Thursday, April 03, 2008

Most Excellent Blogs

I know that title sounds like I think none of the other blogs out there are excellent but hey I was suppose to name only 10! Please know that I read wayyyyyy more than 10 and enjoy them all for various reasons!

However, these listed below were chosen (and several have been chosen by quite a few others!) because they exemplify my definition of excellent. So what do I think makes an excellent blog?

1. It is well written
2. It has good pictures
3. I learn something from it constantly
4. It inspires me
5. The author posts frequently
6. The author has a passion for sewing - mucho important!!
7. The author has a voice - has something unique to say
8. The author points me to other interesting sewing spots on the web
9. I can "see" something of the author's personality in the blog
10. The totality of the blog makes me want to be a better sewist.

So, onto my top ten...I am listing them alphabetically because in my mind none is greater than the other...they all have the same qualities that cause me to visit them daily searching (haunting/stalking) for new posts.

Couture et Tricot
'Fess know we all oooohhhh and aaaahhhh over what Tany sews! She makes these amazing garments and takes you step by step through the construction process. Tany makes you want to improve and grow and sew like her! Besides, Tany is one of the nicest people...always a kind and encouraging word to say. I aspire to this level of sewing and it's good to know that there is someone out there showing me how to get there!

Danvillegirl Sewing Diary
I love Linda's blog because its me sewing! She trys new techniques. She shops for fabric. She LOVES shoes! And she is always growing, bringing her sewing to the next level. She fits all of this into a very busy lifestyle but she always makes time for her passion - SEWING. But mostly Linda sews the same type of clothing that I sew so it is inspiring to watch her on her journey especially since at many times it mirrors mine.

Hungry Zombie Couture
Shannon is my fabric twin separated at birth! *LOL* Except for Marji, I think no one loves the acquisition of fabric as much as Shannon and I do! And we like a lot of the same is amazing how alike our collections are. But I want to be like Shannon when I grow up because she sews A-L-O-T!!! Anyone who can year after year make over 100 garments is someone I want to be like. She challenges me to believe that I will someday be able to do the same thing! Oh and she also LOVES shoes!

Laura's Sewing Room
Laura has such a thirst for knowledge coupled with some amazing skills that I'm always awestruck by what comes out of her sewing room. She thinks out of the box with her sewing. Nothing is predictable. She collects tutorials and uses every bit of the information in her garments - prompting me to challenge myself. And here's the great part, she actually thinks I can sew too! *LOL*

Miss Celie's Pants
I have to tell you the first time I went to Cidell's site it was because I was intrigued by the title of her blog...'cause I knew that it referred to Celie in the Color Purple. And I can tell you just about every movie that has someone sewing in it...that's why I went. Why did I keep coming back? Because Cidell has such a passion for sewing. I like the childlike wonder that sewing gives her and which she so gladly shares with all of us. There is a purity and honesty to it that draws you in and makes you want to sew along with her. Cidell is just one of the girls and you want to be her friend, drive down to Baltimore and spend some quality time sewing with her! She has become a true friend all because we both love the sound of a sewing machine humming along! *smile*

Pins & Needles
Wow! I didn't know that people like Summerset existed before the internet! No, seriously! Her work is impeccable, well-thought out and prize winning! I always wondered what the women were like that created those jaw dropping outfits and Summerset more than exceeds anything I could have imagined! She is generous with her sewing knowledge. She causes me to think. She inspires me to move beyond my comfort zone. And she posts every single day except Sundays! Having a bad day at work and I don't want to fabric shop...wait to 3ish and Summerset will have a post up! Something that can tide me over and roll the dark clouds of heaviness (from work) away! I have learned so many things from her and have acquired a love of vintage patterns because she shares her passion so vividly with the online sewing community.

Sew Intriguing
I first "met" Liana on the now defunct Sewing World. She and Kathryn encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed and discouraged by meeting some amazing sewists on the internet. I think we all think we can sew mostly because we have done it in solitude. When I joined the online sewing community I quickly learned that there were some really skilled women out there - Liana being primary amongst them! Yet she welcomed me with open arms like I had skills like hers - NOT! *LOL* And she is always doing something new and innovative - saran wraps, Marfy Patterns, sewing from a block - just to name a few.

However, I have a blog because of Liana. She started blogging way before blogs were a dime a dozen and she opened my eyes to the fact that you could have your sewing say without limiting the words you had to say on an online message board. So the next time you're smiling or nodding your head to something I've written, say a silent thank you to Liana because she is the Godmother of my blog!

Sigrid's Sewing
I have only met one other person who can sew lingerie like Sigrid! I am so intrigued by the fact that on any given day, everything she is wearing from her "knickers" to her dress could be made by her own hand! And she doesn't just make any ole basic bra and panties set... no they match, have amazing lace and generally look better than anything Vicky sells! She also has written some awesome tutorials on the subject that can be found on the sidebar of her blog. She has inspired me to want to try and make some lingerie of my own. Now if I could just find enough time in the day!!!

