Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Long Line of Burda 8869's

Burda 8869 - a twinset consisting of a v-neck cardigan with long sleeves & front pockets, and a short sleeve t-shirt, sizes 18-34.

I love this pattern! I've had it in my pattern collection for approximately ten years. I found it after trying a couple of Big 4 twinset patterns that just did not work for me. I started using it when I was working in a business casual atmosphere. After finally deciding that my work style would be twinsets and bottoms (pants/skirts), this pattern became a star because it helped me to create a "look" that worked well for my body type yet gave me a polished and professional look for any job occasion.

Of course, my journey to a well-fitted TNT Pattern took me through several renditions of Burda 8869, as well as quite a few interesting experiments with various knits. Upon getting a fit that I liked and learning quite a bit about knit fabrics, I started to play with the pattern. Over the years I've used this pattern in both woven and knit fabrics.

So here is the baker's dozen of knit twinsets presently in my wardrobe:

And here are the woven choices:

All of this leads me to my latest incarnation ~ The Argyle Cardigan.

I know in the Fashion Shoot post I said that I was going to use fur hooks and eyes as closures on the cardigan...but I never made it to Pacific Trimmings. Since I'm ready to move on, I looked through the button collection and found a button that I believe works well with this garment:

I know that this won't be the last version of this cardigan/twinset I make since this is one of my Top Ten TNT Patterns, so I will leave you with some stats for this one.

Argyle fabric is a poly knit blend from
Black fabric is a poly knit specifically "Sophia" from

5 black buttons

Construction/Design Techniques:
The construction was the same on this cardigan except that I omitted the front band. To make sure that the garment still fit, I added 2" to the front pieces and 2" to the neck of the back piece. After sewing the shell together - shoulder and side seams - I fused a 1" strip of fusible tricot knit interfacing to the edge of the cardigan front and back neck edge. Then I folded over the fused section and using a twin needle stitched it down. I used the twin needle to simulate the banded edge that is normally on the cardigan. Otherwise the cardigan is sewn exactly the same way as the pattern instructions say and made to look like the inspiration sweater from JCrew.

As always this cardigan will be a hard-working member of my wardrobe...if you can find a copy of Burda 8869, I highly recommend that you purchase it! More pictures of my journey with this pattern can be seen in my Flickr Album.

Hope you are having a wonderful sewing weekend. Hopefully tomorrow I will have pics to share of "The Dior Dress"


  1. That's an impressive collection of twinsets. I'm coming to appreciate them more, and will use my (jalie) pattern again and again, like you do with the Burda pattern.

  2. what a fabulous TNT pattern and great post, its great to see garments still thriving in your closet after so long. You know I heart JCrew, your sweater is very much JCrew indeed

  3. How lovely! I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful twin sets you have created over the years. I can't wait to see the Dior dress!

  4. Your Twinset Collection is indeed impressive.

  5. You have been inspiring me so much with your twinsets that I've bought fabric to make 4 of them! I'm planning on using the Christine Johnson Basewear 2 pattern for the top (also a BWOF tank) and I'm going to try Fashion Sewing group's cardigan. I like the KS cardigan I made last year, but it just wraps and ties, and I'd rather have one that buttons. Thanks for all your isnpiration. I hope to be makeing my first twinset as soon as I get these black pants down.

  6. Nice twinsets! You have definitely gotten your money's worth with this pattern.

  7. I love your creations! Your argyle cardigan has inspired me. I have 2 nice pieces of argyle that I wasn't sure what I would do I do thanks to you! Mary

  8. What an inspiring post! I love twin sets, yet I don't have any.

  9. I agree wih you about twin sets being a great staple. I love wearing them. I'm going to keep trying to play follow the leader.

  10. I love your twin sets. That burda pattern seems to be no where in the aftermarket(sigh). I guess all us copycats will have to find a similar pattern to get a tnt set of basics. I have a burda tank pattern (3215)that I use over and over. A cardigan jacket would be wonderful to add to it. Thanks for all the inspiration. mssewcrazy

  11. I'm excited to see the Dior dress! I found some really great patent leather piping yesterday at SIL Thread--nice and pliable, not too thick. I was going to let you know but I figured you might have been too far along on your Dior dress.

  12. That's a whole lot of twinsets! They are really useful no matter what your lifestyle. I just cut out my first. How do you make buttonholes in knits? Do you cord them? Someone mentioned using elastic thread to cord the buttonholes.

  13. What great use of the one pattern! And they are all so different.

  14. I'm starting to play with the Jalie pattern so I can use it like you do. But I think the armholes are too low - so off to research how to fix that. g

  15. Wow! You have even more clothes than me! I love your blog. I visit each Sunday night to see what you've sewn on the weekend. You are a real inspiration. Thanks,carolyn.

  16. That's what I call a worth having pattern! Very impressive!


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