Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's a Cafe Au Lait Weekend!

Saturday has dawned with a bright morn, a light wind and promises of a beautiful spring day. I can hear the birds chirping as I sit before my computer and my home is flooded with sunshine! So this is my last computer stop before heading for my sewing area.

Yes, my personal sewing mini-vacation has begun....four fun-filled days of sewing. And I think I have even managed to come up with a list of things to sew, hence the cafe au lait title. Thanks Kathryn (fxzdoc at sewing sites) for the moniker, I have used it because it is so appropriate.

My "outline" which I am calling my sewing plan because it will give me guidelines in which to sew but will also give me the freedom to follow any creative meanderings is:

1. blue/brown/tan floral linen from FFC in the infamous Tamatsou dress

2. blk/creme floral knit from Ebads Fabrics in the McCalls wrap dress (4470)

3. Two pairs of linen pants ~ one in the chocolate brown linen and the other in the brown twill linen both from FFC

4. Two Sewing Workshop Mission Tanks - one in left over brown twill fabric with some black lace added to it and the second in the blue/brown/tan floral linen

5. The burda OOP cardigan, a v-neck t-shirt from an OOP Sandra Betzina pattern and a straight skirt with side slits and elastic waist from the chocolate brown rayon lycra blend from EOS.

I have some ideas for trim detailing, piping and lace insertion that hasn't quite been fleshed out in my mind but I am adding them into the sewing mix. So now that I have a pretty definite roadmap, I am off to enjoy the sewing journey. Will check back in during rest stops and refueling pitstops and will share snapshots from the journey!

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  1. Have a fantastic mini-sewing vacation - can't wait to see your creations.


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