Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Sewing Room Additions

As I get used to working in my new sewing room, I think of or find things that I would like a different way.  Some fixes have been to simply move some things around and others are major like the five boxes of cabinets that are sitting in the garage waiting to be assembled.

Lately I've realized that I wanted more light.  I primarily sew after dark and late into the evening ~ even on weekends I seem to sew best at night...less distractions.  And the light set-up that I had in my bedroom doesn't work in the sewing room (or cave as I've come to think of it lately!)  So during the Thanksgiving Weekend, when every retail organization in the United States ran insane sales on things, I went looking for Ott-Lites on sale, online.  

To my amazement, I found the "dreaded" JoAnn's had them on-sale for 50% off online and since I didn't have to venture into one of their stores or deal with their sales associates, I bought them.  Seriously, they were 1/2 off which made a $150 light - $75 with FREE SHIPPING!  Their shipping is SLOW and the lights arrived just this week...but having this much light was worth the wait.

There is now a desktop Ott Lite behind my sewing machine:

...and one over the ironing board.  I love that it clips to the bookcase and shines down over the ironing board...just love this!  *smile*

The other thing that I added to the basement was a little heater.  Some days there is a slight chill in the basement (even though it's heated) and I only expect it to get colder as the earth starts to harden and freeze.  I bought this during a trip to Lowe's...

...can I say that I've been to Lowe's more in the last two months than I've been in my entire life!  Ah, the joys of apartment living when you called the super to fix stuff!  

Anyhoo, I'm really happy with the new additions and if you're wondering about those boxes sitting in the garage...*sigh*...I'm just too overwhelmed to pull them out and build them because it means resorting my fabric collection and I just don't have the wherewithal to do it now.  I'm hoping that during the Christmas break, I'll be motivated...we'll see!  Later rather than sooner (LOL!) you'll see a post about my new fabric closets!

Pictures of the finished Christening Outfit later...I have a bonnet and bib to make since the pieces are being picked up this evening instead of last night! Yes! always, more later!


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Congrats on getting such reasonable lamp prices. My sewing room is the basement, too. I can't imagine ever moving, because I can have many projects going at once, a great mess, and no one ever sees. Washer and dryer for immediate pre-treating. I try to be organized, tho, because not having it public can result in losing things, etc.
    I, too, supplement with a heater in the winter. When the ground gets frozen, I recommend wearing sneakers or dayboots rather than thin-soled shoes or slippers. The cold creeps up the feet and up the shins after about an hour.

  2. Excellent! I have Ott lights in my seeing room, too, and I love them. I also recently bought a heater, since my SR is the coldest room in the house. It makes it so much more pleasant in there!

    Glad you are settling in so well!

  3. Hi, Carolyn--congrats on getting the Ott lamps at such a great price. Norm gave me one for Christmas a few years ago, and I really love it (he also bought me an iron I wanted for our anniversary one year--only another sewist would understand my joy!). Glad you got a space heater; I think cold feet lead to fatigue--a sewist's nightmare!

  4. When the dreaded Joann's runs internet sales, I'll pick up some great bargains, but I too avoid their stores whenever possible. Your new Ott lights were a great bargain. It's always hard to get enough light into basements, so these are a great addition, but I'll bet you're happy for the extra space despite the dark and chill!

  5. I need a bright room to even get in the mood to sew. That's why I have 3 clamp-on lamps with 27 watt CFLs. I still have 1 more to put on the other side of the room where I do the ironing. Isn't it amazing how we can plan a room for days or weeks, yet it seems when we actually get things put in as planned, we find a flaw in the layout?


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