Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sewing This and That

I have a jumble of things to share today ~ no one topic ~ hence the title of today's post "Sewing This and That" because it is a little of this and a little of that!

Another fabric store closing...

Yesterday I found out that one of my favorite fabric stores in NYC has closed. It hasn't disappeared totally because the owner had two fabric stores on 8th Avenue. He just condensed the two into one because he couldn't support enough busines in two stores. Now just five years ago he was running full tilt in both stores.

The name of this store was Habib's Fabrics. Nabil the owner always had great linens and stretch velvets. I even bought a lot of other kewl pieces there over the years but primarily he was my linen and lining supplier. He didn't sell Bemberg but he had a great silky polyester lining that he sold to me cheap and it worked well in the garments I made.

He moved most of his stock into the other store Ebad's Fabrics which is just up the block from the old store. I went looking for lining yesterday and found the change. It really hurt me and I felt a little guilty like maybe if I had purchased more fabric from him and less from the internet both stores would still be open! And even though I really didn't need or want any more fabric, I bought a couple yards of a midweight black linen (can always use black. I do work in NYC!) and a pretty black/white/pink graphic knit. Don't need either but just felt like I needed to support a friend!

So if you have ever been fabric shopping with me in NYC, Habibs Fabrics is no more. I will miss it!

SWAP Contest results

I am a little remiss in posting these results so late! I guess you can tell I didn't win! *hahahaha!* Even though I didn't go into the contest to win, just wanted the wardrobe and the free pattern, I should have posted the results here earlier. So here goes...there were five prizes awarded even though originally three were going to be awarded. But Julie felt that the vote was so close and the last two ladies did such a great job that she threw in two more prizes! That Julie is a very kewl lady!

So, the SWAP winners are, selected by 83 people who voted:

1st place - Hellenne Vermillion
2nd place - Shannon Murphy
3rd place - Jeanette Morrison

There were so many good SWAPS, that I have decided to extend the prizes and there are five finalists.

4th place - Sandy Curry for Caribbean Dreams
5th place - Lisa Laree

I have to admit that I voted for several of these women's SWAP wardrobes. They were pretty awesome and a great big congratulations to all the winners!

SWAP Consolation Prize...

This is the pattern I asked for as my consolation prize:

Everyone who completed and submitted pictures of their SWAP receives a free pattern from Julie Timmel of Timmel Fabrics. So I chose Jalie 2566, a women's twin set pattern with two different necklines. I have never made a Jalie pattern before and have heard a lot of good things about them so I want to experience the "Jalie Difference" for myself! As soon as I decide what to make with it, I will report back here first! *LOL* Like there is someplace else that will let me ramble on and on about sewing!
Adding to my sewing library....

Hey, I don't just collect fabric, trim, notions and patterns. I collect sewing books too! I have four shelves of a five shelf bookcase full of sewing books from all generations. Lately I have been purchasing more sewing books from the 40's and 50's. When I was at my friend Lynn's in San Francisco, she had a book called "Dress Design Draping and Flat Pattern Making" by Marion Hillhouse and Evelyn Mansfield, that I thought was sooo kewl. I have been wanting an Armstrong pattern making book but new they are kinda pricey! Thought that this would be a good alternative. I mean I have almost every Adele Margolis book and a few Mary Brooks Pickens plus several other sewing instructors and I didn't pay an arm and a leg for them! How expensive could this book be? Well, checked it out on Abe Books and Amazon's Used Book - cheapest price was $95 up to $127. Not exactly my idea of a cheap book so this has been put on the back burner for now.

Well those are my sewing ramblings for today...a varied lot they are but since something sewing is always passing through my brain, I thought I would just share those first few thoughts!

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  1. I like the pattern you chose. I can't wait to see it made up. I have to admit, I realy like Jalie patterns! I wish their pattern collection was a bit larger, though.


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