Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fabric Saturation

My original title was "The Hole is Full ~ or the Stop Sign is Up!" Neither one of those seemed really great once I typed them in so I think Fabric Saturation works really well!

Lately, I have been on what at times to me has seemed like a fabric buying binge! I have denied myself very few pieces of fabric that I have seen and/or admired. Each piece has been carefully chosen by either color or fabrication and truthfully a few pieces were chosen by wanton desire! *smile* And each piece that was purchased came with a dream attached to it regarding what it wanted to become!

But recently, I have been feeling saturated and satisfied. As if this need to fill up a hole is done ~ full ~ finished. Mardel from the blog, "Sew Distracted" posted to Sewing World a few months ago about an acquiring gene. I think my genetic acquiring moniker tripped over sometime in early February and it has just recently shut down.

I know this sounds a little strange but there has been fabric everywhere calling my name ~ sometimes quite loudly, sometimes in a soft whisper full of promises, sometimes with a great chorus, y'know like that song from the Oscar ceremony that just rings in your brain forever! Whether loudly or softly, the name calling has been consistent but lately the cries are getting fainter and fainter.

Instead my mind is full to the brim of things to create. Ideas for garments, fabric combinations and trim ideas are all flooding my brain asking/begging to be released through my fingers and made up into interesting pieces to adorn my body.

As my last post acknowledges, I made four simple skirts this weekend but it was like a dam bursting and unlocking a new and different creative flow. My mind is reeling with skirt ideas, trim possibilities and the potential of a new wardrobe of summer skirts! Maybe a new skirt every day for a month! Now that's a reason to go to work every day!!!!

I think my construction genetic moniker has tripped to the on position and its time to create instead of acquire!


  1. Bravo...let it flow!

  2. Congratulations on your creative flow - I love when that happens!

    I think a skirt a day is a fantastic idea! Definately a great inspiration!


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