Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taking Care of Some Business

I've noticed that there have been quite a few questions left so I thought I would take a moment tonight and answer them...

But first can I thank you all for leaving such wonderful and thoughtful comments regarding the Blue Brocade Wool Crepe Dress, the Ralph Rucci inspired dress and the Argyle Cardigan. It is such an affirmation to flip into my blog in the mornings and read your compliments especially since they come from people who love the art of sewing as much as I do! So thank you!

Next - NancyK you deserve a prize...cause you asked the most questions. So here are the answer to your questions:

1. Is the lining stretch woven or knit? (From the Retail Therapy Post)
It's a stretch woven lining - rayon/lycra blend. Kashi had it in nude and black. I just liked the hand of the nude better.

2. Am I participating in the Stitcher's Guild SWAP this year?
Nope! I don't really have a reason, just don't feel like it!

3. How do you make buttonholes in knits? Do you cord them? (From the twinset post)
I have several options on my sewing machine for making buttonholes but I use the standard buttonhole with a bartack on either end. I don't use a special needle and I don't use the looser "knit" buttonhole that my machine offers. However, my trick is to put a piece of pattern paper behind the buttonholes before I go to the machine. After I've figured out where I want the buttonholes to go, I just pin a thin strip of pattern paper to the back. The paper gives the sewing machine's feed dogs traction and I get some of the best buttonholes that way. Here's a pic to show you what it looks like before it heads to the sewing machine. Oh and I do trim that paper down first!

Sherril asked, "If the black white paisley is a knit or a twill?
And Alex asked, "If it was a cotton knit?"
Both questions are from the Retail Therapy Post - so I will answer them together. It is a medium weight rayon/lycra knit.

Towanda wanted to know if she could come over and play in my closet?
Yeah sure...I will give you access to the wardrobe closet and the fabric collection! When do you want to come over?! You know you really don't live that far from me! *smile*

Vicki asked about handstitching the lining in on the Dior Dress?
Well I guess I could do that and I even considered that option but my DD looked at me and said why? You own a slip! I do so I'm going to use it...

Summerset asked if I had shoes and accessories for the Dior Dress?
Now c'mon know me better than that! You know the shoes are waiting for the dress to be completed. As for accessories, I am only wearing earrings and a bracelet because there is so much going on with the front of the dress!

Sherril asked, how did I lose such a cute dress? And then made a comment about how much clothing I had...
Well, the point of cleaning out the closet was so that I could "see" everything that I had in was getting pretty tight in there! And as for the observation about too many clothes, gurl please! I LIVE for too many clothes! ROTFLOL! Ummm, that's the whole reason I I can have as many options and as much stuff as I please! Plus, what the heck would I do with the fabric closet if I didn't continue to sew clothing? *LOL*

Cindy asked, "Do you ever use old patterns and restyle them to your designs?"
Isn't that Tried and True Patterns! *LOL*

Cindy also asked, "Would you ever make any of your own patterns?"
The closest I've come to making my own patterns is slicing and dicing my TNT's! That's about all the patternmaking I can handle! I am in awe of people who use the Japanese Pattern Books or who can draft from scratch...that just ain't me!

Finally Mel asked about buying patterns and saving money from the "nameless" craft store...
Okay, hell would freeze over and I would NEVER sew again if I had to go into that store to shop! We have had a serious and irreconcilable falling out and my feet will never darken their doorstep again! Plus by purchasing online from the pattern companies, I am giving them my dollars directly and keeping them in business. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

I would like to give a shout-out to all of the new posters and some of those who have come out of lurkdom - specifically Crystal, Alex in Canada and Brocadegoddess! If I didn't name you and you have just recently posted, please forgive me and drop me another comment! I would like to thank you all from coming back and reading my ramblings!!!!

Lastly Glenda offered me some vintage patterns and they showed up Monday evening.

Thank you so much for your generousity and I will let you know when I use them!

Okay, I think that's everything...tomorrow is it's almost Friday and the weekend and sewing! Yes!!!


  1. I about fell out of my chair laughing at your daughter's comment about the slip! Sounds like my girl. They don't cut us any slack, do they? But then again, she is facilitating the WEARING of that dress with her observation.

    Love the things you've been sewing. Gorgeous!

  2. How cool to see those vintage patterns made it to your door! I think the 2 on the right of the photo will be best for "corporate" looks. The jacket on that yellow outfit had great "bones".

    Happy sewing and remember, gifted patterns don't count, lol.


  3. I'd love to hear your story about "the store that can't be named" sometime. LOL! Thanks for mentioning me, though. (grin).

    I've been cleaning out some stuff and found my patterns from the 60's and 70's (teenage and 20's). Too bad I'm another whole person heavier than I was back then! The patterns have come full circle now.

    I was working on a red denim pant suit with hand embroidery on it when I had my son 32 years ago. I never lost the weight to be able to wear it. I found the pant suit again, too.. all the pieces, almost finished.

    I suppose I can dream of wearing those cute things again.

    I need to finish the jammy pants for my husband in the Democratic print in honor of Barack Obama's election. I haven't had time to sew for myself and I have a Bernina My Label meeting this Saturday. I should have had one of the My Label patterns done up. Have you heard of My Label?

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

    Mel in Central Florida
    (ps. I'm female)

  4. You do great ramblings, Carolyn. :-)

    (I too would like to hear the story. How can one fall out with a fabric store?)

  5. Since I wasn't happy with my elastic corded buttonhole, the thread didn't cover it totally, I am happy to hear that you just use a paper backing and it holds up. Thanks for answering all those questions!
    Here's another question for you. A while back you bought a whole lot of thread. Which on line store do you like the best for thread?

  6. Well, if the slip doesnt' work, then make up your lining and hand stitch it in at the neck edge.
    I was just thinking the other day that you must be getting close to your annual order. so I want to know, how much of that thread and how many of those zippers that all got delivered last February have you used?
    And, while you're counting, how many dresses have you made this year? I went back in your archives a bit, looking for a few things, and kept seeing dress after dress. Do you have any idea how productive you've been considering how often you've accused your mojo of departing!?!
    I love that first dress you made this year, the one with the cross over on the bodice, and I just know that the Dior-inspired dress is also going to be fabulous.

    You m'dear are a great source of inspiration yourself. Thanks!

  7. The idea about using pattern paper for the button holes is great! I'm with you! Sometimes the feet just don't want to connect when doing button holes! Traction... that what they need!
    I loose clothes in the ironing! Sometimes I get thru it and sometimes I don't!
    So, do you organize your clothes on the computer? I was just thinking that it might be a good way to keep track for you! LoL... have fun this weekend!

  8. I would also like to hear the story about the no-name fabric store. Great questions, answers and tips.

  9. Send some sewing inspiration 150 miles to your east and north - please! I have not even started a new Thanksgiving dress, and I always make myself one!

  10. LOL! I *knew* you'd have the shoes already. You'll have to show us those when time permits.

  11. Carolyn,

    I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. You work fulltime outside of the home and still manage to sew enough clothing to completely stock a department store. It's not only the amount you sew but also the quality of your garments. You got skills!

    I myself work fulltime outside of the home, and because of your blog I now know that "YES I CAN" do it. I hope to join you in blogland soon.

  12. Come over to my house and teach me how to sew, girlfriend. I need the help! And you obviously have got it down.


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