Sunday, January 06, 2008

It was a three dress minimum!

As previously stated I had serious dress fever on this sewing vacay. And also as previously stated, I really want to wear more dresses with jackets and suits with skirts this fall/winter. I don't know how I'm going to accomplish that since I hate the cold but I am going to work on it! So here is the three pack...

I will apologize now because it is late and I am preparing to go back to work tomorrow so there are no photos of me wearing the dress. No construction information either...I will post those details tomorrow evening.

The grey dress does have a jacket (Vogue 7944). The fabric and lining for the jacket are cut out and laying in pieces on the cutting table. I started to work on the jacket but since I'm now into enjoying the journey, I didn't rush it. It will be finished when it is finished! *smile*

Tomorrow I promise pics of me wearing the new gray has a few special features...and I will share them with you then.


  1. Since I live in Alaska I have a couple of tips for staying warm when wearing a dress. Have you every tried silk long johns? They are wonderful! You can get them at places like REI or online at Winter Silks, where they have them in different styles and lengths. Boots hide long johns and thick socks. Tights work too, just not as well.

  2. Well you continue to amaze me. Look forward to seeing this one in all its glory about lunch time tomorrow ;))

  3. What pretty pieces!!

    I have a question though.. Are you lining the dresses with lining fabric or are you taking what could be say blouse material and using it as a more upscale lining? (Did that make sense??)

  4. I love everything. What a productive sewing vacay that you had!!!!

  5. Ms. Caroline you AINT playing over there! LOL

    I need to start wearing more dresses and skirts... but office does not have a dress code, so most days, I'm in jeans and sneakers

  6. WOW, you do some serious sewing lady. Love everything I saw. This is my first visit to your blog but I have it in my favorites and will check in often.


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