Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Pattern Story

No, this is NOT about how I broke my No Patterns Until January 1st Pledge! Rather this brief note is about some wonderful customer service I received.

Before I got lost in my pattern collection and pledged no more pattern buying for 70 days, I went through a little something with Simplicity Patterns. As most of you who read along faithfully know, I only purchase patterns online. I don't have a Hancocks or Hobby Lobby near me, the fabric stores in NYC have pretty much ceased carrying pattern lines, and I do not frequent that other crafts retailer which shall remain nameless...

See sometime around September 12th, I was surfing the internet sewing sites and spied this New Look pattern 6835:

It's a cute dress/jacket combo that would work well for my corporate I'm finally getting used seeing those puffy sleeves on the jackets and probably should make just ONE before the trend disappears...but I digress...

So I purchase it along with Simplicity 2868:

S2868 was purchased to knock off a Michael Kors jacket - I mean if you're interested! *LOL*

The Simplicity pattern shows up but not the New Look one. So I search my email box thinking I must have received an email - NO email! I am a little annoyed but I write a nice email to the company asking what's up with the New Look pattern. No reply...and no reply 2 weeks later?! Hmmmm, this has never happened to me before. One of the things I love about ordering from Simplicity online is the free shipping and the fast service...sooo before I put them on blast...writing a blog post about their poor customer service...I decide to send one more email.

For this email, I sent it to every email address I could find on Simplicity's site...and I get a return phone call from Deborah Wright, Customer Service Rep extraordinare, apologizing profusely explaining that she sent me 2 emails and doesn't know what happened to them...(They ended up in my spam mailbox. I must have deleted one and found the other after our conversation.) She explained that the pattern sold out and they were waiting for reprints, that she would personally send it out as soon as it returned to production.

I waited patiently for 2 more weeks, because who am I kidding, I know I'm not using the pattern right away! *LOL* No pattern, no email! So I send Deborah another email which I think she replied to before I clicked out of my Yahoo account! *LOL* She let me know that the pattern was arriving shortly...and it did 2 days later!

So why am I writing about this if it was resolved to my satisfaction with minimum drama? Because Deborah Wright, Customer Service Rep extraordinare, refunded me the price of the pattern on October 30th. And she sent me a copy of the transaction in the however, ended up being read in the post-election glow! So I just noticed it and wanted to give a shout out to her and Simplicity for having the good sense to hire an amazing Customer Service Rep.

If you are EVER worried about ordering patterns online...please dive right in and use Simplicity's online site! They offer the best customer service ever!!!!

...and that's my pattern story!...oh, and I am still pattern-free...just 52 more days to go!!!


  1. That Simplicity pattern is going to look great on you! Thanks for letting us know about their good customer service, and I didn't know they ship for free!

  2. It's hard to stay pattern free. The dresses in both of those patterns are just adorable. It's wonderful that Simplicity was so friendly to you!

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with my junk mail folder. I frequently find messages sent in response to blog postings winding up there - grrr. I love that Simplicity pattern. Not only have you turned me onto Simplicity shopping online - I'm thinking I *need* that pattern! As always, thanks!

  4. I love that New Look pattern - you are a an evil, evil woman! :-} g

  5. I've had nothing but excellent, friendly service from Simplicity. They are even very patient and friendly when I "share" my opinions and requests with them.

    I wish you hadn't pointed out those patterns to me....

  6. What a great story. Especially, in a time when good customer service seems so hard to find. I love both patterns.

  7. Its always nice to hear about great customer service.

  8. Thanks for sharing a "good news" story. Simplicity has my vote for best pattern company customer service. They have always responded to my emails and questions.

    Love your choice of patterns!

  9. I have the same New Look pattern also. I just love the sleeve and the color of the fabric shown. Guess what? I found that color. I took pics of everything last week but have not posted anything yet. Hopefully, I will be done in the next day are so.

  10. That was sweet of you to post about the wonderful customer service! Isn't it great when things work out?! Oh, and although you aren't making any purchase's of pattern's right now, are you still looking and making a list? Nothing wrong with looking right? Enjoy your belated pattern!
    I liked the dress that you found in the back of your closet too! Soo cute! Nothing like finding buried treasure hmmm?

  11. Hey Carolyn! I plan to 'knock off' a Michael Kors design myself. It looks as if it may be the same jacket. The one I'm gonna do is originally made of a camel colored cashmere double breasted jacket. The BIG buttons look to be made of tigereye. Is that the jacket you're thinking of?

    I have a simplicity pattern for that as well, but it has cut-on sleeves.

    The customer service dept is definitely on it's toes. Really nice response to your queries!!!

  12. You may not want to frequent "the store that must not be named", but you'd save tons of money if you bought your patterns there. I can't, in all honesty, buy patterns from the Simplicity site and pay that price when I can get them for $.99 at "JAF". And, you have instant gratification! No waiting for the mail!

    I love the jacket pattern! Wish I could wear jackets in Florida.


  13. Just wanted to de-lurk and let you know I just finished the jacket from Simplicity 2868. I made it in a red boiled wool and the pattern went together like a dream! I LOVE this pattern! The only thing I did different was add a lining. The pattern says unlined, but I like my jackets lined. You're gonna love sewing up this jacket. It's quick to sew yet still very stylish. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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