Thursday, February 28, 2013

59 Days into Twenty Thirteen

...and I've sewn an additional four pieces bringing my total so far to 10 newly made pieces...along with remaking two pair of black I guess that's really 12 pieces since I practically made those pants from scratch.

Two dresses, a skirt and a pair of pants...all good wardrobe builders.  Not a bad total for the month but honestly since I had a five day holiday this past month, I'm disappointed by my output.  Okay, okay I know I'm obsessed but at this point in my life, I can be obsessed.  My children are grown so I have the time to wallow in my hobby...

Anyway, let's recap ~

The Butterick 5679 Print Blocked Dress

The CK Dress

A pair of grey wool crepe lined pants

An Emerald Green Pleather Skirt

...another thing that happened is this...

The Mood Sewing Network got a shout-out in
the April/May 2013 issue of Threads*

The month was only 28 days long and it was jam packed.  Since I'm working on my Easter Dress which is also my Mood project for March...and it's kinda prepared to be bored during the next couple of weeks as I go on and on and on about making it! *smile* always more later!

*Also check out my girl Cennetta and the mention of the Haute Couture's 50th Anniversary in the same section of Threads!


  1. Each piece makes a statement. You've done very lovely and well fitting pieces. Judging by these new creations,it has been a good month.

  2. and they are all so pretty! you did better than I did...2.5 wadders and 3 finished garments - and I don't work! I love the abstract purplish dress.

  3. You may not have made many pieces this month but you made fabulous pieces. I think I made a dress - and a jacket - and broke my sewing machine. So ......

    I can't wait to see the Easter dress, I've seen the preview and I'm smitten. g

  4. You are so productive! And everything you made looks fabulous. I am excited to see what you get done in March.

  5. Wow 2013 and your best work to date IMO, this looks like a great start to the year.

  6. I LOVE the CK dress! Looks fabulous! Love following your work!

  7. My goodness I wish I was even half as productive as you. You're an inspiration.

  8. Girl, You are off to a fantastic start. Thanks for the shout out.

  9. Great start on the year... I gotta sew fast to keep up with you lol

  10. Wow that is productivity. May I say I never thought an emerald green pleather full skirt would look ok, but yours looks simply lovely and charming on you. What an imagination you have! Good on you. This is Katharine in Brussels not her husband Bruno (his account is signed in)

  11. That's right, girl...when we get to be our ages and the nest is empty, we get to do whatever we dang well want to do. what. ever.

  12. Oh, snap, you're so productive! You've got quite the 2013 collection going on! I've only made three things so far-- eep!


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