Friday, April 25, 2008

One more TNT twinset!

I just finished reading the book, "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs and these words really spoke to my creative soul,

"...but there was something so significant about being able to make a gorgeous item of clothing from almost raw materials. It gave her a feeling of her own power, to make something practical and beautiful just by using her own skill and creativity. It inspired her."

I am inspired by many things when sewing and a good pattern that yields wonderful results is on the top of my after trying something new, I RAN not WALKED back to my TNT patterns to make this twinset...

The tie-neck tank was finished last weekend and it has been patiently waiting for its cover, so I obliged it.

I did change the cardigan up a little bit.

~ I omitted the front band and added 2 inches to the front and back neckline and hems.

~ Then I interfaced the curve and simply folded it to the back.

~ I made a curved front instead of the usual square.

~ And I added twinstitching to the front and back neckline.

~ The sleeves were hemmed at bracelet length.

...Just a few things to change up a basic outfit. Two cute pieces that will work wonderfully in my early spring transitional wardrobe. Pics of me's nighttime and I just don't feel like changing out of my pjs! *LOL*

Since I have a few days to sew (I have Monday off) I am going to try and finish up several garments that are in various stages of construction hanging around my sewing area. The cardigan was just the first. Hopefully I can clear a few more out this weekend!

One last thing...

The 2008 Timmel SWAP contestants wardrobes are up! Please surf by and take a look at the amazing wardrobes these women have created! And even though I didn't participate this year, I want to give a shout-out to Julie for all of her hard work! She organizes, encourages, sews and then posts all the pictures and texts for the participants on her site. She is a true champion of home sewing!

Back to the sewing machine!!!!


  1. Great new twinset - that fabric is so cool!

  2. I really love the tie version and all the work with the tank. I must try this at some point as I have finally gotten a tank to fit like I wanted it to. I must play with some other fabric types like you have done. Your blog is very enjoyable.

  3. Great twinset, thanks for sharing the quote.

  4. Great twinset! That fabric is something else!

  5. Thanks for mentioning the swap contest. I wanted to let you know that your writings on embellishment inspired me to use embellishment on several of my swap garments. One of your posts, specifically, helped me decide when to stop! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  6. Oh yeah, I am with You on that - it is so fun to create and be in control!

  7. Love your new twinset. Can you take a closeup so that we can see it better? Did I miss what kind of fabric you used?

  8. Lovely twinset and yes there's an ultimate high when creating something from almost raw material.

  9. Great quote! It is very empowering to use the talent God gave you to make "something" out of what other consider "nothing".

    Another great twinset, too!

  10. I love seeing experienced sewers like you turn to your TNT patterns again and again. Then I don't feel so bad about not always venturing into new territories and going back to my own TNTs. Thanks!

  11. Your twinset looks great. Love the printed fabric. TNT's are wonderful when they work like you envision.

  12. It's beautiful and it will work very well with many of your wardrobe pieces!! Well done!


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