Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some Questions...

...and a few answers

Theresa (Lovely) wanted to know if the lining fabrics I'm using could be used as blouse fabrics ~ yes, definitely since they are 100% mediumweight polyester charmeuses. I don't really wear polyester charmeuse or prints that loud but they were $1.99 per yard and I thought they would make interesting lining fabrics. Also since they are medium weight they add some weight to my fabrics which make the finished garments a little that's why I'm using them as linings.

Cidell had some questions about my darts and the construction...
I am not finishing the edges of the darts because they are encased in the lining so there should be minimum fraying. And to make my comment about serging clearer ~ in my FFF days I would serge all of the garment pieces and then begin construction. However, now I sometimes do some construction and then serge finish the pieces. But I always serge/finish the pieces while they are still flat and not sewn to another piece. I have too much respect for my serger knives than to put them in the position of cutting through a piece of a sewn garment!

NancyK had some questions about the black patent leather piping...
I purchased it at Daytona Trimmings and after inserting it into the garment I was very careful when pressing the garment. I didn't use to much steam or a high setting on my iron. I don't know how this will work at the dry cleaners...I guess I am hoping for the best! *LOL* But since I got this idea from Dana Buchman's line, I am hoping that the dry cleaners I use in the city works with other designer gear and will at least know how to clean this!

Christina asked about my fabric usage amounts
You know this is a work in progress. I have no idea if I will stick with this format. However, I treat linings like notions...always keeping a stock on hand in various colors and prints so that I can sew without too much difficulty at all I didn't think to track or add it to my numbers.

I think I got all of the questions...if not, please ask them again and I will answer them. I have been at work for 4 days now and haven't thought about anything sewing! Isn't that terrible....but you know how it is when you come back from vacation, there is just so much waiting for you...and I have been extremely tired when I get home in the evenings. I don't even have any sewing plans for the weekend. The last jacket and lining are laying there forlornly on the cutting table (which is still relatively clean, btw). I guess I will get to them soon enough!

Hope you are enjoying your sewing journeys!


  1. When you said "you're not finishing the edges of the darts ..." Pardon the question, but what exactly do you mean.

    When I completed the darts on my blouse I pressed them down and that was it.

  2. How am I enjoying my sewing journey? Hmmmmmmmmmm, good ?. I'm so focused. I'm organized. I have all of the tools to get off to a good start. I can't get started! Please send the sewing fairies to my house. Fabric Warehouse is having a sale. Suiting $1.50/y cotton $1.00/y. I can't go, because I havent' used any of my fabric from when I went last time. Please send the sewing fairies my way. Please!

  3. You got that right about the linings: they are interesting and fantastic! I'll never look at low priced printed silk the same way.

    I do my darts like Sheila does. This is wrong? I hate to cause trouble by colluding with an instigator, chiming in on a question you thought you already went over. But since she asked, I gotta say, I do this, too.

  4. I love that you answer questions in your blog. Thanks. I am really starting to want a blog too. As Shannon said, all the cool kids have one.


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