Saturday, January 02, 2010

The First Garment of the Year a holdover from 2009.  I started this the weekend that I finished the Vogue 8593 dress...but I only got as far as the fashion fabric I needed to finish it before I could begin my 2010 sewing.

As previously discussed, this dress is part of "The Cardigan Series" actually the last one in the series.  It was made to accompany these pieces:

Garments that were made about five years ago when I first started my journey with Burda 8869.  This grouping is comprised of a cardigan and sweater from the Burda pattern and a pair of lined pants from my TNT pattern.  I've always wanted to add a dress and skirt to this me more flexibility to wear the pieces...and updating them for my current workplace.

Here is the dress and cardigan (on the hanger):

And a close-up of the front ~
that chain is from my mom who wore it in high school!

Some stats:
Fabric:  wool/poly blend purchased from JoMars
Notions:  1 yard of navy blue piping, 2 yards of navy blue rayon hem tape, 2 yards of black bias binding, 22" invisible zipper

Construction Techniques:
Nothing new and different about it's's just another version of my TNT dress pattern in a plaid sheath dress with a little bit of navy blue piping at the neckline.  The dress is perfect for work and eliminates 2 yards of fabric from the collection...even though there is still a yard and 1/2 waiting for the skirt to be made from it.

The grouping as it is now:

Next up are two pieces from the SWAP Collection...and pics of me wearing these pieces before I go back to work...I promise!

...more later!


  1. Good lord you're fast! Love that jacket.

  2. This is a great looking outfit!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you have done the jacket fringe. It looks awesome with the dress. What a great way to start the year!

  3. Great Cardigan and beautiful outfits! A happy new year!

  4. Very stylish and professional! You put me to shame with your lovely sewing output . . . I need to get back into my sewing room NOW!!!

  5. Nice outfit. I like the pant outfit particularly at this time of year when it's soooo cold!

  6. Wow! I absolutely adore those ruffles. I am slow to arrive to the ruffle party, but I just love them now. Great outfits. I love how you pull together these great coordinates. That's my goal for sewing in the first place.

  7. Geeze, you are fast! I'm happy for you that you've finished up that series. It's nice to have clothes that actually work together.
    And crochet too...that thud you heard was me falling over. The scarf/shawl is really pretty. Need more yarn?

  8. Beautiful. The fringe is very pretty.

  9. That is really lovely. Perfect for looking "smart" at work.

  10. Lookin' good! I love the chain. A nice vintage touch. I like when vintage & sentimental collide :)

  11. So nice! I'm currently obsessing over navy, so I'm particularly drawn to the color.

  12. Great finish/start! The trim is so smart and ties everything together. I love the sweater clip. One of those is on my list of vintage items to collect.

  13. Wow just knock my socks off! Nothing like just jumping in and getting started. And that jacket is wonderful. Love the way the pieces work together.


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