Saturday, January 05, 2008

Four down and one more to go

Yeap, one more pair of lined black wool crepe pants are finished. One more UFO from last year done...and maybe, just maybe this year I might end up with five pairs of black pants. I mean I'm close...I'm so close that I can actually feel it...*LOL* These pants will work with quite a few jackets as well as twinsets in my wardrobe so I am thrilled that they are done.

I'm going to start on my last project for the weekend ~ another dress! I know, I know but this sewing vacay I just had dress fever. The weather is cooperating next week - it will be in the 40's and 50's all week so it will make dress wearing that much easier. Besides I have pretty much decided that I like wearing dresses and suits with skirts so much better than pantsuits so I am going to try and wear them more. We shall see if the weather beats back my desire.

Anyway, here is a pic of the fabric and lining that I am using for the next version of my TNT dress.

Here is the road map for this garment.

Finally some answers to a few questions...

Julie asked from where I got the Nancy Zieman technique? Sorry, I should have mentioned the book title when I posted about the technique. It's from her book, "The Busy Woman's Sewing Book" published in 1988. I reviewed the book in August 2008. You can read the review, here.

Also, someone else asked about the size of my closet awhile ago. I'm sorry that I'm just replying to you, however, my closet is normal size. One of those regular width apartment size closets with a long bar and a shelf above it. Clothing is stored by category, all pants together, all skirts, dresses, etc. All of my sweaters, tank tops, turtlenecks, etc. are stored on the shelf. I guess it would seem as if my closet should be packed but I am a huge believer in closet clean outs. I do one at the start of every season and am pretty ruthless about it. If I don't keep rotating things out there will be no space for the new things that I want to make!

I'm off to sew...just wanted to give you an update on how my sewing vacay is progressing!


  1. What a gorgeous pairing of fabric.

  2. congrats on your pants, I love dresses and skirts more than pants also, I love to sew a dress, my favorite thing.
    oh, I love your fabric choices, what a tease!

  3. First off - well done on the four pairs of black pants...almost there!

    Second - love the design and lining for the next dress. I prefer skirt suits to pants suits too. I only have one work type dress, but next winter I think I will add some more.

    You are really sewing up a storm this vacation!

  4. I love all of the pants. *HOPEFULLY*, before this month is over, I can get atleast one pair of black wool crepe pants done. I gave away a couple of pairs to charity when I cleaned my closet. Time to rebuild now.

  5. Keep going! Only one more pair!

  6. I always enjoy your posts and love to see what you are sewing next. You do such an excellent job!!! I just wish I could go shopping with you sometime. If every in Southern California...we'll do that!!!

  7. thanks for the update ;)
    the black pants are great, but what really caught my eye was that lining for the next dress. Too Cute!

  8. You inspire me!! I could use five pair of black wool crepe pants. Number of black wool crepe pants I have --- zero. Yikes, I need to follow your inspiration!

  9. Three things: love the combo of fabric and lining - can't wait to see it finished! Second, so glad you answered my unspoken question about your closets but I can honestly say that I would have a really hard time getting rid of your beautiful designs! But third and most importantly, I recently did a sewing blog search out of curiosity and yours was the first I went to - boy, are you inspiring! I am so thrilled to find you. Since that first visit several weeks ago, I have been to many other blogs and lo and behold, they all mention you! How awesome is that? As I type this, am listening to your podcast with Toya that was mentioned on another blog.
    Thanks for your inspiration!!

  10. Congrats on your progress! I'm so inspired by you and have begun my sewing for 2008. I won't be as quick as you but I'll be plugging my way to a new wardrobe. Can't wait to see what's next.

    Have a Great New Year

  11. Four pairs of lined pants! I am so impressed. I'm having lining avoidance right now or I'd be in the room putting the lining into my new jacket. Maybe a little later, after I've read every blog on the internet and been suitably impressed by everyone's skills. Beautiful pants.

  12. Ooh, I really like those two fabrics together!

    Thanks for answering my question!

  13. You convinced me to sew some pants!!! I picked up some lovely satin wool from Kashi, can't wait :-)

  14. I love black pants! Well done!

  15. You are going to make it, I know you are! You make me want black wool lined pants now... At least two pairs :))


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