Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cleansing my palette...

For the last couple of years I've written an inspirational type post for my last post of the year. However, this year I want to talk about something that's a little more personal to me.  I've been blogging for six years and 2012 will make my seventh year.  For the most part, I've enjoyed blogging.  I've loved meeting new sewing friends, the fabric buying sprees, learning new techniques, and documenting my sewing journey.

However, earlier this year I almost gave up on blogging.  Why do you ask? Because for a minute blogging wasn't fun.  It was stressful and obligatory but mostly I felt like I was dodging a matter what I said or what I wrote, there were those who were critical and mean...and I couldn't understand why.

I write and maintain my blog for several reasons and I attempt to be honest about my sewing abilities (both good and bad), who I am and what I believe. I also try to keep my opinions strictly limited to my blog UNLESS I'm asked to provide an opinion elsewhere or it's a friend's blog who respects my opinion.  

Here are a few things I will admit to:
1.  I am a comment ho.
I love getting comments.  And right here and now I want to stop and thank each and every person who has left a comment on my blog.  I've loved reading them, laughing at some of them (Rachelle), shaking my head in disagreement with others, rethinking some things because of an interesting point of view and generally just being appreciative that you stopped and took the time to leave a comment...especially when I know that you've clicked out of Google Reader to do so.
 2.  I like visitors to my blog.
It's really encouraging that others like to come by and see what I'm making or talk to me about sewing.  However, I don't think of myself as a blogging superstar...I'm just a plus size chick that likes to sew and avidly wants to encourage others to pursue our artform.

3.  Yes, I do think that sewing is an artform.
An artform, a craft, a talent...yes, I do wholeheartedly believe that.  It's why I like the term "sewists" which is a mash up of the words sewing & artist.  I believe it encompasses all of what we are in the sewing world.

4. I do believe in experience...
Earlier this year I came under fire because I believe that experience is crucial to a new sewist's sewing journey.  To me experience isn't a dirty just shows that you are taking the time to invest in your craft.

5. I do believe in enthusiasm...
No enthusiasm, no conviction, no devotion, no exhilaration or passion equals no desire to continue to sew.  So enthusiasm is a must and I welcome enthusiasm for our craft from all sewists whether newbies, advanced beginners, intermediates or advanced sewists.

6. I would never deliberately do anything to hurt or defame another sewist.
We are all an important part of the sewing/blogging community.  We each have a point of view and a place to stand in that community and we all appeal to different sectors of it.  That's what makes us a community.  And our community is full of different stratas/layers with a little something for everyone.  I love that and see no need to denigrate another because they serve a different segment of our community.

7.  I'm a plus size chick and that ain't changing no time soon.  
I love my full breasts, big behind and bodacious arms.  However, I will admit that from time to time I struggle with the size of my abdomen and that my ankles seem to swell for no particular reason which bothers me...  But on the whole I love me and I blog from the prospective of a plus size chick who has to dress and go out and work in a professional workplace.  I can only be me.

8.  I'm a fabricaholic.
Buying fabric makes me happy, encourages my creative process and inspires me. I fully understand that others do not share my need to possess as much fabric as I can afford and squeeze into my sewing room and I respect that. I, however, will be leaving an enormous amount of unsewn fabric for my daughters to dispose of. I hope that they laugh, cry and curse me out as they have to deal with it but mostly I hope they remember fondly my love of my craft and how I adored collecting each piece. So if obvious fabric hoarding upsets you...maybe and I suggest this with great kindness you should stop reading my blog...*smile*...because I AM A FABRICAHOLIC.

9.  I'm opinionated
Especially about sewing...I want to encourage others to love sewing as much as I do.  I want others to find and enjoy the creative freedom that sewing provides me.  Yet on the other hand, there are times when an experience or an incident upsets or concerns me and HERE on my own blog, I want to discuss it.  I'm sure that this honesty is unappealing to some but here I'm allowed to have my say.  I think that with six years of posts, a multitude of garments and much money, time and effort spent promoting and creating in this artform, that I have provided a basis for my opinions.

10.  I'm not going anywhere...
I love to sew.  I love blogging.  I love encouraging others to sew.  I love sharing a new pattern, piece of fabric, sewing blogger, sewing book or magazine, sew-along, basically anything related to sewing.  And after finally getting over myself, I realize that what is most important to me is the sewing I will be documenting mine for some time to come.  

Now here is the important part...if you don't like my opinions, my use of the word "kewl" or "feening", my fabric addiction, my plus size figure, my experience, the fact that I'm a comment ho or that others like to follow along as I continue to grow in my's okay.  You don't have to don't have to like can even think that I'm a fool and's totally okay because I'm not going anywhere.  This is me, this is where I live and this is how I sew.

I've pondered long and hard about whether or not to write this post since everything stays in cyperspace forever...and I can actually say that it's been a long time coming.  I've waited until I was no longer emotional about the incidents that have occurred during the year to have my say because I wanted to address them from a point of view that was practical and encouraging...than from the viewpoint of being hurt and bitter.  

I am closing the comments section to this post and am humbly asking that you do not post comments/opinions/support to any of the other posts because I'm looking for none of those things.  In this instance, I have put my comment ho self in a drawer.  

Instead, I hope that you read this, smile and understand or disagree and walk away (even if you never visit again) realizing that I'm just having my say, cleansing my palette and moving into 2012 leaving this behind.  I hope that you will continue to journey with me into 2012 and if so... always, more later!


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