Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's November 1st!

Oh my where has this year gone? Do you realize that there are only 2 more days to Election Day!? For someone who has anxiously watched and jealously waited as others across the country have had the opportunity to vote...Election Day is becoming like Christmas Day when I was a little girl! Wondering if what I really want will actually happen on Tuesday evening?! Just tooooo much excitement, fear, hope, anxiety and anticipation!

However, no matter which party you are voting for, please vote! Vote early if you can or make sure that you vote on Tuesday if that's your only option! And also note, your employer MUST provide you with time to vote on Tuesday if your company is not closed AND they can't set time limits on how long it takes you to accomplish this!

Okay back to it being November 1st - do you realize that there are only 60 more days to 2008! It is mindboggling how fast time is flying by...I haven't had an opportunity to sit at my sewing machine today because this morning I had to go to DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) where I spent 2.5 lovely hours renewing my drivers license...yeah I know and I don't even own a car!!!! But without a federal ID you are now a non-person! I remember when I traveled to the islands (Bahamas/Barbados), Canada and Mexico and all I needed was my birth certificate to cross borders! When my oldest daughter had her son, I flew to North Carolina using my work ID as identification...times they have changed!

Since my girlfriend took me to the DMV - well no car, no way to get there - *LOL* We had a lovely lunch and I got home around 4 pm. Then I needed a nap! So after I read a few more blogs, I will fire up the sewing machine and finally finish up the Brocade Blue Wool Crepe Dress and Jacket.

I had a few random thoughts...

1. Pattern Acquisition
It's been 10 days and no new patterns! I'm proud of myself because did have a $5.99 2 day sale and I managed not to succumb and purchase some of the new winter patterns. Also Hot Patterns introduced new patterns and I have to tell you that 2 or 3 look promising but nope I didn't buy any! 60 days and counting....

2. Fabric Acquisition
Earlier in the month, I was doing much better at not accumulating fabric but I blew it out the water this total for the month of October is 28.5 yes, some of it was therapeutic but really I can say the same for some of the other hundreds of yards that now reside in my apartment. I need to work on this some more for November! As usual the culprits were Metro Textiles and Fabric Mart...I have got to stay off FM's site when I'm stressed! *LOL*

3. What do you think?
Tell me, if I didn't finish my brocade blue wool crepe pieces in October but plan on finishing up this evening can I count them towards October's totals or toward's November's? Cause if I count them in November I didn't finish ANYTHING in October (How can that be?) and my November totals are going to be off the chain cause the vacationing sewing mojo is BAAAACCCKKK!!!

4. Sawyer Brook
I have become fascinated with the buttons from Sawyer Brook - not the fabrics, but the buttons! See I told y'all I have problems! *LOL* SB sends out a weekly email on Thursday evenings. I can see it on my blackberry on the way home but have to wait (okay I make myself wait!) until I get to the office on Friday mornings to see the "real" email on my PC. Lately they have been featuring some awesome buttons! Again this is something that I am well-stocked in...working for 2.5 years at a button company will do that for you! But the quality of their buttons is superior...since I know a little about how buttons are made...I can tell the plastic from the natural ones and the ones made overseas and imported, etc. Just last week I bought these beauties in peridot (lt. green) and ice tea (brown):

I had to force myself from the site yesterday because they had some buttons with a design lasered onto them that were calling my name! Man, they were singing my name so soft and sweet and in the prettiest harmony, but I didn't give in...well not yet! The other thing that I have to mention is that when you order buttons from Sawyer Brook, they are shipped right away! Fast is a good thing for instant gratification! *smile*

5. Ideas and Inspiration
Finally, I have soooo many ideas floating around in my head for things I want to make that sometimes it depresses me that I'm not able to get the ideas from imagination into actual garments fast enough. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Well I'm off...going to do some midnight sewing especially since I gain an hour tonight! Hopefully I will model some things for you tomorrow!


  1. On #5, I totally have that problem! Sometimes it can be paralyzing. After I while, though, I realize that just making *something* is fun and exciting, and I can focus on one project. For a while. :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Sawyer Brook does have some beautiful buttons--I have a few myself.

    This morning, in broad daylight, a man pulled parked in front of our house and stole our Obama yard sign (our neighbor saw him but could not get his tag number before he drove off). It seems to be happening a lot. I sent an e-mail to Sumner County Democratic Headquarters as the Hendersonville branch was closed today. Will get 2 new signs Monday. We really should pay more attention when our dog barks at something outside.

