Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Remnants

Today is March 1st and last month I sewed exactly two pieces...TWO PIECES! I haven't sewn so few pieces in one month in is a little unsettling to realize how much "life" affected my passion!

1. Simplicity 3631
Yesterday, I wore the black version of Simplicity 3631 to work. I had a couple of meetings and wanted to look professional but comfortable...also it was Friday and our firm has a more "casual" dress code on Fridays...can I insert a "yeah right" here! *LOL*...and the dress/jumper was the perfect piece for the day.

However, it was the compliment that my 18 year old daughter gave me when I arrived home at 8:00 pm (Can I say that I am getting mighty tired of this...but that's another post for another time!) that really made my day! Whenever you can get a teenage daughter to exclaim that she loves an outfit, you know that you have really hit on something! Which brings me to my next point...

The Simplicity 3631 pattern is a wonderful, wonderful pattern.

I know that quite a few people have made the jacket - well there are 12 reviews for the jacket on PR and it made the #10 spot on The Best Patterns of 2007 article written by Diane Egleston - who is a friend of mine! And I have used the pattern quite effectively myself...a jacket, two dresses and a tank top have come from this pattern. I think of it fondly and probably will use it again for a spring/summer dress. I know some people have had problems with the dress but if you can get a copy works wonderfully in a host of situations.

2. Fabric Accumulation
Now we all know that I have fabric issues...and of course when I'm not sewing, fabric seems to follow me home like children followed after the Pied Piper when he tooted that d*mn horn! *LOL* And lately Fabric Mart just hasn't been doing it for me...I am a little disturbed about this but maybe it's time that I show some fabric love to other internet sources! *LOL* Which is what I did last night!

I have been in love with this chocolate embroidered cotton since Ann of Gorgeous Things first put it on the site...last night I succumbed. Did you hear that Cidell, I have my piece! 4 yards cause, I want a full skirted shirt dress like Summerset's for spring! Can't you just see the embroidery on the edge of the skirt and short sleeves? Oooolalala goodness! Ann is having a sale for her first year anniversary - 24% off almost everything until tomorrow - March 2nd - so hurry over and buy something...she has AMAZING pieces!

And I placed my first time ever order with Sawyer Brook I've been getting their emails for years, but for some reason I've never bought anything from them...anyway, last night I bought this silk. It's called Village Stroll and it resembles the lining I did for the Simplicity 3631 jacket which had such a great impact, so 5 yards of this is coming to me.

Again, it's a piece that's been haunting me for most of the month of February. I got it to use as lining in a jacket and for a simple shell top. It will be placed with the last 5 yard piece of black wool crepe that I bought from Fabric Mart a couple of months ago. Probably won't see the light of day until fall but it will make a complete set and it made me happy!

I also picked up two rayon pieces for spring/summer dresses....

......This black and white piece

And this kewl retro 60s type print...

3. Spring Sewing
I am ready to begin sewing for spring! I think I am going to ditch most of my "List of things to Sew for Fall/Winter" and start concentrating on spring. 'Cause you know Easter is in 22 days!

Have a wonderful sewing weekend!


  1. I love that brown fabric from Ann! I need to place another order before the sale is over lol

  2. I'm lovin' the new acquisitions! I hear ya on the "getting very little sewing done" comment. I am in the same boat. We both need to get our butts in gear and start producing! :)

  3. OH MY LORD, those pieces below are beautiful, so funny, I got some muslin to start fitting for a shirt dress on thrusday,, lol

  4. I look so foward to your SATURDAY POSTS!, although I sometimes don't get them until Sunday. I an glad that you are feeling much better and ready to sew!

  5. Hey, thanks for mentioning me! I can definitely see a shirt dress in the embroidered chocolate - no hems to do if you use the border print. That's a real plus with those huge skirts. Of course, I do mine on the machine!

    I am *so* ready for spring, especially after the 10 or so inches of snow we got today (let's see, that would make over 20" for this week alone!). You don't have to remind me that Easter is in 22 days - my daughter's dress is already scheduled in. Whether I get myself anything made or not will be the true miracle.

    Now, back to FMK!

  6. I love all of your fabric... that brown embroidered fabric is divine!

  7. Boy time flies! It just seems like the other day you were trying to finish off some summer sewing before starting on Fall!

    You have some lovely fabrics there.

  8. Ha! No wonder you gave me permission to buy!

  9. Beautiful fabric purchases!
    I'm off to buy some red embroidered fabric from Julie- Timmel Fabrics :)

  10. Love all your fabric!!And I am so ready for spring sewing also!!

  11. LOVE your new fabrics!Excellent choices!


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