Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Sewing Challenge

Yesterday I had this great idea to take a pattern that wasn't in my size and remake it. The pink/blk/white graphic knit and black linen that I purchased from Ebads Fabrics last week is seriously calling my name. And I can "see" the finished garment that I want to make. A long sleeved, v-neck top that ties in the back with the black linen pants cut with a slimmer leg. This outfit would be perfect for work and make me look slim and tall always two aims for successful dressing for me.

This sweater top really appealed to me:

Only problem is that it is a Burda petite pattern, but after a few days of puzzling it through I thought I could solve the situation by drawing the pattern pieces and then placing them over a TNT cardigan pattern that I already fitted to my body. I got the pattern pieces traced and laid on top of my altered pieces. With new pattern pieces made, I cut them out in a trial cotton knit fabric that was close to the weight of the original pink/blk/white graphic knit fabric.

But something is not working right ~ well I know what's not working right, it's too tight. So what am I do to next? I thought about recutting the pattern. I thought about coming up with a new design. I thought about waiting and finding an actual plus size pattern like the sweater pictured above. Instead I stopped and went and watched a movie.

I hate when this happens because the picture gets even stronger and brighter in my mind. I can't sew anything else. My sewing has just stopped dead in its tracks. But mostly I am annoyed. I only have so much time to devote to sewing ~ life, children, job responsibilities, family responsibilities ~ take much of my available time. So sewing time is precious and I need to make each moment of it count! I tried to think if I had learned anything from this that could be used in the future but right now I am just annoyed!!!!!

So does this happen to anyone else? How do you get back on track? Making something TNT? Skipping sewing for a few days? What? Or does anyone know a pattern like this in a plus size that I could purchase? I think if I could just get pass this I would be okay. 'Cause you know what ~ I am not enjoying the sewing journey today, yesterday and possibly not tomorrow either!!!!!


  1. How about Burda 8166? It might be a good starting point for this wrap top.,1000003-1275114-1128998-1003251-1249827,enEN.html

    I think that this is such a cute wrap top for spring! Especially in an open weave knit like your inspiration picture.

  2. Or have you seen this one?

    It goes up to size XL, so it might be o.k. for plus sizes

  3. OH I hate it when that happens, and I don't really have a solution. I get obsessed. But sometimes clearing the creative juices with a little touch of a TNT project is wonderful and all that is needed to help clear the block.

  4. Use Vogue 8151, it's the SB wrap top. Don't add the neck band piece. Instead of sewing the right front to the side seam, finish the seam and add a tie that wraps around.

  5. How does the tie work on this, Carolyn? Does the underlap tie come through the sideseam? It looks like the ties wrap all the way around the waist. Does the hem angle up to the tie at the side? (can you tell I'm thinking of patterns I've got around that could possibly be used to knock it off? ;) )

  6. I know just how you is soooooo frustrating. I've been going through a similar debacle...I made a jacket, put in a FBA and now I think the back is too big...I decided to put it in the closet for awhile and see if I can figure it out when I get the emotion out.

    I am currently working on embellishing white linen RTW shirts. It's just somehting fun and will let me play before having to concentrate again....


  7. Lisa,

    The tie on Burda 8116 comes out one side and goes around the entire body. The cover of the plus size Burda pattern isn't styled as nicely as the petite top and dress is but my imagination can take it from there and make what I see in my mind's eye!

  8. If you want to adjust the petite pattern you have, it can be done - I assume it is too tight across the shoulderblades, bust, waist or biceps, no? Possibly too short in length as well?

    Here's the solution for the arms -
    Mark the bicep line on the pattern (straight line horizontally at the highest and widest point on the sleeve (just below where the armhole curve ends - make sense?)

    Measure this line, and compare it to your own bicep. Slash the and spread the sleeve vertically right down the middle, slash again horizontally along the bicep line, and pivot the caps to meet again. How do you know how much to spread? Take your fabric (without cutting), using your bicep measurement as an indicator, and pin that measurement of fabric (pay attention to grainline) around your bicep. Bend your arm -comfortable?

    Okay, same principles apply for anywhere else the garment is too tight/short, whatever. Hope I'm making sense. It is late, and I was inspired.

    -Mimi Jackson
    (professional custom clothier)

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