Monday, January 28, 2008

Why oh Why...can't I make just one?!

I am moving at a glacial pace on my jacket. I don't know if it's 'cause I'm tired and not feeling well or if it's because I have already made quite a few garments for my "Corporate Chic" wardrobe and I just don't need to rush this one.

Or it could be because there is just so many construction aspects to this jacket. I made some samples...yeah, I know this sample making thing is getting out of hand! *LOL* I was considering underlining the fabric with silk organza...however, after I made the samples ~ fashion fabric with the silk organza vs. the fashion fabric with lightweight knit fusible interfacing, I liked the hand of the fabric better with the all of the pieces needed to be fused. Now this is not that big a deal when you are using a press but when you are using a little Rowenta...we are talking major time stealer!

So the shell of the jacket is finished with the sleeves basted in...sorry the picture is so dark but you know how it is photographing black...

The sleeves cut from the lining pieces...

Next up is to cut the body of the jacket from the lining fabric.

Now I know you are wondering about the title, right? Tell me, does this happen to you? As you work with the fabric, cutting it out, sewing it up, etc...does it start to speak to you? Does it tell you what other garments you can make with it? Opening possibilities and making you travel down roads that you hadn't originally seen or planned? Like opening a road map and finding a new highway to a familiar destination...or is that just me?

Because, this fabric is talking loud y'all. It has planned out an accompanying dress which was not in my plans at ALL! I picked this fabric to make this jacket BECAUSE it worked with two dresses I have already made and worn! But noooooo, now because of fabric-speak, I have plans for a black/white dress with an insert that is going to be fabu underneath this jacket. I also have plans for some awesome buttons for the jacket that weren't in the original plan either. So see, I can't make just one piece! *LOL*

Anyway, this is my update...letting you know where I am with the jacket now! I have also updated my "What I'm Sewing Now" sidebar on the blog. I have a few other pieces planned...hopefully things I can get completed before it is time to turn my thoughts to spring/summer sewing.


  1. Aren't you glad there are people who don't think you are insane when you say that fabric is *speaking* to you? Make it what it wants to be. You can't stop destiny.

  2. Glacial speed?!??!? I'm must move at growth rate of tree bark...

  3. Yep, I know what you mean. I have fabric speak to me in the store -it says - "buy me, I go really well with the skirt/top/whatever you have on at the moment - see I match"

  4. Me too, either when I'm working on a garment like you, or in the shop, like Vicky, speaking loud and clear.

  5. If you're moving at a glacial pace, I must be standing still.
    Good to know your fabrics talk to you, mine talk to me too. The red wool crepe for the Barrie Pace inspired dress already figured out my next two projects. :-) As long as it brings the mojo back...

  6. Your fabric speaks to you? That's just crazy! Everyone knows PATTERNS do all the talking! LOL! My fabric can't be heard over the chatter from my patterns. "Make me next! Make me!"

    BTW, I'm loving your lining! I think it gives the outfit a little unexpected personality.

  7. "Glacial pace" Yes, that describes my progress on the velvet jacket. I don't see the fabric conversation as a problem - it's just a sign of great creativity! I do love the combo you've chosen for this jacket.

  8. I am SOOOOO stealing your beautiful lining ideas!! Another great job!

  9. I'm not seeing the glacial pace either. Did you have a work day off for sewing Monday?
    Sorry you're not feeling great.
    oh, and It's good that this is the only piece speaking right now, and that you aren't trying to work on it while 3 other unrelated pieces are crying at you from the closet. I swear, sometimes what we have to do to quell the chatter! ;)Samples are good.

  10. love your blog. thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh yes my fabric has spoken to me many times.And have taken me down a many different roads. You are not alone.

  12. It's not "just you", Carolyn :))))... Fabrics speak to me all the time! That's why I may seem so distracted when I'm browsing them at a fabric store!


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