Monday, September 27, 2010

I love Dancing with the Stars - USA Version!

...and I watch it faithfully!  I love how they pick a variety of athletes, actors, comedians and actresses to dance.  They've had some interesting people dance ~ the guy from Jackass (SteveO), Kate Gosselin, George Hamilton...and I've rooted for several of the winners (Kristi Yamugichi, Nicole Scherzinger) and a few of the non-winners (Mya, Mario Lopez).  I've also been surprised by how light of foot quite a few of those huge football players (Jason Taylor, Emmitt Smith & Warren Sapp) have been!

Now I'd like to suggest a few participants for a "professional" season of Dancing with the Stars...

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Janet Jackson
  • Ciara
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Usher
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Justin Bieber
  • and my personal favorite Snoop Dogg (seriously wouldn't it be funny to watch him Jive!)
Okay I know this has nothing to do with sewing unless I talk about the amazing costumes that they make for the stars each week... but if you like Dancing with the Stars ...who would you like to see dance on the show!?

BTW, I think Jennifer Gray has it in the bag for this season!

...more later!


  1. I just flipped this on tonight! I usually forget that it's on so I have yet to watch an entire show. It's pretty entertaining!

  2. I totally agree, "Baby" has it locked up! Did you know that she is 50? She can move!
    Matthew McConaughey or Josh Duhamel would be my pick. But I'd be happy to watch them do just about anything...

  3. I like the contestants this year, I don't always like them however, but in general it's usually fun to watch. Your pro suggestions are funny!

  4. Yay, Carolyn!! I am not alone. lol Originally, I started watching because of the costumes. But, then, they became so skimpy?? I am SO happy to see Florence Henderson in there even though she has no chance of winning. ;-) Also like Jennifer Grey. Those football players seem to do consistently well and now that basketball player, Rick Fox, too. Would love to see Johnny Depp do ANY dance on there. (HA! like that will ever happen??)

  5. I'm a fan, too! Tom Joyner has expressed a desire to be on the show. I'd love to see that!

  6. I LOVE Dancing with the Stars!! And ballroom dancing in general. I think it's because I've always wished I took dance classes more seriously when I was younger. I agree with Kimberlee B, that I am not always a fan of the line up. I didn't watch last season when it aired but have caught up on you tube. I can't say that I have a favorite person I want to see, but rather some songs I would love to see them dance too. The ones I've choreographed in my head, lol~

  7. I love this show too and am always amazed at the costumes. But do we have to have Sara Palin interviewed? No one else's parents are!

    I loved the season they had Jerry Springer. I thought he was such an entertaining showman.

    Baby is definitely going to be the winner. She is not 25 years old and she is amazing.

    I love your suggestions. How about a snarky politician, like the one who fell in love with his Argentine sweetheart. I would enjoy seeing someone like that go down, as I am sure his wife would too!

  8. I always say I'm tired of the show, but then I always get caught up in watching it again. :P

    I would love to see Usher and Justin on there. And I am also cheering for Jennifer Grey, although I think she probably has an unfair advantage with her dance experience. She looks amazing-- I want to know about her fitness routine. She looks more fit than most of the younger celebs who've been on the show.

  9. Yeay for Snoop dog!

    I loved Nicole last year. I do not know yet about this season though...

  10. This is amazing. I thought that I was the only one who loved watching "Dancing with the Stars". I agree with your suggestions. As for mine, I believe that it is time for one of our stars to appear. Are you ready for it, Carolyn?

  11. Hi! DWTS is a fun show! ...Love to see the dancing and the costumes. Yep, my vote is with Jennifer Grey this season. You have a great idea. It's be a blast to see the pros dance!!! BTW, your sewing always amazes me!

  12. You are upping the ante with the pros now Ms. Carolyn. My head is reeling from the new season of all the programs.

  13. I've watched a few times, somehow I just couldn't get into the routine. I've seen the ballroom dancing competition when it's been on PBS, and I loved that. I think for me, the DWTS has too much chit-chat and "drama" and not enough dancing. I may have to tune in to seen Jennifer Grey though.

  14. I'd love to see Stephen Colbert, Michael Connelly, Carl Hiassen, Sara Paretsky, Tom Waits, Vanessa Williams, Mavis Staples, Bryan Ferry, Carly Simon, Bell Hooks, to name a few. They need to branch out in their casting!

    I think Jen's got it wrapped up. She and Derek are so amazing!

  15. DWTS is entertaining but I think you have to be a "has been" in order to qualify as one of the dancers. Kind of like it was back during Hollywood Squares days.

  16. I soooo wanted to be Jennifer Grey when I was in jr. high. That pink dress she wore at the end of the movie is, to this day, one of my favorite movie outfits ever.


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