Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things you can learn from a UFO

As I have stated before I have very few UFO's and if there is still one hanging around there is a very good reason for it...

Thus this is from McCalls 2085. I started it at least 7 or 8 years ago. Several times I have thought about tossing it but always at the last minute I have held onto it. Once a few years ago I pulled it out to finish it with the intention of shortening it...but that never happened. I just couldn't take the scissors to it. And now I know why...

Because it matches the S3631 dress perfectly! And because when I tried it on this morning, it fits perfectly...well the shoulders are a little wide for me but nothing I can't live with. I can't find the collar pieces and I may end up doing without them but other than that I understand NOW why I held onto it. It will so work with this dress...can we say beautiful new "Corporate Chic" outfit!

Also since the jacket is unfinished, I can see all of the construction details that I did to the inside of this jacket...the sleeve heads added, the shoulder pads catch-stitched to the jacket and the muslin jacket shields that are inserted. I started this jacket at a weekend sew-in that Colleen Jones sponsored that I attended with my friend Lisa in New Hampshire. I am now inspired to finish it! Well after I make this new version!

This jacket provides the perfect roadmap for the black/white tropical wool that will be my interpretation of the Barrie Pace jacket and dress. From seeing this UFO, I have already altered the front and back shoulder pieces, making the shoulder seams a little shorter...I have definitely decided to add sleeve heads to the jacket (wasn't sure if I was going to do that before) and found another set of those shoulder pads that work so well with the UFO.

So this is where I'm at on the BP Interpretation Jacket - fabric/lining and underlining pretreated, pattern alterations made, and I'm getting ready to cut out my fabric fashion. Just wanted to give you an update 'cause I'm heading back to my sewing area to spend some quality time with these jackets!


  1. Sometimes procrastination does pay off!! I bet that jacket does look fab with the dress - knock 'em dead at work this week with your new outfit!

  2. Nice combo! I love it when something "hopeless" becomes something close enough to perfect!

  3. Awesome! So glad it's going to work out, and you'll have a couple of great long jackets to wear.
    Say, isn't that charmeuse print the same that Shannon is considering lining her jacket with this weekend?

  4. Don't you love it, when you hold on just a lil longer.

  5. Mmmm, that reminds me of a UFO long knit jacket/coat that is much older than yours. I think I should go and find it and contemplate....

    BTW, yours is going to be great - love the wool and the lining.

  6. It looks great together. Isn't it wonderful when a UFO finally becomes part of the wardrobe?

  7. That is just great, Carolyn!
    Very encouraging too to know that a long-standing UFO can find a life after several years. :)
    You are going to look smashing!

    Hope you had with these two jackets yesterday. :)

    Oh and Carolyn I needed to tell you... I am still obsessing about that red Barrie Pace outfit you posted a few days ago... I absolutely want to make something inspired by this for spring!

  8. I love the combination as well. Great save!


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