Friday, January 01, 2010

The first day of the new decade

It's been a slow start for me today...haven't done any sewing yet at all.  And last night was spent ushering the New Year in with family and it lasted quite late or early in the morning, which ever way you want to look at it *LOL*  However, I spent most of last night with a crochet hook in my hand and several skeins of yarn surrounding me...which prompted my Mom to tell me that she hadn't seen me like this in quite some time...and it's all Sheila's fault!

See I saw this garment on her site and I had to have one.  So Tuesday night I went to Michael's with a friend of mine and bought about six skeins of yarn, determined to make one for myself. 


Became this:

and then the significant other started to complain his neck was cold so I spent last night amongst relatives working on a scarf for pictures yet, I'm still working on it.  But I've caught the bug and I've been rummaging in the closet looking for the stash of yarn I stored away.  It's been cold as the dickens here lately and it will be nice to have some more crocheted scarves/shawls to keep the cold Sheila see what you've started! *LOL*


One of my favorite blogs, is Mrs. O.  On Wednesday, the post was about the vintage pins that Mrs. O wears from the Carol Tanenbaum collection and I laughed out loud!  I've been wearing pins like this for over a decade...ever since I went on an outing with my friend, Colleen Jones, in New Hampshire and found this little shop (well barn actually) that sold all of this vintage Monet jewelry.  I bought quite a bit of her pieces, including earrings and some vintagey rhinestone pieces spending $29.  I remember the sum so well because it was alot considering the pieces purchased averaged about 50 cents.  Anyway, here is a pic of a few of my favorites:


I started a new dress (simple sheath dress from my TNT dress pattern) to go with a cardigan already in my wardrobe last weekend.  It's the last dress in my "Cardigan Series" so I will finish that up before working on my next SWAP garments.  I don't go back to work until Tuesday, Jan 5th so I want to knock out a few more SWAP pieces while I have this time off...there will definitely be more about this later.

As well as a new book review so look forward to both!


Finally no new year is complete without some kind of sewing purchase!  *smile* I bought the following patterns from the latest Club BMV $3.99/$3.59 pattern sale which ends tonight at 12 midnight CST so you still have time to find something...which is across all three pattern companies, Butterick, McCalls and Vogue...because the new Vogue Pattern Magazine is already in mailboxes...

Here's what I got:

Vogue 1141 - this jacket has been haunting me! *LOL*

Vogue 8559 - this Marcy Tilton cardigan might make it's way into my SWAP also.

Vogue 8597 - will become one of the six tops for my SWAP.

Lastly, a special thank you to Gretchen who also wrote a post about Denise and the Blue Gardenia and to all of you who've purchased a pattern from her site.  It is wonderful of you to do something so kind for someone else and I'm sure Denise appreciates it, but I am in your debt for caring enough for someone in our sewing community to open your purses and help out!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

...and as always more later!


  1. *sigh* really jealous here with your sewing time. Can't wait to get home and start my 2010 sewing. I am also looking forward to seeing what you make. I can't believe I am seeing you crochet! You really whipped that out quickly. Happy new year!!!

  2. You are a sewing machine. You do not stop.

    I look forward to continue following your blog in 2010. Happy sewing, and happy new year.

  3. Love the patterns that are "haunting " you!! Look forward to see what you sew up this year!

  4. That is a cute little capelet you have come up with! It almost prompts me to step over to the dark side - of making my own fabric...

  5. Very cute shawl. I could use one of them around here too :)

    Great pattern choices :)

  6. Your scarf/shawl is wonderful. That would be so warm and cuddly under a coat here in my climate. It would sure get a lot of use.

  7. I really like that capelet on you, but you know knitting is next, right? It's really a slippery slope!

  8. Well I like what you did with your time with the crochet hook, it is a very nice shawl.

  9. I love it... and love the color. I am glad that you enjoyed it and your SO spurred you on to crochet some more. Those shawls are addictive. I am working on another one, but its dk weight yarn and is dragging along. I purchased some boucle yarn today and ready to ditch the project I have plan for it for another

    I really like the V1141 and to think I passed up J____'s vogue sale today.

    Not sure how I missed that beautiful dress (Vogue 8593)... You look great.

  10. Happy New Year. I wish that I knew how to crochet. It seems to be in all the clothing stores this season. And adore your pin collection. Big enamel flowers are my favorite!

  11. Adore the pin collection! And the shawl is nice too. There is something about sitting with yarn.

  12. I'm so tickled that the bug bit you! Of course, you finished your project and I'm still working on mine from last year!

  13. I would love that pattern for the caplet please tell me where I can purchase it thanks Terri


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