Monday, April 28, 2008

Sara Campbell on QVC

I heard about Sara Campbell on Stitchers Guild by one of the posters, Redhead. She provided a link to the Sara Campbell website and I was enthralled. This is the type of clothing that I need everyday and on Sundays! A few of her designs were placed in my inspiration folder and I thought nothing of it until last Saturday when I saw an announcement on QVC that she would have an hour show on Sunday.

Of course, I spent an hour with Sara and QVC while I finished up my Vogue Jacket yesterday evening. She didn't disappoint, showing quality, wearable, chic pieces during her hour...and as you might expect several of her pieces sold out. During the course of the hour she showed two dresses - one your basic u-neck, sleeveless dress with an a-line skirt and this amazing short sleeve floral dress made from cotton know I'm now on the hunt for a great cotton lawn...something that doesn't look like a little girl's dress.

However, it was her basic sleeveless dress that inspired my next project - Butterick 5147. I have been looking for just the right piece of fabric to make the jacket in this pattern, 'cause believe it or not I have nothing spectacular for spring...fall/winter probably but not for spring! Anyway, as I watched the show I realized that the SC dress was similar to the Butterick one and I have several pieces of fabric that would make up perfectly in this dress.

So a simple basic dress from a nice silk/linen blend is up next! See, I am trying to sew with patterns other than my TNT patterns!!!


  1. I think it is great you are trying some other patterns. My friend just bought some silk Dupioni for the black dress at the bottom yesterday. I also wanted to ask you about shopping in the Fabric District in NYC. I will be going there in Aug. for the first time and I thought I had read in the past about you going there. You can email me privately at


  2. No way
    I watched and recorded Sara's show last night, did you see the first swing jacket and her boatneck full skirt dress,, OMG, I was just about to turn it on again so I can be inspired to finish up my muslin, I can't believe you just post this lol
    I can't wait to see your dress

  3. Thanks for pointing this out!!! I love some of her stuff!

  4. That Butterick pattern is a great wardrobe pattern! The jacket is really cute too.

  5. Oh Carolyn, come to Boston and I'll take you to her store! You know what she has that are phenomenal? Aprons! She does a collection of aprons every season. My sister has gotten quite friendly with her.

  6. Oh I love that Jacket and the dress - shift with an a-line! I have to run right out and get it. I think I just bough fabric for it - maybe? g

  7. I love this pattern! I love the look of this fabric as well. Looking forward to seeing the finished garment.

  8. Me again! I live such a sheltered life. I have never heard of Sara Campbell. Glad you linked to her sight. Wow!!! Very inspiring.

  9. Hi! I'm anxious to see it. I have this pattern, but haven't tried it yet.

  10. That fabric looks really beautiful. And thanks for the Sara Campbell tip, her garments are just my style too!


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