays - and happy sewing.

  17. I have bought quite a bit of fabric from an online store called they have a full time designer on staff that will help you with your purchased free of charge.

    I have found most everything to be on sale much of the time and their selection is incredible.

    check them out at

    Hope this helps.



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