Monday, November 10, 2008

Inspired by Ralph Rucci

I love Ralph Rucci designs...I've loved Ralph Rucci for quite some time...last year I even got to see the Ralph Rucci exhibit at FIT! Talk about a day of sheer joy...

So what do I like about his designs...they are artistic & creative, unusual & unique but infinitely wearable.

I especially loved this one from the Kent State exhibit:

Black double-faced wool crepe "Trellis" dress
with printed silk chiffon lining and stole
Chado Ralph Rucci, Haute Couture fall/winter,
2004 Collection of Ralph Rucci

And at one point, I had planned to felt some wool crepe strips and attempt my own version of it...but then I found this brown lacy knit fabric from Lucy's Fabrics - paired it with this green apple silk print from Fabric Mart...and I had my own version of a Ralph Rucci design...

Yeah, I'm a copier from way back, lol! I made this dress in 2006 (I think) found it during the great closet clean-out. It was shoved waaayyyy in the back of the closet and I had forgotten how cute it looks. So I've dusted it off and brought it back...will wear it to work this week with a brown cardigan and a killer necklace!

And Summerset, I'm borrowing your parting shot ~ how I wore the argyle cardigan to work today:

p.p.s: Sherrill, thanks for your comment on the Dior Dress! You've sent my mind whirling and in the words of Tim Gunn, I've got to "make it work!" Thanks!


  1. Oh, I can't see either of your pictures! Is it me?


  2. No Ann it's not you, I hit the publish button before I was finished with the post!!!

  3. Fabulous outfits... I love how the argyle sweater stands out against the black. What kind of knit did you use for the sweater bodice and the sleeves...

  4. Love both outfits! The argyle piece looks great!

  5. I love that outfit. How did you lose such a cute dress? You obviously have too many clothes. Everytime I see your cardigan it makes me cry because I ordered it too late. It was all sold out. I'm glad I got your wheels turning!

  6. The argyle cardigan is really beautiful. You look great in it.

  7. Love both outfits:)

    Sherril - There's a photo of the argyle fabric on Adrienne's blog

    It's located in a fabric store in Charlotte.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta

  8. What treat to come back from a week away to 7 of your posts!

  9. I would have never dreamed the argyle would work so well. That out fit is wonderful. Your blog is always inspiring and I love the way you create from the tnts.Just knowing something will not be a fit wadder and being able to start with good fabric is so wonderful. I hope you never decide you have too many clothes as it is so much fun to see what you come up with. mssewcrazy

  10. Love both outfits! What an inspiration youare Carolyn. I have to admit, I check your blog every Sunday night for sure to see what you've sewn on the weekend and often during the week.

  11. I like the brown lace. It's so interesting with the apple green underneath!

  12. What a cool dress - I'm glad you found it and shared it.

    I love that parting shot! That's how I would have worn it, too, with all black (including pantyhose and shoes!) to show off the bright argyle.

  13. Wonderful dress, Carolyn! The latest issue of Vogue Patterns magazine showcased some of Vogue's Chado Ralph Rucci patterns.

  14. Brown and green together I just love. There's an article in a recent issue of Australian Stitches about a designer (forgotten who) who made a dress from a kind of heavy cotton lace with ribbon woven through it. That's what came to mind when I first saw your dress. The ribbon wasn't all over the dress, just in strategic places for modesty sake. You've given me some inspiration with this dress.

  15. You look terrific in your new argyle cardigan and that dress deserves to be worn! It's an awesome dress, very trendy and stylish!

  16. I love your Ralph Rucci dress. Very chic!

    Keep up the good work!

  17. You look GREAT in the cardigan! And you have way too many clothes if they are getting lost in your closet. :)
    also: was reading a few post down (because I can't get here everyday to read). Your a pattern junkie! LOL Do you ever use old pattern and restyle them to your designs? You are very talented in sewing. Just wondering if you make any of your own patterns?
    P.S. I'm still on my election high. wish I could go to DC in Jan.

  18. Carolyn .- envy your luck, to have been able to see the exhibition of Rucci. is a great teacher of the seam. Her dress is great, as you always looks divine.

    Best wishes, Paco

  19. The dress is beautiful and you look so absolutely perfect in the argyle outfit. Black is a very good color on you, especially mixed with the red. You are just making such wonderful garments. Congratulations!


  20. Hi I have been reading you blog for awhile and a fellow Full figure woman I feel that I must say this to you. You need to take in the copper dress so that it shows more of your shape. the dress is beautiful and i think that you should take it in or belt it, You make some great items and I think that you should go a little sexier. Just my opinion..
    i hope that this does not sound rude or mean because it definitely not my intention. I just think you should be a little sexier.


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