Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Evening...

Well as predicted, I got no sewing done.  This is the limit of the sewing I did this weekend:

I hemmed four pairs of school uniform pants for my 7 year old nephew.

I did get the fabric changed bin in my bedroom (not as small a pile as I wanted):

and another bin and a shot of the cleaned up fabric closet in the corner of the living room:

Next...I would like to thank you for your support on the SABLE post.  I loved reading your replies and realizing that I'm not alone in possessing enough fabric to open my own little fabric store.  However, when I said overwhelmed I didn't mean paralyzed or wondering what to do.  I know the answer to that, stop buying for a minute and sew more!  *LOL*  I guess I'm really just amazed that I've maxed out my storage space.  I could figure out more storage but I'm not going to.  It's time to work with what I challenge myself and to let my creativity flow.

Also, thanks for all the comments on the Sewing Conversation post.  Many of your responses touched me deeply and I'm thrilled that you understood what I was trying to say.

Finally there were some questions:

Shams asked:
"How do you sew so much with a little one?"
I'm sorry I guess I should post for the newer readers that the Little Prince is my second grandson.  He and his mother are living with me while his parents get their act together...though I will admit that I'm gonna miss him when they move out!

Harriet asked on Simplicity 2958 - The Jacket:
"How did you know this would fit?  Did you measure, tissue fit, or just sew it up and to see what would happen?"
Actually Harriet I have a set of finished measurements for actual measurements plus what I like in ease...and I compared them to the finished measurements printed on the pattern.  By that determination, I realized that I wouldn't need to alter the pattern.  I am a measurement girl all the way.  This generally works for me without too many issues because nothing is foolproof...but it's how I work.

Kathryn asked on Simplicity 2958 - The Jacket:
"How do I copy one pattern from the Burda one sheet master pattern?  Is it traced?  If so what do you use for tracing material?"
Yes, you have to trace the patterns and I use a tracing paper from Dick Blick recommended by Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics.  To determine what pattern to trace, the Burda instructions tell you what sheet to use and the pattern numbers.  In the older magazines, it even told you what color line to follow.  I don't know if this is still true since they've changed the format on the newer issues.

I have to tell you I wondered why after last year's sewcation, I didn't sew another garment until October ~ now I understand why.  The great fabric changeover takes an entire weekend and then social obligations probably ate into my sewing time.  Next Saturday I have a baby shower to attend and will only be able to sew on Sunday.  Hopefully I will be able to finish the S2958 jacket and the accompanying be made from a beautiful embroidered plaid that I found during the changeover.

Well tomorrow is work (and the beginning of Dancing with the Stars!) so I'm off to prepare... always, more later!


  1. I do love that you can get two bin fulls of fabric into one! It's still much more organised than my plastic bags lurking under desks and tables!

  2. Hi Carolyn. I have just spent some time enjoying your blog which I found out about on the 50 Best Sewing Blogs list at Online Colleges. Your work is beautiful, your words inspiring. Love it.

    Julie B

  3. Glad to see you got it all back together. Happy sewing!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of the questions people have asked. Your blogs are like "minni" classes. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the Q&A session - very interesting! I also do the same thing with the finished measurements - I know what they need to be to work for me for knits vs. wovens. And now I know how to adjust to make them the right measurement if they're not to my liking! I feel very empowered with my sewing lately. Thanks again for encouraging me.

  6. I need to work on my change out soon as well and find a way to organize my fabrics. It looks like you got a lot done this past weekend and can sew when you like without worrying about organizing!

  7. My goodness. I love looking at all that beautiful fabric. lol. Ms. Carolyn, last week I started sorting through my fabric bins as well. From the basement, to the closet, to under the bed. Now I have a selection of patterns on the floor and two bins in the bedroom. I've got to get crackin'.


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