Thursday, May 11, 2006

Prom Season and a little more

Its that time of the year ~ Prom Season! And thankfully I only have one daugher attending the prom this year. So I will spend this Saturday making a wonderfully, spectacular, one of a kind, sexyfunkycool dress for my graduating senior. You know the prom dress of your senior year has to be hands down awesome because, well, its the last prom you will ever attend!

First lets start with the dress ~ Vogue 7365 ~ View C

My daughter has chosen forest green as her color. Here is a picture of all the elements being used to construct the dress.

She has chosen a satin crepe and a cubic zirconia piping and cubic zirconia strips to be used as the straps. Can you say bling, bling!!!! This will be my sewing adventure for the weekend. I will keep you posted!

****Tea Dyed Tamotsu Dress Update******

I promised in my last post that I would give more construction details about the dress. What I love about this dress is its simplicity and ease of construction.

The pattern envelope describes the dress as a semi-fitted, a-line dress, above ankle, has collar, collar band, shoulder pads and above elbow sleeves.

The collar band and collar go together easily and fit the collar of the dress without any alterations. All of the pieces of the dress fit together as they should and the best thing is that the dress fits me well through the shoulder and bustline but flares out enough to cover my larger body parts! I have this pattern in a size 20-22-24 and I cut the top in a 20 and the bottom in the 24 plus a little ease. I have also made an alteration to the sleeve piece so that there is more than enough ease for my extra flappalicious biceps.

If you can get your hands on the pattern, I would definitely try to find one since it makes such a wonderful dress. I really want to try making the top out of some silk or linen with longer sleeves and using it as an overblouse for summer outfits!

The trim is just a rayon soutuche that I purchased years ago in a trim factory that use to be across the street from the JoMars on I Street in Philadelphia. It was jammed into my trim drawer and the color red matched the red print perfectly so it had to be used! Everything used in the dress came from my stashes (trim & button) ~ only the fabric was new! That was a really good feeling to know that I was using things I already owned! Oh yes, have a lot of buttons on hand when making the dress ~ I used 11!

That's my update! So if you have any questions, ask! I will be happy to answer them! Well the best I can! *smile* And if you are currently creating some wonderful new garment, dreaming about making something new, or just buying fabric, notions or trim for something new....enjoy your sewing journey!


  1. Good luck and have fun with the prom dress this weekend! I wish I had a daughter to make a fancy dress for, but I only have prom dates (i.e., sons).

  2. Your prom dress is going to look gorgeous! I love the trim and straps - I can't wait to see it completed. I bet your daughter is thrilled you can sew!

    Oh, how they've improved prom dresses since I went to high chool. Mine was a green lame type, knee length, off the shoulded with a tiered skirt! How embarrassing

  3. "Flappalicious"! I just knew there was a technical term to describe my upper arms!
    Your dress is fabulous and you look more than fabulous in it. The tea dyeing came out great.
    Good luck with the prom dress. I can't wait to see photos of it!

  4. You DD is going to love her dress. I love the color she chose. Can't wait to see the results.

  5. Your are Excellent. And so is your site! Keep up the good work. Bookmarked.


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