  3. Hello,

    I am a lurker, and have not commented on your blog before. You will be happy to know that I am an independant that tends to vote more republican than democrat, but I too will be voting for Obama, :). I too hope that we will see results on tuesday...

    Back to sewing, I have so many ideas sometimes, that I am almost paralyzed. It seems that the less time I have to devote to sewing, the more things I have in mind to make, and the longer that list gets, the less likely I am to sew. I think I get overwhelmed.

    Maybe we should start a support group, lol. I can't think of a good name, you will have to be in charge of that one.


  4. Thanks for reminding me of the time change... I have been buried under yards and yards of fabric since yesterday.

    I must check out Sawyer Brooks, I've have a jacket, that has been worked on over the last 3 weeks, and could use some great buttons to help me finish it.

    Please, I have so many sewing projects in my head that I walk around in a daze.

  5. A great rambling, Carolyn. :-)

    Two months ago I started a text book to take down all my sewing ideas - my head was just too full. Each project gets its own page, except for small totes and the like, and it really works. The joy of reading BWOF and other magazines and catalogues came back. I just jolt down whenever I get a new idea - and make a big fat check mark when something is done. It is especially good when lacking time to sew - like reading blogs and online shopping for fabric. Two weeks later some of the ideas turn out to be not-so-good which is okay and they haven't taken up room in my head.

  6. I can understand you on the fifth item. I love looking at at the runway photos and getting ideas and stuff. Or magazines, or random stuff that pops up in my head. I've started to keep a journal for that, otherwise, I know I'll forget.

    I hope you get your sewing done. It's anxiety inducing when one wants to sew but stuff gets in the way. I'm looking forward to your creations.

    I hope that when you read blogs, you get a chance to check out mine. I just posted pics of my finished kimono as well as pics of my family dressed up for halloween. If anything, you'll get a good laugh at some of the photos.

    Happy Sewinng,

  7. hi, I too someitmes fill my head with so many projects and then somehow don't seem to finish any of them!! It s complicated for me cos I love to sew knit and crochet, with the odd bit of cooking thrown in if I have time!! so I have multiple projects on the go!!

    Also I get loads of ideas wandering the net reading blogs and following links and find that is an amazing user up of time!!!

  8. If it makes you feel better, count it in October no one's going to report you! Well, where would they anyway?
    I just bought $113 worth of buttons at a very cool button shop in Rockville Center on LI. Way, too much money, but gorgeous, so I certainly know how you feel.
    I wish we had early voting here in NY too. I am pretty anxious myself, and I am really hoping for a landslide so that I don't have to stay up late! We are voting for Obama in this household, in case you were wondering. But, my dd is very upset that her absentee ballot never made its way to Korea and she can't exercise her right to vote. None of her American friends there have gotten their ballots either. Slow boat do you think? I did check and it went out at the beginning of October.

  9. These garments definitely count for October 2008!! Don't deny yourself!!! As usual they are lovely garments.

  10. Before I started my sewing school I was very involved in changing our government. I have walked many miles over many years trying to help the families of the ones who have died the "wars". We have lost many of our children - this changed me.

    I worked for Kerry 4 years ago and couldn't believe after all my hard work ~ 12 hours after we voted it was over. (I have something to tell you) - in all my years being involved I have never seen or felt "we the people" get involved like we are at this moment with our votes. I'm ready to jump out of my skin because I have been so very disappointed in the past...but this time...this time is so very different.

    We have early voting here in Fl but I didn't have the 2 -4 hours to spend in line. Tuesday we will have 72 polling places open in my city alone. I figured out it would be around 25-30 people an hour if the remaining people vote (we already had 25% cast their ballots the past 2 weeks. In the primaries we only had 11% show up!)

    Sorry this reply is long...I'm just so happy to talk about voting and sewing all at the same place! I sure do hope you are sewing at this moment because there is nothing better and relaxing...enjoy your moments!
    I don't have many sewing moments of my own - always helping others sew theirs. And everybody knows I'm going to talk to them about voting - we've had some very good conversations lately!

  11. I say,count them for October. That's when you did most of the sewing,right?
    And about a head full of ideas. I go to bed thinking of things I'm dying to make and wake up realizing I'll never fulfill all my ideas in a million years. But I do keep trying. Happy Sewing. I have my fingers crossed for Obama, even though I'm Canadian

  12. I absolutely know what you're talking about with too many ideas and too little time! That applies mainly to art garments. I keep a running list of titles and ideas and a journal to write down ideas as they come to me. I've got enough ideas to be making art garments into 2011, easily.


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