Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Season of the Dress - Edition 1

Its finished! It's done! I feel a little like Frodo on the mountain after throwing the ring into the fire! This task which I have devoted days to is finally complete! Okay, it took Frodo and Sam months but it felt like months instead of days to me...

Seriously, the dress is finished. I used the red & white linen fabric that I tea dyed to make the dress. The dress pattern is from Vogue OOP 2090 - a Tamotsu wardrobe pattern.

Here is the dress before hemming:

Here is a close-up of the collar area:

And finally me in the dress:

More about the construction later! Just wanted to share that the dress is finished! I am wearing it to work tomorrow! Yes!


  1. Very nice, did you use a linen piping as well? I would love to read the about the process. Good job.

  2. It looks so cute on you!


  3. This looks so fabulous on you! You did a great job and really put that tea stained fabric to good use!

  4. That is gorgeous!

    I really liked reading the entry how you tea-dyed the fabric to "remake" it into your own idea.

    And now to see it as a finished garment - WOW! You picked the perfect pattern. And what a great fitting dress - it looks so nice on you.

  5. You look beautiful and I love the dress. You are such an inspiration!

  6. Very nice "springy" look. The dress looks so much better on you than on the hanger!

  7. After seeing your dress and your mentioning that it's from a Vogue Tamotsu pattern, I ran down the stairs to search through my Tamotsu, alas! sign, seems like I have all the others but not this pattern. I did find it on the internet for $25.00 though...lol. Maybe one of these days from Ebay.

  8. Pretty fabric and very flattering style.

  9. Love that dress, and you look fabulous in it! Great job!

  10. It's just beautiful. I love what you are sewing and especially your choices of fabric and color.

  11. Nice job! You done good!

  12. Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.


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