Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Christening Gown almost done

The gown is all done but the hand stitching and the buttonholes.  I just can't handle any more little openings this evening...will finish up the hand stitching during the week.  First a picture...

Next some stats...

Simplicity 7488 - Out of print Christening Gown called "Design Your Own"

1.5 yards rayon/silk satin from Moods
1 yard cotton batiste from the lining stash
1/4 yard lace from Moods

1/4 yard pearl piping
1/2 yard single pearl trim
2 yards 1" lace
(again all of these are from my notions stash)

70H Universal Needle
Single Stitch Foot for my sewing machine

I relied heavily upon Sandra Betzina's book, "Fabric Savvy" to start this project. Every question I had about which needle, stitch width and how to pre-treat the fabric was answered in this book.

It wasn't really a difficult gown to construct.  It was more the sewing in miniature that got me.  Those little sleeve openings ~ shew!  The other thing that annoyed me was that the pattern instructions don't tell you to line the gown.  However, the pattern pieces say to cut fashion fabric, as well as lining fabric.

Of course, the construction process was lengthened because I added lace to the bodice pieces... 

...pearl piping to the neckline of the dress and lace to the hem of the cotton batiste lining.  

I really wanted this to be a beautiful dress for a very special little girl. I'm now working on the jacket to complete the outfit and will have pics of the finished pieces later this week with the most awesome little leather ballet slippers that I found at Macy's yesterday. always, more later!


  1. That's just beautiful! I love the lacework.

  2. Beautiful and delicate...which means fussy and tiny, too. you've done a lovely job with it.

  3. It is beautiful - makes me want to hold a baby wearing that beautiful gown. I try not to be overly intrusive, but am dying to know the recipient - is there now a Princess joining the Prince? Or a special friend? Yeah, I'm nosy, but I did wait through one whole other post before asking =:o

  4. That is a beautiful gown, Carolyn. What a labor of love!

  5. It's lovely Caroline perfect for a little angel.

  6. Beautiful--what a lucky little girl! You have created a lovely gown and a memory.

  7. You're doing some lovely work.

  8. So, so sweet! Beautiful dress!

  9. Wow! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one in it (assuming her mom doesn't mind, of course.) This is the sort of dress people keep in the family.

  10. How beautiful! The dress will add special meaning to an already special occasion.

  11. A beautiful gown that will certainly become a heirloom piece for the family.

  12. Carolyn, totally precious... love the use of the pearls & lace.

  13. So beautiful! It will be a family heirloom for years to come.

  14. How Pretty! Sewing anything special occasion dresses for babies are the best. I know what you mean about frustration from small arm openings. Glad you're almost finished with such a sweet project!

  15. Lovely dress. I really like the pearl piping.

  16. It's really beautiful. And shiny!I wish someone had made one of these when I was a kid ;)

  17. love it! it's soooo beautiful! :)

    and yes. tiny sleeves. OMG!

  18. The little girl and her mother are lucky that you love them enough to make such a beautiful christening gown.

  19. Really beautiful Carolyn. I miss sewing tiny clothes for babies!

  20. Beautiful gown. This baby is so blessed.

  21. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. It means so much to me and your sewing expertise has greatly affected me lately. Feel like I am entering a whole new stage where I am trying to make top quality outfits like yours and not just something wild and funky. Keep teaching us all with your examples!

    Love the embroidery work too!


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