Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just a few repairs

Yesterday was a busy day...I attended a function at my mom's church, came home changed my clothes and then went out to dinner with friends...sewing didn't cross my mind once.

This morning, I slept late...I think I needed that, visited with the baby, watched a movie and repaired my youngest daughter's jeans.

She has the same problem with thigh rub that I have so I cut a piece of denim that would fit the area and pinned it to the wrong side of the jeans. Then I used a very large, tight satin stitch and stitched the patch on. Finally, I cut the piece of patched denim close to the stitching lines. The repair will save this pair of jeans for a for more weeks.

For me - I hemmed one of the last of my too long summer skirts. I reworked several of these last summer and I was holding out on the black one because I wasn't sure if I just wanted to cut and hem it...or if I wanted to cut, hem and add a trim.

Today I went for it. Cutting about 4-5 inches off the skirt and adding the black & white ribbon trim because I have several twinsets and a lacey sweater and tank top combination that will work with the "new" skirt. This skirt is cut on the bias and made from a heavyweight denim so it's perfect now for those days that start out a little chilly in the morning but are warmer in the afternoon and early evenings.

...and that's the extent of my sewing this weekend! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and as always I will have more later!


  1. Great re-fashioned look. I haven't managed to finish up anything from last weekend - brought work home. g

  2. What a great save on the jeans!! I really like the trim on the skirt. Black and white seem to be everywhere this spring. Love it!

  3. The skirt was very stylish with that ribbon! Now it has a navy look. I love it!

  4. Repairs and refashions just have to happen now and then. I like what you did with the skirt. Black/white is always a good combo.

  5. What a creative way to change up a skirt. I'll have to remember that and steal it from you (ha!ha!)Have a great shorter work week.

  6. The trim is great! I really need to work on using trims.

  7. Another way to patch jeans in that area is to fuse knit interfacing on the wrong side and set your machine to free motion darning and pick two colors of the jeans and stitch away over all the edges first and then into the middle. Don't cut away any old fabric as it becomes the base for the new thread.
    After a while you have the entire surface covered with jeans-like colors and the stitches will almost last longer than the jeans in that area. The nice thing is, the wearer cannot feel any lumps of patches as the thread you put down is as thick as the normal jean fabric.I do this for all the girls in my neighborhood with their ragged designer jeans and they last years!!!

  8. Love the trim. It's a great idea.

  9. Great save on the jeans. Cute trim on the refashioned skirt!

  10. I love the trim at the hem of your now shorter skirt. Very stylish and cheerful look.

    I am inspired to try to rescue a couple of my skirts. When I weighed 105 lbs. the dirdnal type looked cute on me, but now, years later and at 150 (how did that happen?) not so much. I could dart out some of that fullness and turn the skirts into sleeker shapes.


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