Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sewing Goals for 2019

As I said in my last post, I am sewing.  Just not taking pictures yet.  Though I plan to do that this weekend since I'm developing a backlog.

In the meantime, it's a holiday weekend here in the States, to celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Also on the East Coast we're supposed to have some pretty wicked weather too, accumulating snow, ice & wind.  Perfect combo for staying in to sew especially since my sewing mojo is back and popping! *LOL*

Taken from Instagram at the end of 2018
My personal goal for 2019

While figuring out what three projects I wanted to work on this weekend (I'm home for four days so think three is a doable number) I came across this list I'd made during my holiday break. After re-reading it, I've decided I want to put it here...more for me than I will have a record to go back and assess my progress at various times of the year.

Here are my "Ten Sewing Goals for 2019" ~

1. Sew Purposefully
Sew what I need for my wardrobe. Don't go off on flights of fancy, follow social media trends or go down rabbit holes.  Be true to my sewing lists because they're devised from my wardrobe needs and encourage me to take wonderful sewing journeys.

2. Sew at least 10 garments from deep stash.
These garments should be from fabric that's been in the collection for at least five years. There's plenty to choose from - use some of it!

3. Donate more fabric
Check with local high schools to see if they need donations. The donation doesn't need to be as large as my last one but make a donation or two anyway.

4. Buy fabric purposefully
I'm not going to say don't buy fabric, it never works. Instead I'm saying try not to buy because it's on sale, because it's cute or to get carried away when I'm in a group. I own a lot of fabric and I need to pull the curtains back and use some of the amazing fabric I already own. 

5. Use some new patterns
I love my TNT patterns. I love being able to just sew because all of the fit issues have been resolved. BUT I own ALOT of patterns (old and new) and I need to use more of them. Before I wouldn't use some of my older patterns because I wondered which sewists had them or could relate to them. I need to get past that because so many older patterns can be purchased online at either eBay, etsy or online sites.

6. Continue to track fabric in/out and blog new fabric purchases
This one has a two fold reason. One - last year by blogging in and out numbers I was acutely aware of what was coming in and going out instead of guesstimating. The reality was brutal. I need that slap in the face to control my consumption. Pictures of fabric purchases on the blog allow me to link to fabric - where & when it was purchased, how long it's been in the collection, etc. All information I need when I'm writing blog posts.

7. Search the fabric and notions collections first
I dream up garments from inspiration pieces, from street inspiration and from tv, magazine and movie garments. I usually make up a list of supplies needed after I decide what to make. Lately since I'm working in the garment district, I think let me run by Joyce Trimmings or Pacific Trimmings and get the supplies I need. But I have a really deep notions and button stash in the Sewing Cave.  I NEED to look there first. Only if I find nothing suitable should I be purchasing new notions.

8. Move/Reorg fabric
This is twofold ~ the first is to move fabric around more often because when I do I always find something I've forgotten. Something I've had and should be using.  Two ~ I need to reorganize so I have more space. I'm not using my space well because I tend to just pile things up.

9. Don't fall for the Big4 Pattern Sales
I already own a lot of Big4 patterns...some that just need slight adjustments to look like what's current. I need to be choosier when buying new patterns and see #5.

10. Create an Art to Wear piece
I was looking through some of my older blog posts and in some of them I found a couple of artier pieces. I went through a period where I could only wear "corporate clothing" to work but I can wear anything I want now. I liked sewing those pieces. It would be a good challenge to come up with something different than I've been sewing.

That's it. Those are my ten sewing goals for this year and I will probably do quarterly updates to check my progress. Like I said in the beginning of this post, I'm sewing this weekend so finished garment discussions soon. always more later!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

So I'm Sewing...

I knew when I went back to work that my sewjo would return and it did ~ like clockwork! It didn't come back right away but by the weekend, I knew what I wanted to sew. BTW, it wasn't anything on my list!

Diane at BlueDot Patterns issued a new jacket pattern and it was exactly what I was looking for in a topper for my winter wardrobe.

However, it only goes up to a size 18 so there is nothing plus size about this pattern.  Since it's a simple silhouette, I had no problem grading it up to fit me. It was the perfect pattern to use to get back into the sewing cave! My jacket is almost finished. So it will be up on the blog after the shirts from last year and a Pembroke that I somehow managed to finish while I was wandering around in the sewing desert.

Fabric Accountability ~
One of the things I said that I was going to do in 2019 to hold myself accountable is to post all of my fabric purchases to the blog. After a trip to Hobby Lobby my resolve not to purchase fabric in January got blown away...

From left to right there are three yards of every piece...
The first one is a Rifle Paper cotton, then a cotton navy with white polka dots, a cotton blend stripe with printed floral pops and finally a chambray with pearls attached to it.

Before that I'd purchased three yards of a viscose crepe from Emmaonesock...

...bought to make my own version of this Chico's shirt.

Then there was the four yards of printed denim purchased from Fabric Mart which has no plan but was too pretty to leave during a sale. It has been pretreated and placed in the collection with the rest of the denim waiting for inspiration to strike.

So a total of 19 yards have entered the Sewing Cave.  Not exactly the "no fabric buying" thread I had in my head! Hopefully these "blogs of shame" will help keep my buying in check...hopefully! *LOL*

It's been awhile since I've posted here so I wanted to update you on what's happening in my sewing cave! Next weekend is a three day weekend in the US, celebrating Martin Luther King Jrs Birthday. I should have my stuff together enough to take photos of my backlogged makes. That's what should be up on the blog next! always later!

Friday, January 04, 2019

My Sewjo has Fled

I was eagerly anticipating my Holiday Break. I was going to spend quality time in the Sewing Cave, working on garments that I'd added to my 2019 Sewing List. I had the fabric on hand and was going to challenge myself to only use the notions that are stocked in the cave.

...and nothing.  Absolutely nothing. I tried to make a new top that while it looks amazing on my new dressform doesn't look as amazing on me.

Then I thought maybe I should lay off the easy projects. They never work out well for me anyway and turned to a jacket pattern that I've used successfully 3x before. I added a new element and bound the heck out of it. It's pretty is...but the sleeves don't work. ALL I need to do is make new sleeves...and it stopped me dead. I didn't have the wherewithall to make new sleeves.

There was no desire to make new sleeves or to make anything else, absolutely positively nothing else. So I bingewatched some TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime and no I didn't watch Bird Box. I read a few more chapters of Michelle Obama's book. I started crocheting the first of the blankets I promised the grandchildren and I slept...ALOT!

I made plans to go to the movies and then caught the cold my grandchildren had been sharing with having the luxury...I slept for another two days. Got up yesterday to do some things for my job prior to going back to work on Monday.

So it's the weekend and I go back to work on Monday. I don't believe I'm going to sew anything this weekend either. I don't even feel like taking pictures of the four garments that are done and waiting to be added to the blog. I have NO desire to buy fabric so you KNOW it's bad! *LOL*  Oh and while all the other Christmas decorations have been removed and put away, I still have to denude the tree.

I'm sure I will go back to work and my sewing mojo will show up! *LOL* Because why wouldn't it when I can't use it! *sigh* Anyway, that's my update of my Holiday Break...a lot of rest, a lot of TV watching, some crocheting and reading but no sewing.

There are four things waiting to be photographed so there will be more garment posts sooner or later. 

ps - I read this great blog post on how to get your sewing mojo back and thought I would share. Mine hasn't come back yet but it was encouraging reading the post. always more later!


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