Sunday, May 20, 2007

What to do when you can't sew ~ why make a list of course!

Yesterday was bad...I was extremely disappointed and near tears when I left the Sears store. I kicked around on the internet for a bit, found some inspiration but ended up in bed with the tv on vegging.

This morning I woke up and vowed to make it a better day. I mean I only get two days of furlough from my job and already one was gone! The upside of that is that I only have five more days to work and then I am free, free for nine!

After reading a few blogs, I went to to see what everyone was raving about. And bought these two pieces:

Cindy Blue Mod Girls

and Black Dandy Damask.

Now I know fabric shopping is not the cure-all for everything but it did lift this girl's spirits out of the doldrums! And they do go quite nicely with some pieces I already have in the collection. I will add this purchase to the mostly black pieces I got from Metro Textiles this week and I think I am set fabric wise for this month!

Here's a listing of fabrics that I got from Metro:
5 yards of a medium weight black linen
5 yards of the softest black cotton batiste
3 yards of a black/white polka dot
3 yards of a black/white chain link rayon knit
2 yards of a black/white/grey/gold medallion print cotton batiste
2 yards of a multi-colored print rayon knit
5 yards of beige rayon lining (for my eyelet trench)
4 yards of an amazing soft blue silk lining

Did anyone else besides me notice the preponderance of black fabrics here! I think my job is getting to me...I never buy this much black fabric!

And finally I am making a list of the things I want to work on during my sewing vaca from my spring/summer sewing list. I am only going to pick five items so that I can concentrate on them and do them justice...but I am preparing shopping lists, picking buttons and trims and making sure that I have everything on hand to just sew.

I am calmer today. Five more days to vaca. The sewing machine hopefully will arrive on Tuesday ~ if not I am cancelling the order and heading to the sewing machine store and purchasing something else! Hopefully my baby will be ready to be picked up the week I am on vacation and I AM BUYING the new camera tomorrow!
If I click my heel three times and keep chanting, "it will be okay, I will sew again" I just might make it through the day without killing someone or having to pick up knitting needles - yeah right Marji! *LOL*


  1. Glad you feel better, I was a bit worried yesterday. Just in case, and I know it wouldn't help much, but Sears has "lenders" for a lot of appliances. I learned that after they dropped my new washing machine in the driveway TWICE! It was a new model, and it seems that the delivery guys get first dibs on anything refused by the buyer....I'm not saying anything for certain,but it did seem odd that they dropped and dented two of them! With the second one, I blew my stack and told them to cancel the order. They then agreed to give me a loaner till my undented one showed up. Just a thought. K

  2. So glad you're feeling better! And there is something soothing about buying and planning sewing projects when you're unable to actually sew. I just realized I have the same week planned as vacation - however most of my time will be spent on the many home projects that have been piling up. Wish it would be a week of sewing. And if I ever get to NY I want to go shopping fabric shopping with you!

  3. Carolyn I had to smile when I read your post today. I gave into to placing an order for fabric from Ann yesterday. Why you may ask? Well I was home sick yesterday and took a nap in the afternoon and dreamed that you and I and Ann were in New York shopping, oh and you are going to pince me for saying this but you were pregnant! Is that not hilarious? OK, I can see where it might be slightly more amusing to me than you but I hope it brings a smile to your face.

  4. Ijlove the fabric you bought.
    After getting that fabric I know you are going to create something nice with it.

  5. I'm getting you a BFE icon to put on your sidebar. (Know what that is? you should ;)

    should I run and duck for cover if you find a pair of knitting needles in your mailbox?

    Love the new fabrics and the descriptions, and I sincerely hope for you that you get your machine woes sorted out.

  6. Carolyn - I'm dying to know - did you get the sewing machine already or not? Inquiring minds . . . g

  7. Your eye for fabric is on point.. love the fabric choices... I would love to make the Black Dandy Damask into a top.


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