Sunday, January 20, 2008

Samples and more samples

I know that it seems that I sew like the wind...but actually by the time I sit down to the sewing machine I have so planned out a garment that all that is left is the sewing.

One of the things that I do is make samples of techniques, interfacing, thread usage, etc. I use to hate making samples. I thought they wasted valuable sewing time. I have since learned that making a sample actually saves me so much sewing time, especially if something I have envisioned doesn't work in the final garment. So to avoid wadders, I now make samples.

For the "Menswear Lace Dress", I actually made a couple...

This one is a lace sample....
This one is a thread sample...

Now I am actually thinking about muslining a jacket using real muslin...ohmygosh those internet sewists are working me over rough! *LOL* Seriously, I can actually see the benefit of sewing and fitting a pattern in muslin, altering it and taking the garment apart to use the muslin pieces as the actual pattern pieces...or maybe this is just another byproduct of reading the book, "The Collection"!

I haven't sewn much this weekend at all...sorry to disappoint, but I have just been so tired! And today I spent the afternoon at church watching my niece and nephew perform in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Program.

Hopefully, tomorrow since I will be home all is too cold for man or beast around here...maybe something will fall out of my sewing machine, into my closet and onto my blog! One can always hope!


  1. That's a cool idea. I'm still reeling from the patent leather on the dress (totally love it) and sitting here thinking of how to use it on a garment.

  2. Carolyn - I always sew samples. checking to see if the thread is the right color, if the serger is set right and balanced. Hem techniques, whatever, on a scrap of fabric, then I write down what worked and save the sample and the notes in the notebook I keep on my cutting table.

    I think the notebook idea is something I 'borrowed' from you just morphing to fit my needs.

    Enjoy the rest, hope you feel like sewing tomorrow. g

  3. I'm proud of you! I always *want* to sew samples and muslins to be sure that everything will go smoothly with the final garment, but I have to admit to being too impatient a lot of the time! Oddly enough, I am perfectly content to spend a ton of time hand finishing a garment. Go figure.

    I am hoping gravity (three cheers for Issac Newton - yes, I'm a geek) does its thing tomorrow so lots of things "fall" out of your sewing machine!

  4. Yes, samples can be very helpful, as well as muslins. For me it depends very much on the type of garment I make, the pattern company or the price of the final fabric whether to make a muslin or not.
    Enjoy you extra day off-work, sewing or not.

  5. There has been a lot on blogs, Threads etc on the muslin and then using it as a pattern. I think I will give it a try on my next jacket.

  6. Thunk!
    'tis the sound of me falling off the chair. Muslin, out of muslin. ;)wink.grin


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