Saturday, February 23, 2008

The UPS Guy Knows My Name

And if he doesn't ~ he should because more stuff came yesterday! Something from the UPS guy and stuff from the US Postal Service...

The car "Jammers" boxes arrived from

And Cidell, they are exactly like my original I happily spent time filling these up and now my boxes look like this:

And the thread rack looks like this:

Before the last three boxes arrived, I had thread stuffed everywhere but now, everything is sorted by color and I have loads of space left! Time to get that Gutterman's thread chart out and order more colors! My goal is to have at least one spool of each color on the thread chart.

This also showed up yesterday! I love mail!

I know that the Butterick pattern site is running patterns for $5.99 until midnight tonight but I bought this one with my BMV club membership when it first hit the website. I really liked the pattern and thought that it would go great with the metallic linen...however, now that the two are both here, I have other plans for the metallic linen.

I am forcing myself to stay out of bed today...I am beginning to feel like I will never get better if I don't get up and move around...don't feel much like sewing but we'll see.

Hope you have a great sewing weekend!


  1. Hmmmm buy "car jammers" to store thread. No more gobs of tangled thread. No more digging thru boxes to find the right color. Girl -- I'm there1. Thanks for the link!!

  2. Hope you do feel better soon!!

    That jacket is pretty cute.

  3. I have that pattern on my list also, I think next week butterick is going to be on sale at joanns

  4. Would post of picture of the inside of a filled box? I am having a hard time visualizing. Not having the thread at your fingertips seems difficult to me, would you mind explaining how you work it? I love organization but for some reason I am not "getting" this one but really want to as it seems so organized!hehe Thanks so much for always sharing such wonderful insight!

  5. Cant wait for my son to outgrow his toy cars. I would never have thought about using his car carriers as storage for thread. What a fantastic idea. Hope you are feeling better soon. I love reading your blog.

  6. Carolyn I love that Jacket pattern... I might have to buy that one for myself. I can see it made up so many ways. Thanks for posting it!

  7. Those boxes are so useful, aren't they? The handles make them easy to carry to classes, too.

  8. I love that jacket pattern!!! I have it on my list!

  9. Carolyn, my work has kept me away from blog reading and sewing. So comments pertain to several of your posts.

    Thanks for sharing website for Jammer's. I have used this plastic storage items for my threads and like you, I need more.

    Lovely snow. Sorry you are ill and feeling poorly.

    Drop dead gorgeous Cardigan and Tank Top. The fabric made up looks better than the photos.

    Helpful information regarding measurments. I have bookmarked this information.

    Lovely fabric, stress buying fabric is better than stress food eating in my book anyday.

  10. Great idea for your thread storage! We are advised by our thread suppliers and manufacturers (I have a quilt shop) to always keep thread in an airtight container - there is silicon through thread to keep it supple and if it is exposed to the air it breaks down and becomes brittle. Although this is a natural progression with thread, storing them this way slows the process down dramatically! So, much better than the thread rack - although the racks do look great don't they?!

  11. I am loving those cases you order for your threads!!That jacket pattern is cute!

  12. I am just getting started with my thread stash. I found you when I yahoo searched gutterman threads. About the Joanns sale...Butterick patterns 1.99 ea (limit 10) Apr 16-18. Guttermann thread 50% off, Apr 19-25. 50% off storage containers just ended, but I am now prepared to fill with sale thread. Love Jo-Jo's!
    Happy stitching,
    Jean in FL


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