Stitches and Seams
Debbie is a fit maven. I have been silently stalking Debbie's movements since I joined Pattern Review...y'all didn't know that did you! One of the main reasons is because Debbie is one of the few plus size women blogging and explaining how to get a good fit for the plus size body! People that is huge - no pun intended! Plus size women have a whole different set of fitting issues as well as emotional issues due to our weight so it is especially encouraging to see a plus size woman working it. The difference between Debbie and me is that Debbie has a more casual lifestyle than I do so she shows a different type of garment that I do. Also, Debbie can teach! She can break it down in plain english so that you understand perfectly what she is saying. In my book she definitely takes you on a sewing journey every day!

That's Sew Live
Lovely (Tearsa) makes my Top Ten simply because her blog oozes passion. She is a beginner whose love and joy of sewing emanates from the pages of her blog! Watching her take her baby steps, infuses me with joy! It makes me appreciate my gift of sewing. Even her love of a good pattern sale is infectious! I can't wait to watch her grow into her passion...she is going to be amazing!

I know y'all are wondering why my girl Marji is not on the list! Well Marji is in a special class of her own and since she now knows so many of my secrets, I can't honestly rate her! Y'all know she can sew as well as knit. She is an amazing teacher but her role in my life is of encourager. She encourages me to buy fabric. She encourages me to stretch my sewing muscles. She encourages me when I think I can't sew at all! *LOL* Yeah, I have those days too! I talk to Marji at least two or three times a week - about everything! But mostly Marji has the most amazing fitting skills...don't know how to fit something, ask Marji! She can diagnose anyone's problem regardless of your shape and size and she will give you just the right solution to make it work! Right Cidell!

This last year God has been so good to me because I have made friends with some amazing women who love to sew as much as I do or more! I know that almost everyone I listed has been nominated by someone else but I wanted to do a special post to show my appreciation to them for inspiring, challenging, encouraging and sharing my love of sewing.

Again, thank you all for providing a much needed balance to my life...for inspiring me...for sharing my love and my passion but mostly for inspiring others too!


  1. Great list of Excellent blogs my friend.

  2. i concur,, great list Carolyn!

  3. Great list and very nice comments about each blog.
    The award said you should pick "at least 10" other blogs so more would have been OK.
    I love your selections.

  4. So nicely written! You have put into words what we feel. Aren't we so lucky to "know" those ladies?

  5. Thanks for all those links! I've added quite a few to read. I'm new to sewing, so these are really informative for me. You are a font of knowledge and I enjoy reading your blog and I know these are good if you've chosen them for your top 10.

  6. There are days when I do not have time to do much of anything, but I try to read some sewing blogs to keep my hand in. Guess which ones I always read. Yep - your list.

  7. Thank you so much for your nice words. I'm blushing.
    And if you ever find time to try, let me know, I'll send you some lace to start with.

  8. Thanks for that list. I've been stalking you and all of the others you listed on Sewing World, PR, and now the blogs. I especially love your blog and Debbie Cook's for the same reason you stated -- sewing stylishly for a plus size body is a whole 'nother adventure. Keep bloggin'!
    - Nneka

  9. Great list of blogs!! I love every single one of the same blogs you listed! Also, thanks for mentioning me (blush).

  10. *shriek*!!!! I am oozing with excitement.. This is at least the second time this week that I have been nominated for this award and each time I feel like a little girl!!! Thank you SO much!

  11. Oh wow!! Thank you so much Carolyn. But I don't think you've been silent ... you spoke up pretty loudly for that blouse pattern. LOL!! You know I'm just teasin'. ;-)

    You are definitely in my top 10 too, if not top 3. I love your thought-provoking posts, even if we don't usually sew the same type of garments (work vs. sweating in FL!).

  12. Carolyn, Thank you for mentioning me in the midst of so many really great blogs! I think you know yours is one of my favorites as well, and I really like your whole list.

  13. That's a great list, Carolyn, and you did a wonderful job describing the blogs.

    It's amazing how many fantastic sewing enthusiasts are blogging now; some days the inspiration is almost mind-boggling!

  14. Hi Carolyn! I finished the lace trench dress and just posted it on my blog. Wanted to let you know since you got me started on it. (Didn't mean for that to sound like a commercial for my blog but it kind of ran into your post on excellent blogs.) By the way, most of yours are on my "short list" too. :)

  15. thanks so much for the great list, and the lovely comments. I'm inspired! The sewing machine is out, and New Look 6515 underway!

  16. I am deeply honored for being nominated by someone so talented and listed together with all these sewing goddesses! Thank you so much for being so sweet to me!
    I love all the other nominees, and I'm including Marji; I admire her as the excellent dressmaker she is and also for being there when someone needs a word of advice or a good tip!

  17. Wow, thanks Carolyn for including me in your 10! I was pleasantly surprised. I appreciate that and truly appreciate you and your talents. It is great to have a sewing friends whether they are close by or via the internet.

  18. Carolyn, I keep coming back to your blog because YOU ARE SO GOOD WITH WORDS!!! You described each of these wonderful blogs perfectly!

  19. Beautiful said. I agree. All of these ladies have excellent blogs.


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