Sunday, April 27, 2008

Transitional Sewing - Vogue 8209

I don't know about anyone else but the weather here in the Northeast has been schizophrenic...warm and breezy in the low 80s one day and cloudy, cool and overcast in the 50s - two days later! It makes sewing a bit of a crap shoot especially since I am one of those sewists who wants to wear what she makes right away!

So I started off sewing spring dresses because the weather was so warm and now I'm a little lost. Okay let me back up and explain, I have been on vacation since Wednesday. I was suppose to go to Chicago with a few friends to fabric shop this weekend, but things happen and I was unable to make the trip. However, I still have vacation days so I'm home sewing. But with a difference, usually when I schedule a sewing vaca, I have a plan. Since I am going with the "no plan" sewing this season, I am winging it...I don't think I'm winging it well! *LOL* And the weather is not cooperating either!

I primarily sew on the weekends and during the last few weekends I have started and stopped on a couple of things. Those unfinished garments ended being piled up on my sewing table. So after making the dress, I decided to finish a few of these off...I mean they are perfectly good pieces, I just ran a little short of time and attention span. I should be able to pick up these pieces, see the vision and finish them, right? Yeah, okay...if you say so.

The twinset was easy. The vision for it was still fresh in my mind but some of the other pieces...made me dredge back into the recesses of my brain to find the "original" version and for some enthusiasm for them...I know that this has happened to someone other than me! I am getting a real good understanding of how you can end up with a bunch of UFO's, but I digress.

Saturday afternoon I pulled out the jacket that I cut out from Vogue 8209. The fabric was purchased from Timmel Fabrics and it was a blend in chocolate and pink pinstripes. Now I made the pants two weeks ago. They have been hanging on my closet door waiting for its mate. I've made the jacket before so this should be a breeze to sew right! Not!

From the closet, I pull the suit I made last summer from this pattern to study it. And that's as far as I got...see its an unlined jacket and in last year's jacket I added bias binding to all of the seams. It gave it a great finish. The search began to see if I had bias binding for this version...I finally decided on a black bias binding since there was also a very light black pinstripe running through the fabric!

Can I state here again that I now have a wonderful understanding of how you end up with UFO's!

But I preservered and this is what I ended up with:


Chocolate & pink pinstripe blend from Timmel Fabrics

Vogue 8209 for the jacket - version A with the length of version B
Pants - TNT pattern

I really like this jacket pattern. I like where the darts are in the jacket which gives it definition so that it isn't shaped like a block. I love the sleeve detailing! My only issue with it for a transitional garment is that it doesn't have any buttons to close the jacket. This isn't a problem for a summer garment but I'm hoping I won't have any issues with it when I wear it to work on Tuesday!

Yes, that's right! I have one more day off from work and I'm thinking about going out to the movies and to lunch...because it's suppose to be a rainy, cold day here and the non-planning is just not working for me! *LOL* I now only have two items laying on my cutting table that are cut out and not sewn...I am making progress! So we shall see what tomorrow brings!
Oh, and I promise pictures of me actually wearing the latest finished garments tomorrow! I promise!


  1. Nice suit! I love pink and brown together. Enjoy your day off :)

  2. Very nice! You always seem to bring my attention to pattern's I haven't seen. I LOVE this one!!!

  3. Have I shared my undying love of pink and brown with you? Mmmmmm. I also really like the bias binding technique. I think I'm going to attempt that on my next garment.

  4. yeah, the weather is very crappy on the east coast right especially today, but at least you finished you jacket over the weekend, its still something accomplished.

  5. The weather is so wacky - warm one day and cold the next and have yet to wear my wrap dress. On to more cheerful stuff, your Suit is 2df, love the brown/pink. I would like to try the binding on an unlined jacket.

  6. When I see the outfits you make for work, I almost wish I had another job. I can get away with very casual pieces, but your corporate career wear is wonderful. This suit is no exception.

  7. I debated back and forth on whether to get that fabric when it was available. In the end, I decided I'm not a pink girl and left it. Now, seeing your new suit, I wish I had reconsidered!

  8. DId I mention the weather here is crazy too and I'm facing the same problems of not knowing if I'll be able to wear my new garments right away or not?? Yep, it is happening on this corner of the planet too!!

    Now about your suit, how could I not love it?!?! Pinstripes are my all time favorites!! They are perfect for a corporate environment and provide the masculine chic look that I love so much!

  9. Love the suit and it does look good on you. I'm glad you stuck it out and finished it.


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