Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

Several pics of Christmas Eve at my house:

The Little Prince opening a gift

My oldest daughter and my grandson

Ordered chaos in the gift giving

Christmas has come and gone.  Gifts have been opened, children have been amazed and adults are relieved. I've eaten more good food than on Thanksgiving since I've been eating ALL weekend!  I'm finally home in the sewing cave relaxing before I head back to work tomorrow.

I ended up making 10 scarves...and it's interesting...they were much better received at work than with my family.  I remembered yet again why I don't sew for people!  *LOL*

Anyway, here are several more versions of the scarves...

the brown velvet again with a purple & brown print

this one was passed from family member to family member before finding a home

After two days of Christmas festivities, I'm glad I'm off today relaxing in my sewing room.  Even though I have to work for the rest of the week, it's abbreviated I may get one more garment made before the end of the year or I may not! always, more later!


  1. I feel too weary to sew, but have a quilt that must be finished by January 3rd, so today better be my last day of "laziness". Making your own gifts can be such a hit and miss affair, can't it? Top of my list this year were lap-top bags and they went down a treat....whew! There were a couple of quilts in there, and they were well received too, so one of my more successful years. Enjoy your day of rest today Carolyn, ready for work tomorrow.

  2. I am always amazed at how much energy is sucked out of me during the holidays & family gatherings... It was fun, but so glad its over. My family celebrated xmas on christmas eve and I was able to laze around yesterday. The infinity scarves were a hit among my sisters and nieces. I am still bumping out a few more.... they are so addictive.

  3. Oh goodness! You had a festive celebration. The scarves are beautiful. Sheila and I were talking about making them. She made over a dozen for Christmas gifts. Next year I'll do the same. But first I will make a few for me. Lol Anyway, continue to enjoy your holiday season.

  4. Holidays are draining, aren't they? We look forward to them but we're glad when they're over! If I had one of your scarves cross my path, you would never get it away from me!

  5. So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! Every year I get so "hung up" about having to make gifts for family members. I work my fingers to the bone, but then I'm not really sure that anyone really appreciates it. May-be it's time to switch to gift cards!

  6. I'm with you Irene. I've decided that 2012 is the year of Spent all my sewing time making gifts this year, and although I get a lot of satisfaction from the process, I am also a little weary of it too. I'm concentrating on my dressmaking in 2012 and will see how I go from there.

  7. If anyone turns down one of your lovely scarves, I'll give it a home gratefully and gladly :)!

  8. I can't believe your beautiful scarves weren't an immediate hit with family members!
    Despite that,it looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas gathering Caroline. Your scarves are beautiful!

  10. What a wonderful family time. Merry Christmas!

  11. We had 'organized chaos' here as well. So much fun with little ones around & DH's two nieces have 6 kids between them !

    Your scarves are absolutely beautiful - hard to imagine them being anything but a rousing success. I have very few I can sew or knit for but they are very appreciative and it feels good. The others ? They get gift cards :-)

    Glad you had a great Christmas !

  12. Your scarves were beautiful...I just can't imagine them not being well received!!! Thank you for sharing the pics of them with us...i sure do appreciate just seeing them, so it's sad that those who got one for a gift don't know how blest they were!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your family Christmas snaps! It looks like a glorious celebration. Your family is very photogenic.

  14. Looks like a very busy yet pleasant family time for Christmas. The little prince has grown up so quick! I like your scarves and I pulled out some fabric to make some myself. I see scarves everywhere and I have so many RTW as well, but that infinity scraf looks like a fun sewing project with immediate gratification.

  15. Sewing for others, phffffffft. Not a chance.
    The scarves look lovely.


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