Saturday, February 02, 2013

Butterick 5679 Print Blocked Dress

I had two dresses that I wanted to make this weekend.  The first one from Butterick 5679, a top pattern that I've changed to dress length...

from this fabric combination...

I'm also adding an inch or two to the hem because I'm going to wear it with a belt.  I know, you're wondering who is this woman?  But twenty thirteen is a new year. I've made a lot of garments these last couple of years, so I need to move in new directions. I don't want to sew the same thing over and over again.

I've made this dress before and it was so comfortable to wear.  It looked professional with a black cardigan over it and it wore like I was wearing my pjs to work.  A good thing for my wardrobe because we are entering the darkest days of winter and I'm developing a serious case of Winter I need some colorful, fun, yet professional pieces to wear.

Here is the dress on Lulu...

Since I've made the dress before this time I constructed it totally on the serger.  Do you know how fast it is to make something if you serge all the seams?  Faster than fast! *LOL*

So my original idea was to have a totally solid back and a print front, that meant print sleeves and cowl on the front and solid sleeves and cowl at the back.  Ummm, the idea was kinda goofy.  When I started to lay the fabric pieces out that idea quickly bit the dust.  I went with the print sleeves and cowl although I'd cut both pieces in the brown ponte knit too.  The dress with just a solid back looked so much better and less schizophrenic than my originally planned dress.

I'm not sure if I cut this version larger (I tend to do that!) or if the fabrics behaved differently than my polyester knit version either way I ended up taking another 5/8" off both sides. 

I also handled the cowl neckline differently on this one.  First I cut the cowl pattern out halfway, just like the first one because even though I was originally drawn to the large cowl neckline in reality it is too much material at my neckline.  However, I didn't fold it in half as the pattern instructs and stitch it to the dress' neckline.  I just stitched it onto the dress, added a serged edge and let all the excess puddle around the front of the dress' neckline.

The sleeves were stitched to bracelet length and a 1" hem was turned up at the bottom of the dress.  For some reason this version seems more shapeless than the first version, so as stated earlier I will be wearing a belt with it.  Modeled shots will happen's Super Bowl weekend and my daughter is hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I like this dress.  Hopefully hair and make-up, heels and jewelry will improve my outlook on the dress. I am moving onto the next print blocked dress which I'm calling the CK Dress. always more later!


  1. The colour combination looks great and I love the print. I too love using my serger and it sure does make sewing super quick. By the way how's your new Janome Horizon going... mine arrived a few days after you got your and I have to say I LOVE it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your wearing this dress and like you say once you've got a belt on and all dressed up you might feel different about it. I was thinking the cowl might have looked pretty good in the solid fabric... seeing as though you've already got it cut up maybe you could have made the cowl removable/interchangeable... that would have also made this dress a little different to your last one... just an idea and I know you wouldn't worry about going back and changing anything on this one now... but just thought I'd share the idea that slipped into my head LOL

  2. I love a dress with a cowl neckline. Your dress looks terrific.

  3. I think your ponte and leather dress with its waistband panel, and the belt your wore with your purple pleasant dress + jacket combo show that some definition at your waist is extremely flattering to you - wearing a belt with this dress will look great. I love the inspiration dress and your fabric combo, so I'm sure when it's on and you've accessorised it you'll look glam as usual!

  4. I really like how you change up what you sew and your style. I love my top from that same pattern and your dress looks really nice. Your plans for styling sound great.

  5. i LOOOOOOVE belts on you , andswingy details like your purple jacket... i think this is going to prove stunning in the modeled shots with that high pink swath at your neckline. have superbowl fun... for us it's pretty much in mourning...

  6. I'd love to see it on you, too. The pattern is a great one to modify in to a dress- per you recommendation! And I think the cowl pattern piece is excessively big. I cut down the width by half when I made my version and it was still a really substantial cowl. I like the print you used.

  7. The color combination looks good. I look forward to the picture of you modeling it!

  8. You do look good when you wear clothes that have a belt or have a waist feature.
    Now that you're trying new things/directions give yourself some time to get used to new things.

  9. Oh boy - that looks a comfortable dress! Great colors too!

  10. I love the placement of the swoop above the bust. It's quite attractive. Here's hoping you feel more excited about it when it's all dressed up.


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