Sunday, June 03, 2018

The End of My Sewcation

So it's late Sunday evening and I've been sewing since Friday, May 25th...and it's all I've been doing.  I didn't take pictures.  I haven't posted here to the blog because I just wanted to sew and sleep late.  Mission Accomplished.  

Here's a peak at what I made this week ~

Some pieces still need some finishing, buttons & buttonholes and one is a downright failure but I enjoyed the experience and learned a few things.

One ~ 
I love shirtdresses but not shirtdresses with a waist seam. No matter how much I want to love this style, it doesn't love me or my body.  This was the last time I'm going to try to make one work.

Yes that's the Warriors/Cavs game playing in the background!

Two ~ 
Sewing one new pattern per break is about all I can handle. After weeks of waiting for the sewing break to come, all I really want to do is sew...not fit and sew.  So while one pattern worked - one did not and I was happy to move onto a TNT pattern where I could just figure out what embellishments I wanted to add to it and sew.

Three ~ 
I have a style, don't deviate from it for something shiny and in patterns. Cause not all patterns work for my almost 60 year old body!

Four ~ 
I love to sew TNT patterns and when I can just sew, I'm the happiest.

I'm headed back to work tomorrow and I want to thank everyone who followed my journey on Instagram. While I didn't share a lot of photos, cause really I just wanted to sew, there were several and quite a few new followers. I appreciate it and thank all of the new followers.

I sewed up until the end so photos will be taken next weekend. I'm really thrilled that I added three new dresses, a new top and a maxi skirt to the wardrobe. Those pieces will be photographed alongwith the two Simplicity 8612 wrap skirts and a new sleeveless TNT shirt.

BTW, I'm happy with what I accomplished. I wasn't trying to sew a record number of garments, I just wanted to sew for days at a time without interruption. The patterns I didn't use during this week will make an appearance during the summer. 

Finally ~ a fabric in/out wrap up for May  
I've purchased 14 yards of fabric during the month of May and I've sewn 19 yards of fabric. That amounts to - 4 dresses, 2 tops, and 2 skirts. This leaves me with a 5+ yard overage for May...except I was 7.5 yds in the hole at the start of the month.  So I'm still 2.5 yards in the hole.  Hopefully I can do better in June!

The good thing is that I'm attending the Baltimore Destash that MissCeliesPants is holding at the end of June - details here. I plan on donating 20-30 yards of fabric which will help lower my totals! Yes...cause I need some fabric relief! *LOL*  Even my oldest daughter who hadn't been in the Sewing Cave in months was like "fabric overload!"

As I said earlier, the posts for the finished garments will be up after next weekend... always more later!


  1. Wow, that is amazing, congratulations. I'm with you on shirtdresses with a waist, love them but they also don't love my nearly 60 body. I'll look forward to the photos.

  2. Can't wait to see you wearing your creations! A great week's worth of sewing.

  3. Wow! That was one productive sewcation. I agree with you on the shirtdress with a waist, love the look on a pattern envelope (and back in the day when I had a waistline) but not on my fifty-something body. I've adapted McCall's 7546 into a shirtdress with success and then made a good version in some wool suiting only to have lost weight. Now I'm drowning in it! Haha. Still no waistline. Sometimes you just have to laugh and move onto the next sewing project. Love the denim shirtdress you made in the first photo.

  4. Wow,you are one human sewing machine! Everything look great. Did you cut out everything in advance?

    1. No - I was out for 10 days and working on the premise of each piece taking 2 days to sew.

  5. I'm not surprised that the yellow dress didn't work. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have made and worn as a housedress in the 1940's and 50's. It's the waistband that does it. Just not your style. Glad you got it out of your system and now you can ignore that look forever. Sometimes our imaginations work better than the pattern and fabric.

  6. Love this whole idea and think you must have had a most wonderful week! Truth be known, am quite envious. Look forward to seeing your photos! :)

  7. I have deep envy for your sewcation and am looking forward to the deets on the new members of your wardrobe. Even if it doesn't suit you, that shirt dress is well thought out and very pretty. I still love shirt dresses because I can make it look as if I might still have a waist. I don't, certainly not in years. I do embrace the housedress as well; I made something similar for a costume event recently, with an apron as part of the build, and I must say, it was a lot more flattering than I would have thought. This may be a thing. I'd get bigger pockets that way.

  8. All your garments look so good! I look forward to seeing the reviews, and love reading what you learned. I absolutely agree that sewing TNTs without worrying about fitting is so freeing!

  9. I will be at the Baltimore Destash as well! I’ll try to introduce myself if I see you.

  10. So sorry that yellow and blue shirtdress didn't work out. LOVE the fabric. I'm having a serious love affair with yellow, including yellow and blue combos. Great that you got so much done. Can't wait to see modeled pics.

  11. Oh what a wonderful thing to do. You are indeed an inspiration. I could so use a dedicated break from work just to sew.

  12. Sounds like you really enjoyed your sewcation which seems to be becoming a bit of an annual tradition for you. I completely understand about wanting to just sew and I often find myself repeating patterns and pulling out TNTs these days too.

  13. As a fellow plus size woman but older at 70, I can't wear shirt dresses with waist seams either. So glad you then turned to a TNT to sew. Yes, just sewing with no fitting issues is pure sewing satisfaction! Love your garments. Karen

  14. I am amazed at your production and as always you teminf me how important it is to have a TNT repertoire for those of us who just want to sew.

  15. You're so productive during your sewcations! I just started a 4-day one but think I'll be lucky to get a period costume and maybe a couple of easy-peasy tops done. Love what I see of that denim dress!

  16. Wow, you sure accomplished a lot and it sounded like you really enjoyed yourself. That's terrific. Such lovely new clothes!

  17. I envy your sewcation a bit. I'm glad you were so (sew) productive and I really enjoyed helping you work through some lessons. TNT for the win. I love the denim dress and the embroidered version. Also your Montrose is amazing. g


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